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  • what happened

    Lemme help yah out. yes it's after ua. ben is 16. the series is freaking awesome. and ben has a new omnitrix after azmuth took the ultimatrix. the prototype omnitrix, insert original series here, was destroyed. also,ben has new aliens. and when ben is shorter and wearing his old shirt and omnitrix from the original series,those are flash backs. yes the characters are crappy, but i do like ben and rook's design. hope i helped and proved my point :D hold on,i still have my opinion. the plot is pretty good. the theme song is great and so is the series. also,it's supposed to be childish,duh. what do you want,to see ben with a machine gun?gwen's character is crap and the gwen i knew is dead. she doesn't even freakin show up. kevin looks like he went goth,grandpa max looks like brock from pokemon,and the art is kinda bad. some of it is kinda good. and those who say it's unoriginal is untrue. gravatack is more original than heatblast or cannon bolt. not dissing the original. loved the original im just saying. i loved the original as well as ultimate alien and alien force. though,ben has lost all signs of maturity. ben did get pretty bratty but i still like the series along with the others,also cartoonnetwork is not what it used to be. by the way,i kinda like bloxx. he's strong and cool. and a funny character so,give the series a chance.