Ben 10: Omniverse

Season 1 Episode 2

The More Things Change, Part II

Aired Monday 6:00 AM Sep 22, 2012 on Cartoon Network

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  • Ok, it's getting.... better?

    I decided to give this show a chance by getting maybe five episodes into it, it's the second episode and I'm only moderately pleased. Though the show is a bit more like the original ben 10 cartoon (and the new designs for the theme and Ben himself are growing on me). I still can't rate this show very high. I know people are getting wrapped up in it because it's new, but is it really? I mean it doesn't bring anything new and impressive to the table. I can't call this a new series, I can't even call it a spin-off. I can call it a chip-of-the-old-block to put it best.