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  • approaching with caution

    As a fan of the show since It's original run I can see how far this series is falling. While Omniverse was a big step up from Alien Force and Ultimate Alien; they just didn't feel like Ben 10. After they changed into Alien Force they retconned SO MUCH of the old show. Plumbers were no longer an Earth based paranormal investigative and protection force comprised of capable individuals but instead became an Intergalactic police force(Which the Galactic Enforcers were supposed to be) .

    Azmuth went from Cynical,sarcastic,pessimistic and being the smartest lifeform in the universe(awesome character) to being 'First Thinker' and the holier/smarter then thou ruler of Galvan's who apparently make the rule's every, which brings us to....

    Vilgax, he was a cruel and terrible megalomaniac who would wipe out an entire world(don't worry, alien force completely turned this tragic story into a happy ending with an undo button/alien) in a Universe I believed was more or less lawless (especially in out of the way places like earth) and even though there were rules others tried to impose (Galactic Enforcers) they were ignored more often then not with only a firearm in their hand/tentacle.

    Lastly they reconnected magic turning it into 'Mana' and making it an 'Alien power', they turned it from an interesting series that dealt with magic and science into 'Magic is Alien super powers'. All that potential thrown out the window.

    After all this stuff happened I just gave up on the series. I still love the original series and tried to get into the Ultimate Alien, but ignored it quickly. I now started getting back into Omniverse, and while I still prefer the original greatly over the rest, Omniverse is a decent show that is trying to clean up the last two seasons. But still continues picking up the story from the last couple seasons, hopefully it will be entertaining, but as far as I'm concerned this current story is 'NOT' tied to the original series, it's an alternate/ reboot of it.