Ben 10: Omniverse

Season 2 Episode 6

Arrested Development


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Billy Billions turns Ben and Rook into kids again.

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Jan 09, 2013
This episode of Omniverse feels reminiscent of the Original Series episode, Don't Drink The Water.

*The episode starts with Ben (as Humungousaur) and Rook fighting the minor Ultimate Alien villains, Computron's minions!

*While fighting Computron's minions, Humungousaur is somewhat distracted by a boy who looks sort of like a fusion of Klarion The Witch Boy (from Young Justice) and Richie Rich, but he still manages to hold up well against his mechanized opponents! I'm guessing this kid is the episode's villain...

*Yep, whoever this kid is, he is the one who is currently controlling Computron's minions and he wants Ben to call him his arch-enemy! This kid's voice sounds familiar, but I can't quite place who is voicing him.

*The music that played while the duo continued to fight Computron's minions after the intro was pretty awesome!

*A teenage blonde girl appears beside the boy and suggests (in a monotone voice) he retreat to a safer area, but the boy whines that he wants to see Ben suffer. This boy doesn't just have Klarion's hair, he also has his whiney attitude!

*After defeating the rest of Computron's minions, Humungousaur turns back into Ben and he and Rook question this boy who he is.

*The boy acts surprised that Ben doesn't remember him, adding that they were at the same middle school! He reveals his name to be "Billy Billions" and that he was the richest kid in that class.

*We then see a series of flashbacks from the middle school days, which shows Billy resenting Ben for being "lucky" and Ben never even noticed him. Looks like that would make Billy an "Unknown Rival" to Ben.

*Continuing the flashback, Billy tried to zap Ben with a dimensional ray, but Diamondhead's reflective abilities ended up sending Billy to Dimension 12 instead! I also laughed alongside Ben and Rook!

*Apparently, time doesn't flow in Dimension 12, which explains why Billy still looks like an 11 year old. He also has a genius level intellect, which is how he created a device that allowed him control of Computron's minions.

*Frustrated by Ben and Rook not paying attention, Billy zaps the duo with some sort of ray gun!

*Ben awakens with the Omnitrix now only loosely around his wrist...and the voice of Tara Strong!

*Ben and Rook have been turned back into kids! As Ben points out, Rook also has a tail! Rook says his species has one until it falls out after puberty.

*Billy confirms he also made the de-aging ray in Dimension 12 in order to make Ben into a kid that no one would notice! He then proceeds to send out more of Computron's minions after the duo!

*The Omnitrix doesn't recognize recognize the younger Ben until he gives all sorts of proof! We (hilariously) find out that Ben is afraid of peacocks!

*Ben turns into Ball Weevil (saying his name onscreen for the first time) and proceeds to battle the robots. Rook does battle against the girl with Billy, whose name is "Mazuma" and is revealed to be a robot.

*Once the battle is over and Ball Weevil turns back into Ben, Billy and Mazuma have retreated. The duo decide that the plumbers can help them re-age.

*I'm not sure why Ben thought anyone would recognize him when he is physically a kid.

*At the plumber base, Ben and Max check to see if Blukic and Driba have found a way to re-age Rook and such luck. Max concludes that they will need the de-aging ray to change the two back.

*At the Billions Tower, Billy informs Mazuma of his plan to trap Ben in Dimension 12...only to realize that he no longer has control over Computron's minions and they are unleashing an invasion on Earth!

*Ben and Rook make it to Billions Tower...just in time for Billy and Mazuma to escape the top of the tower! Ben manages to piece together what has happened and, after some arguing, the four characters agree to join forces to stop the robotic invasion.

*While in the elevator, Ben gives Billy a rather awesome "reasons why you suck speech", all with some funny quips about Billy's "villain name". Billy also shows some interest in Rook's proto-tool...

*While the four stealthily get to the main room of the tower, Ben tries to convince Billy to change him and Rook back to their proper ages, but Billy claims to only comply once the robots are defeated.

*Ben turns into Bloxx (whose name is said on screen for the first time) and proceeds to battle the robots! Mazuma also, surprisingly enough, calls Billy out on his cowardice, prompting him to try and take action!

*Billy admiting he has to hold on to the ray gun better was priceless! When Rook's proto-tool falls out his hand, though, Billy's impulses lead him to messing with it instead...

*After some Billy's shoots a beam out of the proto-tool...which eventually destroys the machine and sends the robots back to Dimension 12! Ben manages to save Billy before he gets trapped there again!

*I got a laugh out of Rook's tail hitting him before he and Ben returned to their proper ages!

*The episode ends with (once again a teen) Ben talking to the press, while Billy whines as he and Mazuma are being taken to prison by the plumbers.

A pretty fun episode, overall. Billy made for a fun "joke villain" and it was nice to hear Tara Strong voicing Ben for the majority of an episode again. I wonder what will happen in the next episode.moreless

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