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  • Ben 10 Omniverse: A Clever, Underrated Gem

    I made this account just to write a review for this show (as it is my favorite) and I am currently sick of seeing all these negative reviews about it. Ben 10: Alien Force took a darker tone on the Ben 10: franchise which I liked, however it wasn't the original Ben 10. Ben 10 Omniverse after all these years is more spirited towards the original series (which is by far the The art style in this show was creative and colorful and it worked. I also think the character designs were very unique and not generic as in UAF. In Ben 10: Omniverse the colors are very nice and vibrant and really create a nice scene (and this show has some of the best action scenes I have ever Now to the aliens. In the original series the aliens that came along had this charm to it, and they were extremely creative from a walking torch to an alien mummy to a creature completely covered in eyes that can shoot laser beams. The charm of the aliens was lost in Alien Force but got better with ultimate alien. But in Omniverse, The alien designs were AMAZING. Aliens like Feedback, Bloxx, Gravattack, and Gutrot had charming designs and you could tell the charm from the original series was there. Like the original series they had cool costumes to go with the alien. The transformation sequences were also impressive. Ben 10: Omniverse overall had a genius and clever story, like having a time war with Ben battling versions of himself from other dimensions, and his inter dimensional counterpart having to go back in time to where Ben found the omnitrix, and having to make sure him gets it. We also get more backstory on characters and with every episode being action packed and entertaining, some stood out as incredible. I think Ben 10: Omniverse is incredibly underrated, usually for its change in art style (which I love and have no problem with by the way. Overall I think this series is very entertaining and I always recommend you watch it.