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Season 1 Episode 5

Have I Got a Deal for You

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Ben struggles to control a giant alien when a group of activists prevent him from harming the alien.

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Oct 18, 2012
Some wacky hijinks await in today's episode of Ben 10: Omniverse.

*We kick start this episode in the underground alien city, where Ben (as Shocksquatch) is battling a villain from Alien Force & Ultimate Alien, Sunder! Sounds like Powers Boothe didn't reprise the role, his new voice does sound a lot creepier now.

*In the middle of the crowd, a green, four-armed alien salesman tries to sell something to the crowed members; it isn't until after a few declines does the salesman's curiosity is peeked and sees Ben, to which he says "Jack pot". It is very obvious that this salesman is voiced by none other, than Charlie Adler! He's using Red Guy (from Cow & Chicken)'s voice for this salesman.

*Shocksquatch manages to beat Sunder and changes back to Ben. It's at this moment when the alien salesman takes the chance to pitch a sale to Ben and reveals his name to be "Professor Blarney T. Hokestar".

*Hokestar elaborates that the item he is trying to pitch is his so called "miracle elixir". Ben is savvy enough to turn down the offer, but Hokestar isn't deterred and instead asks for a volunteer so that he may demonstrate the elixir's capabilities.

*A character resembling one of Charmcaster's stone creature (who, apparently, had a cameo in the first episode) "volunteers". He reveals his name to be "Solid Plugg" and is not very good at disguising the fact that he is the professor's right-hand alien.

*The elixer doesn't do what Hokestar expected, but he manages to improvise well enough to con three aliens. Ben is still unimpressed, but Hokestar remains calm all while stating he "appreciates the challenge of a hard sale" and takes him to his vehicle.

*I really liked the carnival-style music that played when Ben was looking at the toys at Hokestar's stand.

*Ben comes across a sum slammer figure he doesn't have yet and Hokestar gladly let's Ben keep it "with [his] complements". Ben cautiously asks the professor why he is being so generous, to which he replies that it wouldn't hurt to have a hero as a spokesman. Ben says that Hokestar's items seem harmless, even if they are weird and concludes that he'll think about it, a reply Hokestar graciously accepts. After Ben leaves, Hokestar confidently assures Solid Plugg that he's certain Ben will "come around"...

*While walking through the streets of Under Town, Ben calls Rook and asks him to do a search on Hokestar on the extranet. Rook's findings confirm that Hokestar is nothing more than a harmless flim flam and assures Ben he'll come if he needs help.

*After calling Rook, Ben meets...a Florauna (Wildvine's species) Hippie! The Florauna Hippie proceeds to compliment Ben on his heroics and asks him to help free an alien that Hokestar is using for his elixir. The Florauna Hippie's voice is simply hilarious and sounds a lot like Leo from That 70s Show.

*Ben and the Florauna Hippie arrive at Hokestar's vehicle and knock on the answer. Ben decides they will have to wait until he comes back, but the Florauna Hippie convinces him to turn into Spider Monkey and sneak in.

*Spider Monkey agrees with the Florauna Hippie that the inside of Hokestar's ship is at least creepy and asks where this captured alien is, to which the hippie answers by pulling a switch to reveal an endangered and rare alien in a small dome, known as a "Skreegit". Ben gushing over the Skreegit's cuteness was a Crowning Moment of Funny!

*When Ben asks what trouble Hokestar is causing to the Skreegit, the Florauna Hippie once again demonstrates by showing Ben a machine that extracts the Skreegit's milk to use in the "miracle elixir".

*Soon enough, Hokestar catches the two! While threatening them with a laser gun, he trips on an item...and we hear a zap!

*We then see the Florauna Hippie's top half has been blasted off! Not long after Ben and Hokestar start panicking, the Florauna Hippie reveals, much like Cell from Dragonball Z, he can regenerate! I got a good laugh how the hippie calmly said how that "was a rush"!

*After quickly putting the laser gun away, Hokestar asks why they are at his ship. The Florauna Hippie reveals his name to be "Pax" and that he is an "Alien Rights Activist". Hokestar says that milking the Skreegit is meant to relieve stress, much like what milking a cow does. Ben notices that the Skreegit seems happy, much like a pet, but Pax doesn't seem to agree.

*Getting fed up with Pax and Hokestar's arguing, Ben decides to just take the Skreegit until he gets some answers! Solid Plugg shows up from grocery shopping and tries to stop Ben!

*Ben decides to transform into AmpFibian and gives the other three a shock...except Solid Plugg is unaffected. If Ben played Pokémon, he would know that ground types are immune to electric types! I got a kick out of Solid Plugg's "Muttley laugh"!

*AmpFibian escapes to head to the Plumber Base, while Hokestar and Pax call for him and still argue with each other!

*While calling Rook to put him up to speed on what's going on, the Skreegit escapes and grows! Rook tells Ben that Skreegits are dangerous and rushes off to help him!

*Pax catches up to Ben and is shocked to see the now giant sized Skreegit! When Ben asks him why this happened, Pax acts confused, stating that Skreegits only act this way when exposed to nitrogen...which Ben shouts that nitrogen is in Earth's atmosphere! Pax asks him why he didn't tell him, to which Ben replies why he didn't ask him, pointing out it isn't part of daily conversation. Ben's "mock conversation starter" about nitrogen was priceless!

*Ben turns into Swampfire to try and stop the Skreegit...but to no avail!

*Ben tries to turn into Fast Track next...but becomes Wildmutt, instead! You have no idea how happy I am he didn't turn into Fast Track! Wildmutt having Pax ride him (much to Pax's lack of willingness to do so) was pretty funny.

*Meanwhile, in Under Town, Hokestar and Solid Plugg use a motorcycle to rush to the Skreegit sighting!

*Wildmutt and Pax manage to catchup to the Skreegit...just in time to see it destroy a part of some train tracks!

*Ben tries to change into a big alien...but ends up becoming Jury Rigg (whose got a great redesign)...then Gray Matter (returning for the first time since the Original Series)...and then Nanomech (whose voice isn't as annoying as it was in Ultimate Alien). Finally, he turns into Bloxx and acts as "substitute tracks" just in time!

*Once the train safely passes, Hokestar and Solid Plugg arrive; the latter starts to fight Pax and the former reveals the name of Bloxx's species, a "Segmentasapien". Hokestar continues to say that a Segmentasapien is the perfect alien to contain the Skreegit to give him enough time to vacuum out the nitrogen so that it'll return to normal!

*Bloxx tries to contain the Skreegit, but Pax hinders his efforts (and still does even when the Skreegit literally bites his head off)!

*Eventually, Bloxx gets Pax off him long enough to contain the Skreegit and for Hokestar to vacuum out the nitrogen. Just as the professor said, the Skreegit returned to normal and he quickly puts a dome around him to ensure no more nitrogen gets in.

*Pax still doesn't give up and tries to run off with the Skreegit...but immediately gets stopped by Rook and the plumbers. Derrick J. Wyatt was nice enough to reveal what exact charges Pax received.

*Solid Plugg also gets arrested, but Hokestar actually doesn' long as he lets the plumbers have the Skreegit. I'm guessing it's because they're cutting him a break for helping to stop its rampage.

*The episode ends with Rook saying he gets Hokestar's motives, but not Pax's. Ben answers that Pax means well...which makes him more dangerous. We also see Solid Plugg trying to escape and the plumbers dog piling him to stop him. I got a kick out of Solid Plugg's "Muttley Grumble".

A fine episode. Not strongest so far, but still not a terrible one. Hokestar and Pax were both funny (it was nice to have Charlie Adler as a guest star) and there were a couple of other funny moments. Going by the crew members' statements about each season of Omniverse having 10 episodes each, that would mean were now halfway through Season 1! Looking forward to the second half of Season 1!moreless
Oct 15, 2012
I'd say it's great to hear from Charlie Adler again.

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