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  • Ben 10 Omniverse: A Clever, Underrated Gem

    I made this account just to write a review for this show (as it is my favorite) and I am currently sick of seeing all these negative reviews about it. Ben 10: Alien Force took a darker tone on the Ben 10: franchise which I liked, however it wasn't the original Ben 10. Ben 10 Omniverse after all these years is more spirited towards the original series (which is by far the The art style in this show was creative and colorful and it worked. I also think the character designs were very unique and not generic as in UAF. In Ben 10: Omniverse the colors are very nice and vibrant and really create a nice scene (and this show has some of the best action scenes I have ever Now to the aliens. In the original series the aliens that came along had this charm to it, and they were extremely creative from a walking torch to an alien mummy to a creature completely covered in eyes that can shoot laser beams. The charm of the aliens was lost in Alien Force but got better with ultimate alien. But in Omniverse, The alien designs were AMAZING. Aliens like Feedback, Bloxx, Gravattack, and Gutrot had charming designs and you could tell the charm from the original series was there. Like the original series they had cool costumes to go with the alien. The transformation sequences were also impressive. Ben 10: Omniverse overall had a genius and clever story, like having a time war with Ben battling versions of himself from other dimensions, and his inter dimensional counterpart having to go back in time to where Ben found the omnitrix, and having to make sure him gets it. We also get more backstory on characters and with every episode being action packed and entertaining, some stood out as incredible. I think Ben 10: Omniverse is incredibly underrated, usually for its change in art style (which I love and have no problem with by the way. Overall I think this series is very entertaining and I always recommend you watch it.
  • Underrated

    When I first purchased this series on DVD, I didn't have high hopes for

    it at first. But that's only because at the time, I had virtually no

    interest in Ben 10 at all. One day after watching a review of the

    series, I decided to give the show a try, and see if they were worth

    all the fame they have. But little did I know that when I first hit

    'play' on that DVD menu, I had taken my first step into a larger world.

    In the first half, I thought that the animation, art style and acting

    were great. Now let me just say something for a second: Most people

    dislike Omniverse because of the change in the art style but to me, the

    new art style is very refreshing and it isn't generic. Seeing all of

    the action at the start, and a few of the characters, I was stunned. I

    had never seen such a high quality show to such an before, and much of

    it really did look stunning. I had wondered how much work it must've

    taken to put it all together with the top notch animation and textures

    and stuff.

    Now that we've gotten that out of the way, we can move on. Personally,

    I didn't really find that much to complain about. I was able to follow

    the story just fine, and i thought the characters were really

    interesting. Flashback scenes didn't bother me at all, I actually love

    them and i thought young Ben was very likable. He had an interesting

    character, and I kind of actually felt sorry for him since he lost

    Feedback. When Rook Blonko first appeared, I feared the worst based on

    some of the reviews I saw. But in the first minute or so, Rook actually

    didn't bother me at all. In fact, I thought he was actually a really

    good character. For example, when he backs up Ben in Mr Baumann's

    store, he's very well trained and lovable and him not understanding

    English that well is hilarious. I was laughing out of control.

    Now let me explain something else for a moment: Some people may argue

    that that the comedy in Omniverse doesn't belong in Ben 10. But to

    debunk that, I'm only going to say this: In the original series, Ben

    10, remember the comedy they all had? This exactly what Omniverse

    needed and in the franchise in general.

    Now that that's out of the way, let's move on. In the second half of

    season 3, the show only got even better. The new villains and

    characters near the end looked seriously amazing, Malware looked pretty


    After that came the second best fight in the entire series. For one

    thing, Malware has doubled his size by like 10 times! He's pretty much

    10 times bigger than Way Big! And I thought it was nice to see a huge

    battle like that. Anyway, when the fight starts, three key factors make

    it a great fight. 1 is the music. No words can describe how well this

    piece of Gold fits into the fight, and the show in general. The second

    factor is the movements, or choreography. For the first time, we were

    introduced to a huge Malware. Overall, just watch the fight on Youtube

    and you'll see what I mean.

    Overall, Omniverse is a great entry in the Ben 10 franchise. It's got

    great animation, lovable characters, a great story line, very good art

    style and doesn't deserve all of the hate that it has. I highly

    recommend watching this any day. It's really underrated.

    I'd give this a 15 if I could.
  • Disappointing much

    I would have been contented with ending of Ben 10 ultimate alien. It was a nice last episode. Infact all the sequels has this big final episode with a big villain. Gave the show purpose. Well all except happened to the Man of action? Huh? Ben 10 omniverse is like some rich girl's fanfiction that wants the drama with ben with kai and all that bs. I liked ben ten as a kid and as i grew up, the sequels became more and more exciting! And just went im getting to the climax, ben 10 omniverse decided to run along! THE STORY MAKES NO FRIGGING SENSE! I mean how can ben get older in terms of age and appearance throught the sequels and suddenly become this spoiled immature brat! 2ndly why would Gwen who spent years fighting crimes suddenly want to go back to study? I mean we all know that human's knowlege could not be matched with alien's knowledge! So basically its just a lame excuse to get rid of one of the most important roles in ben ten's sucess. 3rd i remember watching the last episode of Ultimate Alien, and Julie and Ben were still in extremely good terms and suddenly on Omniverse, ben's with Kai who only appeared like in one episode. Dont get me started with the drawings! They all look like crap and as a ben 10 fan, i simply cant accept it.. Also the aliens? out of creativity much? Lego alien? Why not soap monster to clean the city from its crimes! WAKE UP PEOPLE!
  • Set a sequel

    Don't get me wrong, it's not that I love it so much to ask for a sequel, not saying I hate too much too. I've been giving chances to this show over and over again only because some episodes are really pure fun. So to be brief, yes it's all colourful and feel less dull and serious, but draw The Circle well. Honestly, the omnitrix symbol on Ben's alien chest suck. I dunno if its meant to be a circle or hexagon but make up your mind will ya?

    2nd, it wouldn't hurt to draw their face right. Gosh even the original series look so well, not to mention AF and UA. Fix Julie, Fix grandpa, Fix Alien X, Fix Paradox And Fix Gwen but don't change dr. Animo, he's cool. And PLEASE bring the original Vilgax look ok? That's the real face of world conquerer.

    3rd, Less filler, more plot. You don't need 8 season(80 episode) that kind of length to tell us the show is good. Some are fun. Some unnecessary. Episode like Chronospanner, Ben/Kai drama, time war story arc, parallel world and timeline, almost hit the notch but, I just can't feel it. So make a better story, make the Connection possible.

    I'm really a big fan, I respect hero like Ben 10. But don't downgrade him so so so So much. So set a sequel, 20 years old Ben, 25 years old Ben ANYWAY just follow my suggestion above:keep the colour, draw the circle and face well,plot-- fix it, make up for the mistakes. Then it'll be one hell of a show at cartoon network. Trust me.
  • Pure disappointment

    I just cant begin to express how disappointed i am with this title. I loved ben 10 since its very first title till the very end of ultimate alien. Fist of all, the most noticable change is the animation. I thought that with the flow of time animation would get better but this is just bad. It looks like an 8 year old drawing, sometimes i dont even recognize the drawing, like, its simply a mess! I thought at first, ok i'll live with that. But the nightmare didnt stop there. I almost cried when they got rid of gwen and kevin and i almost puke when i saw kevin's new look he looks like a zombie. Gwen has been my fav character ever since ben 10. And now shes gone! And also, ben went back to being such an immature childlike boy, i almost fall asleep everytime i watch this show now its so boring and gets on my nerve. And also, he was given the "real" omnitrix but how i see it, its worse than the ultimatrix how is that supposed to be logical? i get that CN tries to make money out of this show by selling toys but whats the point if you lose your loyal fans? There is just no end to how disappointed i am and if its not for the previous titles i wouldnt even be watching this. I hope CN gets their senses together for the next ben 10 title. I would've given a minus rating if i could.
  • How to ruin a tv series

    you see I didnt even need to watch omniverse to know it was bad just by looking at the animation I knew it was screwed plus so many shitty aliens I mean Bloxx the alien lego seriously?
  • Ben 10 Ultimate Alien was AWESOME

    Ben 10 series was awesome but Ben 10 Omniverse is totally bad. It's animation is weird and it's story writing is also not good..
  • if i could give it a 0 i would

    this sequel to ultimate alien sucks balls hard. just letting you know its not up to the creators, cartoon network demanded a more childish show so toy sales go up at the cost of tens of thousands of views. oh and for certain people that think alien force and ultimate alien are not cannon you are wrong. movies are never cannon they will never be, no anime style show has cannon movies.
  • I miss Ben 10

    So sad to one of the best cartoons go down. I used to watch it before I went to work. so sad:(
  • hated it at first but now....

    absolutely despised it at the beginning, its not the art style, as its a huge improvement over ultimate alien, and im speaking logically, so many colors and it just suits the feel of ben and leaves so much space for creativity, there are some episodes that are just plain and dull, and some other episodes, probably the last 30 are amazing, its a show that started out bad but ended up awesome, unlike ultimate alien that started out good but ended up boring, watch an episode of omniverse, and watch ultimate alien, then tell which one is more fun, so glad i watched the series till the last episode,so so glad
  • ben 10 omniverse shames the franchise

    Want to hate it? All you need to do is watch it and compare it to the first ben 10, when the alien design, names, script and overall production was entertaining. Cartoon Network really outdid itself with ruining Ben 10.
  • Ultimate Alien was much better

    I used to watch ultimate alien with my nephew it was entertaining to watch for my 12 year old nephew and I, I'm 22.

    Omniverse is weak, the lines are really corny, the witty jokes and stylish charecteristics are absent, replaced with kitty humor and the animation style is off, it looks like Cartoon Network wants the target audience to be 4 or 5 years old which is fine but if your older than that its unwatchable, even for my nephew. I'm not the only one who thinks this because the show's ratings have steadily dropped. Unfortunate because there are no more cool shows geared towards the kids entering young adulthood or preteen era it's too dumbed down to watch.
  • It sucks

    It sucks
  • First 2 seasons were amazing... this one does not even compare

    It sucks
  • 7.5
    I'm currently 12 and a half and i have been watching this show since season 4 of the first series and have loved it since. Then came omniverse. I still make my self watch the series because i don't want to be confused as crap when the the next series comes out. I will go over the good things and the bad will go over the negatives first so i can end off on something good.


    GWEN AND KEVIN GONE. I was really sad that Gwen and Kevin left the team. They were two of the main characters and it really made me mad. And then they just added a new character to replace them.

    THE NEW LOOKS ON BEN'S ALIENS AND CHARACTERS. When they started changing the characters looks that also made me mad. I was really in to the omnitrix symbol always being in the center of the chest but then they changed it and made all the aliens look weird here are a few aliens,

    Alien X's big chin

    Big chill

    Swamp fire

    Spider monkey

    and many more!\

    Also paradoxes' new look. He looks like a band player mixed with king mixed with a scientist. (And what happened to his arm?)

    THE NEW VILLAIN FISH STICK?. I personally hate the new "bro" themed villain. He is not cool, he is annoying and the "bro" thing seriously!?

    JUILE IS GONE! Why did they get rid of the character julie all together? There was nothing wrong with her they just got rid of her.

    There are many more negatives (Such as changing Ben victor Ben wolf and Ben Mummy's I will now go over the positives.


    THE NEW ALIENS I really like all the new aliens they added to the series. Enough said there.

    THE LOOK IN TO PLUMBERS HEADQUARTERS I also like seeing what the plumbers really do off the field.

    UNDER TOWN I like how they added a whole new seen to the Ben 10 universe.

    THE DIFFERENT DIMENSIONS. I really enjoyed all the episodes when different dimension bens teamed up to battle the bad bens. My favorite would have to be Ben 23

    Those are all the things i found good and bad about ben 10 omniverse

  • Ben 10 has gone to shit because of omniverse!

    Im 20 and ive been watching this cartoon for years, btw this is the cartoon ive only ever kept watching im not a weirdo, but this shot has gone to shit, the writers should sell it to someone that knows how to frickin write and damn show.

    Dont get me wrong ben 10 ultimate alian was the best they have been able to make, the show shouldnt die because of these new mistakes (omniverse), o yh and stop making everysingle creature the same size maby fix the proportions, im frickin seeling human beings in omniverse the same size as vilgax and ben 10 doing some parkour or climbing things that a normal human wouldnt be able to climb fix this shit.
  • A ruin of a good show

    series 1? good. series 2? better. series 3? okay. BUT THIS- SUPER CRAPPY FRICKIN HORRIBLE!!! The animation looks like something a toddler would draw. Gwen's been nerdified, Max has no eyes and Big Chill is now a big beefy moth and not the shadowy figure he once was. And even worse- the new team. They removed Gwen and Kevin, two really main characters and replaced them with penis-brain rook, the grump of the team. Now there are no female characters, and the jokes are even worse. So are the aliens. Lego brick man? Ben 10 are asking for a court case. Chicken man? What's his power- attract the attention of a nearby KFC? So random... Even my parents think this. And if you wonder why kids are so stupid and sexist, this show taught them that. F*** off ben 10 annoyingverse
  • Freakin awesome, sad it had to go

    Before anyone calls me a child with no grasp of the matter, I'm 17 and have watched Ben 10 since childhood. The original series will always be the best. But Omniverse comes close second.

    AF and UA diverge so much from the original series that it slowly got me disinterested. but Omniverse brings back what made it great. They put so much effort into making Omniverse a continuation of the original. Examples:

    -Kevin's a human again

    -Gwen goes by Gwendolyn in college (Like she said in the first series)

    -Ben marries Kai

    Those are just a few. Also, others have griped about the animation style. Yes, it has moved away from anything in the past shows. But while the actual cartoon may be very different, the level of animation has gone up. The movement is much more fluid than AF and UA. And it's awesome to watch.

    I also personally loved the stories. Well written, and well voice-acted (yuri really seems like he had a blast doin it), this show was fun to watch and hear.

    Also, the aliens look like aliens again! They're not lookin like humans in superhero suits anymore, like in AF and UA (I'm lookin at you, Big Chill, Swampfire, Chromastone, . Not only that, but designs have changed to make every alien look more like an extra terrestrial.

    Many many references to past and future Ben, which is absolutely fantastic. Nostalgic fans will love the random episodes that show younger Ben.

    Theme song is kinda childish. But the soundtrack for the show itself, I think is very fitting, and I enjoyed when things got a little serious.

    Loved this show. Leagues ahead of Alien Force and Ultimate Alien
  • The show will Finally DIE!!!!!

    This show suck and will end NOV.14,2014
  • Ben Ten and the never ending series

    The first Ben Ten series was good. Everyone after that was so close to being great in my eyes. But with every series they go farther and farther away from the original series and they lose their continuity. But as much as I complained about that it was a fair trade for the being darker and having a better story. The character that's continue to grow and the dialogue was good but not great. The animation was great.

    Now take all those great things I said about the other Ben Ten shows and take them away and you get this series. I hated the writing along with the animation with this series. I like Rook that's about it though. The show is more kid like now. Taking away the darker element and the characters I liked. I find it hard to believe that Ben is older. He's back to not being able how to use his Obnitrix which annoys me as a fan because I watched him for 3 series now learn to use it. The biggest thing that annoys me is the continuity it has always been bad but now they just said screw it. They don't name the species anymore. Just things like that it's hard to explain. Fans will know what I mean. The show is not bad but it is not good or great or even close sadly. I was ready to love this and I know people will hate me for this. It's my option if you disagree message me. But this show still sucks either way.
  • What happened to Ben 10

    This show is a abomination to the previous ones Ben is no longer likeable or funny in a good way all the characters felt like they changed their whole personalitys the villains you can't take seriously anymore because of the shows bad humor my advice if you like it then that's okay but for me they should had ended it at ultimate alien

  • It's great if.......

    It's a great show if you completely ignore what has happened in previous series. I find it best to think it takes place in a parallel universe that closely resemble the old series. It can be confusing at times and I still can't forgive them for what they did to Gwen and Kevin, thankfully, they don't appear too often, but, when they do it may hurt your brain. For the most part it's a great show after you have not watched the old ones for months and forget about what happened. As I said it helps to think of it taking place in a different universe. If you give it a chance and a little time you will probably like it.
  • Hate Ben 10 omniverse art style

    I'm big fan of Ben 10, Ben 10 AF, Ben 10 UA series but now i hate this Ben 10 Omniverse new art style :angry: please change it to old art style
  • Ben 10 sucks

    Why make another show about it?
  • what is this crap

    ben 10? awesome. Ben 10 alien force? great. Ben 10 ultimate alien? awesome concept. but now??? oh my god. i cant tell you how much i hate this show. ben looks like a 5 year old, gwen a geek, kevin a cutter and grampa max a blinded man. i mean seriously. in the first show, they made aliens out of mutated dogs, flame bodies and speed demons. now? grasshoppers, chickens and lego blocks. i think the creators were out of ideas and were like "we need 3 more aliens" "ah sh*t" "jus think of 3 random stuff and make em aliens" seriously. seriously.
  • what happened

    Lemme help yah out. yes it's after ua. ben is 16. the series is freaking awesome. and ben has a new omnitrix after azmuth took the ultimatrix. the prototype omnitrix, insert original series here, was destroyed. also,ben has new aliens. and when ben is shorter and wearing his old shirt and omnitrix from the original series,those are flash backs. yes the characters are crappy, but i do like ben and rook's design. hope i helped and proved my point :D hold on,i still have my opinion. the plot is pretty good. the theme song is great and so is the series. also,it's supposed to be childish,duh. what do you want,to see ben with a machine gun?gwen's character is crap and the gwen i knew is dead. she doesn't even freakin show up. kevin looks like he went goth,grandpa max looks like brock from pokemon,and the art is kinda bad. some of it is kinda good. and those who say it's unoriginal is untrue. gravatack is more original than heatblast or cannon bolt. not dissing the original. loved the original im just saying. i loved the original as well as ultimate alien and alien force. though,ben has lost all signs of maturity. ben did get pretty bratty but i still like the series along with the others,also cartoonnetwork is not what it used to be. by the way,i kinda like bloxx. he's strong and cool. and a funny character so,give the series a chance.
  • What's this?

    After seeing this one hellhole being present on TV, I spun around clueless about the whole Ben 10's timeline and such.

    Oh boy, where do we start? First, I would like to mention the confusing timeline. When this crap was released, I spun in circles as I said above, because I don't know what year/time is this nightmare placed on the whole timeline. In short, I don't know if this takes place after or before Alien Force or Ultimate Alien. According to some, this takes place before AF and UA.

    But still, I have no clue whether this is canon or not. Let's hope not, but let's assume that it is. If it is, then it sets up a huge plothole in the whole entire franchise! Think about it! in AF, he didn't use the Omnitrix for 5 years. He took it off his wrist, stored it in his room. He didn't use the watch the whole time, all of those years. But here, he's 12, yet, he's still using it. That sets up a huge hole, unless they start to consider UA and AF non-canon.

    Speaking of Ben's age, it was also an issue here. I had no clue if he's above 15 or below until I did some searching. Yes, it's that screwed up. This show will surely confuse the fans or the viewers, they will have no clue if this is a prequel or opposite. I do not have much knowledge about the aliens, but I don't know how to react to the Lego brick inspired ape.

    The theme song, it's also awful. Like the childish aura of the show, they dumbed it down to rock bottom. It also sounded childish. Compared to Ultimate Alien (which was epic), this is whole utter crap.

    The characters act immature and out of place, and it looks like they don't even get a character development at all. Rook is okay, but he can't save the whole show by himself. Same goes for the villains, the one I hate most is the one rich spoiled brat in the red uniform. I don't know his name.

    I would also like to mention the artwork. Yes, the artwork is very awful. They look deformed and, all, except Rook, again. Ben, Gwen, Kevin, and Grandpa Max and the others look like they were drawn by beginner artists. You know what the art style resembles? Panty and Stocking, except it's very horrible for it's theme. Also, this show looks like Panty and Stocking but with less sexual jokes, more kiddish sci-fi.

    The plot is same as AF and UA, but with the childish atmosphere added, it's awful.

    It looks like CN didn't even try!

  • Alien Force is non-canon

    Anyone who has watched Ben 10: Race Against Time remembers Eon being destroyed, 5 years later in Ben 10: Alien Force Eon returns and Ben has no memory of meeting him before and Ben's parents discover his secret for the second time. I'm sure there are more that I can't remember, However I would like to point my attention to Omniverse now, I had neglected to watch Ultimate Alien, then Omniverse aired and I lost my passion for the show, I cannot display the reason for my dislike however
  • Why do the bad guys always win?

    This show is a big disgrace to the Ben 10 franchise. The older show from 2006 was FAR better than this. My dad and I happen to like the original Ben 10. It's where they made him older that where the series have gone downhill. The art design is like this; ANIME - YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG! The plots and alien forms are uncreative and so stupid! One of the form was a beetle and another dumb form was Legos. The writers are higher than that. Ben always loses in fights, is lazy, a coward, and flat out DOESN'T get the job done! If you are a Ben 10 fan, please avoid this show.
  • approaching with caution

    As a fan of the show since It's original run I can see how far this series is falling. While Omniverse was a big step up from Alien Force and Ultimate Alien; they just didn't feel like Ben 10. After they changed into Alien Force they retconned SO MUCH of the old show. Plumbers were no longer an Earth based paranormal investigative and protection force comprised of capable individuals but instead became an Intergalactic police force(Which the Galactic Enforcers were supposed to be) .

    Azmuth went from Cynical,sarcastic,pessimistic and being the smartest lifeform in the universe(awesome character) to being 'First Thinker' and the holier/smarter then thou ruler of Galvan's who apparently make the rule's every, which brings us to....

    Vilgax, he was a cruel and terrible megalomaniac who would wipe out an entire world(don't worry, alien force completely turned this tragic story into a happy ending with an undo button/alien) in a Universe I believed was more or less lawless (especially in out of the way places like earth) and even though there were rules others tried to impose (Galactic Enforcers) they were ignored more often then not with only a firearm in their hand/tentacle.

    Lastly they reconnected magic turning it into 'Mana' and making it an 'Alien power', they turned it from an interesting series that dealt with magic and science into 'Magic is Alien super powers'. All that potential thrown out the window.

    After all this stuff happened I just gave up on the series. I still love the original series and tried to get into the Ultimate Alien, but ignored it quickly. I now started getting back into Omniverse, and while I still prefer the original greatly over the rest, Omniverse is a decent show that is trying to clean up the last two seasons. But still continues picking up the story from the last couple seasons, hopefully it will be entertaining, but as far as I'm concerned this current story is 'NOT' tied to the original series, it's an alternate/ reboot of it.