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  • What's this?

    After seeing this one hellhole being present on TV, I spun around clueless about the whole Ben 10's timeline and such.

    Oh boy, where do we start? First, I would like to mention the confusing timeline. When this crap was released, I spun in circles as I said above, because I don't know what year/time is this nightmare placed on the whole timeline. In short, I don't know if this takes place after or before Alien Force or Ultimate Alien. According to some, this takes place before AF and UA.

    But still, I have no clue whether this is canon or not. Let's hope not, but let's assume that it is. If it is, then it sets up a huge plothole in the whole entire franchise! Think about it! in AF, he didn't use the Omnitrix for 5 years. He took it off his wrist, stored it in his room. He didn't use the watch the whole time, all of those years. But here, he's 12, yet, he's still using it. That sets up a huge hole, unless they start to consider UA and AF non-canon.

    Speaking of Ben's age, it was also an issue here. I had no clue if he's above 15 or below until I did some searching. Yes, it's that screwed up. This show will surely confuse the fans or the viewers, they will have no clue if this is a prequel or opposite. I do not have much knowledge about the aliens, but I don't know how to react to the Lego brick inspired ape.

    The theme song, it's also awful. Like the childish aura of the show, they dumbed it down to rock bottom. It also sounded childish. Compared to Ultimate Alien (which was epic), this is whole utter crap.

    The characters act immature and out of place, and it looks like they don't even get a character development at all. Rook is okay, but he can't save the whole show by himself. Same goes for the villains, the one I hate most is the one rich spoiled brat in the red uniform. I don't know his name.

    I would also like to mention the artwork. Yes, the artwork is very awful. They look deformed and, all, except Rook, again. Ben, Gwen, Kevin, and Grandpa Max and the others look like they were drawn by beginner artists. You know what the art style resembles? Panty and Stocking, except it's very horrible for it's theme. Also, this show looks like Panty and Stocking but with less sexual jokes, more kiddish sci-fi.

    The plot is same as AF and UA, but with the childish atmosphere added, it's awful.

    It looks like CN didn't even try!