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Season 2 Episode 4

Blukic and Driba Go to Mr. Smoothy's

Full Episode: Blukic and Driba Go to Mr. Smoothy's


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Blukic and Driba arrive at Mr Smoothy to try the new flavor, while Rook and Ben fight Trumbipulor.

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Dec 20, 2012
Looks like this episode of Omniverse is a "day in the limelight" for "those two guys"!

*FourArms, Rook and a couple of other plumbers are facing off against Trumbipulor (a minor villain from Ultimate Alien). I thought it was kind of funny seeing Trumbipulor talk with his trunk rather then an actual mouth!

*Rook tries to contact the Plumber Base for help, but doesn't seem to be getting an answer...

*Looks like Blukic and Driba are having some technical difficulties with the communication systems, which explains it. When fixing it doesn't work, they try a different channel and end of seeing a Mr. Smoothy's commercial (which was narrated in such a hilarious manner)...

*The Galvan Duo decide that they must seek out a Mr. Smoothy's immediately! I guess we're in for a ride of hilarity in this episode!

*Grandpa Max tries to find Blukic and Driba in hopes of finding away to help Ben and Rook...but only finds a note saying not to bother calling them, they'll call him!

*Out on the road, the Galvan Duo realize that neither of them know where to find the nearest Mr. Smoothy's; Driba decides to use Th Plumber's G.P.S. to find out.

*Elsewhere, Rook tells Ben that the only information he's getting is the location of Bellwood's 23 Mr. Smoothy's! Ben muttering how he only knew of 22 locations was pretty amusing. Ben soon turns into Humungousaur to battle Trumbipulor!

*Still on their quest, the Galvan Duo encounter a boy with a smoothy, but learn he got it from somewhere besides Mr. Smoothy's and are not too pleased. Apparently, this kid hasn't met any aliens, despite them now being part of Earth's public society.

*Humungousaur and Rook continue to give chase to Trumbipulor, who seems to be closing in on the prize he seeks...

*With the G.P.S. not being much help, Driba pulls out a map to show Blukic, who now doesn't have his eyes on the road...

*This doesn't occur to the two of them until a little while later...with them now in front of a bus!

*Luckily, they are small enough to go under the bus, but they end up crashing in the park!

*After being distracted, the Galvan Duo's ride gets a squirrel! That certainly isn't something you see everyday...

*Forced to walk the streets, the Galvan Duo end up lost...but soon see Trumbipulor running by them! Shows just how much those two were paying attention.

*Ben hears the two calling out to him, but Rook insists they keep on Trumbipulor's tail. Ben tells them to just stay put and they'll call the Plumbers to pick them up.

*Of course, the two don't stay put with the thought of a Mr. Smoothy's being in an alley...and end up even more lost!

*For a pair of geniuses, they don't know when a cat is hostile or which end is the head...

*The cat ends up taking the Galvan Duo to the Bellwood Docks...which is also where Trumbipulor is!

*An alien elephant with an army of robotic mice for minions? Talk about ironic!

*Ben turns into Waybig (making his Omniverse debut) and claims he and Rook figured out that Trumbipulor was after Plutonium! Trumbipulor reveals he was actually after...peanuts!

*Naturally, Waybig points out how ridiculous this plan is...but we soon learn that Trumbipulor's species grow in size and power when they eat peanuts! Uh oh!

*The Galva Duo encounter troubles of their own as some of Trumbipulor's minions have found them! They manage to escape by jumping and grabbing onto some nearby rope!

*Apparently, Ben is allergic to peanuts, so Rook has to find away to take down the peanut ship!

*Thanks to rope burn and being cornered by the robotic mice, the Galvan Duo have to let go of the rope...but end up in the peanuts...and get eaten by Trumbipulor!

*Ben turns into Goop (also making his Omniverse debut) to give Trumbipulor some grief. It works for a while, but Trumbipulor decides to trap him with inhaling!

*Ben figures out the Galvan Duo is also inside Trumbipulor and they all escape when the alien elephant sneezes!

*The Galvan Duo are, once again, cornered by robotic mice! But this time, Blukic has some new found courage and takes them on!

*Ben turns into Echo Echo, but neither he or Rook can get close to Trumbipulor thanks to his mechanized minions!

*Blukic manages to save Driba by rewiring one of the robotic mice so that it turns against its comrades! Driba asks Blukic to show him how he did it...

*The Galvan Duo manage to reprogram enough of the robotic mice to cause enough of a distraction to give Echo Echo a chance to use the "Wall of Sound" on Trumbipulor and defeat him!

*After so much hardships, the Galvan Duo finally find a Mr. Smoothy's! They even see the squirrel and cat from earlier!

*Sadly, it closes just as they reach the stand!

*Ben and Rook find the two and learn just what they were up to this whole time. Ben however solves this when he makes his presence known to the clerk...

*The Galvan Duo happily tell Ben it was worth all the trouble to have a Mr. Smoothy's, which Ben is glad to hear as he tells them he plans to join them to find the 23rd Bellwood Mr. Smoothy's next time!

A pretty fun episode. I liked it better then the previous episode and it was good to get to know Blukic and Driba a little more. We also got to see a minor Ultimate Alien villain get fleshed out, which is always a plus. Looks like Khyber is going to return in the next episode, according to the previews!moreless

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