Ben 10: Omniverse

Season 1 Episode 6

It Was Them


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Ben's old enemy Dr. Animo returns to confront Rook.

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Oct 25, 2012
This episode of Omniverse brings back a familiar face from Ben's rogue gallery!

*The episode begins with Khyber and his pet watching Ben from the rooftops of Bell Wood...

*Khyber sends his pet out to attack when Ben stops at a Mr. Smoothy's! Ben transforms into Diamond Head to take the creature on! I found his design and voice here to be better then their Alien Force and Ultimate Alien versions, much closer to the Original Series!

*After some battling, Khyber decides to call his pet back for the time being. Ben grumbling that he let's villains finish their speech was priceless!

*Meeting back with Rook, Ben ponders who could be after him this time around. I did get a good chuckle out of the results of Rook "working on his Earth conversation skills"!

*Soon enough, Ben comes up with a possible candidate...Dr. Animo, the second adversary he encountered! Of course it's not accurate, but he certainly was thinking logically about the candidate.

*As the duo head to the Plumber's base that holds the mad scientist Ben thinks back on his younger years. I got a good laugh out of the montage of Animo swearing revenge on Ben, along with Rook's remark on it!

*Upon entering the cell...the two find it empty! Ben sees this as evidence of Animo as the culprit, but Rook is still skeptical.

*Noticing some ants near the vent, Ben and Rook discover how Animo escaped and decide to follow the trail leading to the sewers...

*The duo soon encounter giant ants, Ben puts it best by saying "Classic Animo"! As if that wasn't enough, these giant ants can also breathe fire!

*Ben turns into Echo Echo (though he intended Swampfire) to do battle with the mutant ants. He fares very well against them, but they get back up the moment the Omnitrix times out!

*I did get a good chuckle out of Rook saying a fire extinguisher would be handy in their current predicament!

*Luckily, the mutant ants pull back when they hear a sound. Rook suspects that they are heading to their nest and Ben suggests they hitch a ride on one of them to get there more quickly.

*I admit, I didn't quite catch Rook's "ANTartica" joke the first time around. I probably would have rolled my eyes like Ben did.

*Ben pointing out to Rook how obvious the mutant ants' destination is was priceless!

*Rook covers both himself and Ben in some sort of slime that will make the mutant ants think they are one of them. Although Ben isn't to sure of it, the plan proves successful.

*At last, the duo confront the doctor himself! Dr. Animo so far holds the honor of being the first villain to appear in all four Be 10 Series!

*Animo is confused by Ben's claims and admits he wasn't planning on taking care of Ben until phase 2 of his plan, but now decides to do so now. He also goes on to explain his latest plan of turning all Earth's ants into mutants and using them to rule the world. This leads Ben and Rook to figure out that Animo is not the culprit.

*Speaking of which, we then see Khyber and his pet have successfully tracked Ben and Rook to Animo's lair. The alien hunter instructs his loyal companion to flush their target out...

*As Ben warns Animo that his plan won't succeed, Rook notices the ray's most important part and goes to take care of it. Ben tries to turn into Swampfire again...but becomes Rath instead! That's good with me, Rath is still one of my favorites!

*Rook returns to let Ben know he took care of that part. Rath's long winded description of Rook was a Crowning Moment of Funny!

*Right when Ben gets dog-piled by a bunch of mutant ants, he transforms into a new alien, a grasshopper alien! He settles on the name "Crashhopper" and begins to display this alien's incredible jumping abilities!

*Khyber's pet soon arrives and transforms! Animo admits the creature isn't his, but he wants it to be and tries to use his mind control helmet to do so! Of course, it has no effect.

*The newest form Khyber's pet has taken proves to be extremely affective against Crashhopper, luckily Rook is there to help him out!

*Crashhopper remembers what Rook said about ants instinctively attacking intruders and destroys Animo's helmet so that the mutant ants will attack Khyber's pet! The creature has no choice but to retreat and Animo is captured!

*Khyber assures his pet that he's not upset with it and praises it for doing its best, saying Ben would have been theirs if it wasn't for Animo's interference. He assures no more interferences next time...

*Rook asks Ben what's troubling him when he notices Ben acting somewhat somber. Ben confirms that with Animo not being the one sending this creature after him, the true mastermind is still at large. Rook admits he thought at first that Ben was being paranoid but then assures him that he believes him of this mysterious adversary and how dangerous said adversary is. But he ends his speech on a high note by pointing out that at least Animo is behind bars once again.

*The episode ends with Animo making another stuffed creature and vowing revenge on Ben once again with an evil laugh.

A good episode overall. It was nice to see Dr. Animo again and Khyber continues to be an excellent villain thanks to his patience. I also liked Rath making a comeback. Looking forward to the next episode, as always.moreless
Oct 23, 2012
It was good to see Dr. Animo and Rath again, and Crash Hopper was pretty cool.
Oct 21, 2012
Crash Hopper is another great Omniverse alien! I also love the part where Ben says that he fought Animo as a kid and the montage that followed it.

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