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  • Ben 10: Omniverse; televised proof of Cartoon Network's cluelessness and greed

    The Ben 10 franchise has never really held my interest or attention, perhaps in the earlier seasons I'd enjoy a episode or two, may be even more. But, I was by no means, a 'Ben 10 fan', nor were my friends. Though it didn't matter. The show took off with young boys and pre-teens alike, spawning an entire franchise: with 4 series, two live-action movies, and over a billion dollars in toy sale across the world. Now, the show that captured the excitement of young boys everywhere, is now the show that they see while channel surfing at the ages of 13-14+, and instead of saying the heavenly words, "Ah, I loved this show", they let out a query of contempt, "Ben 10? Is that still on?"

    The franchise has become one of Cartoon Network's longest-running series and it's a prime indicator of what the company has done to themselves over the years. Slowly (scratch that, I'd say rapidly), the once great Cartoon Network is turning into a husk of it's former self. Back in the early 2000s, they channel boast perhaps the largest assortment of shows on a television network for children; ranging from the enduring "PowerPuff Girls", to the mythical and powerful "Samurai Jack", to the comedic darkness of "Courage the Cowardly Dog", just to name a few of my 'stand outs'. Now its either "Regular Show" or "Adventure Time", you pick where the others fall into place, because I honesty couldn't tell you the difference between a show like "Regular Show" and "The Amazing World of Gumball".

    But I digress, Ben 10 too has turned into a husk of its former self. Needless forced to continue the show has now become one of the many filler-programmings in Cartoon Network's lineup. There is no way on Earth that such a premise could spawn 3 continuations. The truth is, it couldn't. There's no more story to be told; like there was to begin with? Around 2016, we'll be entering Ben 10 series five, which will undoubtedly be titled: "Ben 10: EVOLUTION", as if this franchise has seen enough of those.
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