Ben 10: Omniverse

Season 1 Episode 1

The More Things Change, Part I

Aired Monday 6:00 AM Sep 22, 2012 on Cartoon Network

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  • boooooooo

    boo you watch a cartoon tv series and place expectations on it, in the simpsons everyone is yellow and stupid in dragon ball z everyone is tanky and determined. its like the makers of ben 10 omniverse have decided to rebuild this series, a series that people watched because it was awesome in its characters and animation. It seems that they have made too many changes i'm so not a fan of this new play on ben 10
  • Another Spinoff? Yep

    The Ben 10 gravy train just doesn't stop does it? I was actually somewhat excited for this series since it seemed like we'd be getting some new characters, new setting, and maybe even a new protagonist (I didn't realize it was actually a poorly-designed new Ben). But no. It doesn't bring much more to the table.

    Basically speaking, Ben has gone from an "amateur", to a "semi-amateur", to a "pro?" to a "pro!", and then back to a "semi-amateur". Honestly, did anyone catch Ben's experience go out the window? Cause I sure didn't. I would forgive this if the writers were to use an "alternate universe" excuse, but even then it's a bad plot device. Though... regardless of my whining... I'm very glad that "semi-amateur" Ben is back. He was much more enjoyable to watch.

    Now for Ben's fancy new watch. He gets one every new series, doesn't he? And just like Ben himself, the Omnitrix got a major downgrade. Not only does it no longer allow him to control what he turns into (it seems to be completely random now judging by Ben's reactions), but it also times out inconveniently just like it did in the original series (I'm actually happy with that. Ben's "time outs" were a trade-mark of his humor). If that's not bad enough, Ben can only stay an alien for about 2-3 minutes of on-screen time, which is a VERY short time. What are the good things about the new Omnitrix, you ask? Hmm... I guess it recharges faster? (I mean holy crap, give that thing 60 seconds and it's ready to go again). Is this what Azmuth calls an "Upgrade"? I think he needs to learn the Earth meaning of that word.

    As for the new characters. They were interesting, and much better than some of the tired old characters like Gwen and Kevin. In fact, thank the characters for preventing this review's rating from dropping below 5.0. Ben's new partner "Rook" is a total suck-up to Ben and is ten times better at doing his job. Regardless though, he idolizes Ben and does whatever he says. The irony is just hilarious. As for the new villain, I can't tell you much about him. He has a dog that can turn into some freaky stuff. That's about it.

    Overall, this episode gets a 6.5 out of 10 for it's new Ben, new Omnitrix, new characters, and new setting.... oh wait... no, there isn't a new setting.
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