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  • Ben Ten and the never ending series

    The first Ben Ten series was good. Everyone after that was so close to being great in my eyes. But with every series they go farther and farther away from the original series and they lose their continuity. But as much as I complained about that it was a fair trade for the being darker and having a better story. The character that's continue to grow and the dialogue was good but not great. The animation was great.

    Now take all those great things I said about the other Ben Ten shows and take them away and you get this series. I hated the writing along with the animation with this series. I like Rook that's about it though. The show is more kid like now. Taking away the darker element and the characters I liked. I find it hard to believe that Ben is older. He's back to not being able how to use his Obnitrix which annoys me as a fan because I watched him for 3 series now learn to use it. The biggest thing that annoys me is the continuity it has always been bad but now they just said screw it. They don't name the species anymore. Just things like that it's hard to explain. Fans will know what I mean. The show is not bad but it is not good or great or even close sadly. I was ready to love this and I know people will hate me for this. It's my option if you disagree message me. But this show still sucks either way.