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Season 2 Episode 5



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Khyber attacks Ben and Rook at a festival.

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Dec 26, 2012
The current main storyline gets some focus in the halfway mark for Season 2 of Omniverse!

*The episode begins with Ben and Rook on their way to attend a festival honoring Bellwood, Ben has been invited as the guest of honor. Rook isn't very keen on the idea of a Plumber seeking attention, but Ben claims he is a hero rather then a Plumber and that he shouldn't stop people from "showering him with attention".

*The Duo are soon greeted by the festival's coordinator, Natalie, who gives them a quick tour. We even get a mention of Kangaroo Commando, Ben's hero from the Original Series!

*We also learn about the origins of Bellwood...which involves a literal wooden bell!

*It is also revealed that Ben's role as "guest of honor" is being in a dunking game. Ben isn't happy about this, but Rook finds this amusing and proceeds to play as "it is for charity".

*Other kids soon arrive to play the "Dunk Ben 10" Game (speaking of which, the font for the sign is the same as the Original Series logo)! The first kid to play requests that Ben transform into Brainstorm (making his Omniverse debut). We also learn that Corey Burton is now Brainstorm's voice artist.

*This first kid doesn't score a hit, but the second one does and plays for quite some time. All while requesting Ben turn into Stinkfly, Wildmutt, Spidermonkey and Humungousaur. The kid also doesn't seem to believe it is the real Ben, despite Ben pointing out he saw him transform.

*Rook returns with more tickets to play the dunking game some more for charity. Ben tells him that the charity is still getting his contributions without having to play the game, but Rook says there was no fun in that.

*It's at that very moment that Khyber's pet attacks! Ben (accidentally) turns into Heatblast to fight the creature while Rook looks for the hunter, himself!

*While fighting Khyber's Pet it changes form, forcing Ben to turn into Armodrillo.

*Rook finds Khyber, but is unable to sneak attack him!

*Natalie constantly saying "save the bell!" and Armodrillo replying he'd rather save people from the bell was pretty funny.

*Armodrillo contacts Rook reaffirming that he needs to stop Khyber from whistling...but Rook tells him that the villain isn't doing so. This surprises Armodrillo as Khyber's Pet has been transforming this whole time! Uh oh...

*Armodrillo decides to try to turn into an alien that the creature has not seen...Big Chill! But the creature counters by transforming into a giant flying tick-like alien, letting out some kind of hypnotic powers! Even more surprising, Big Chill comments that this isn't the first time he's seen this alien...

*We then get a flashback of when Ben was 11 years old. After some references to the Original Series' Ben 10 Vs The Negative 10 Two Parter, we learn the Mount Rushmore Plumber Base is now filled to the brim with plumbers again! Ben wonders if this means Grandpa Max has come out of retirement, but he denies this theory.

*The surprise Max wanted to show his grandkids was the very tick-alien, whose species name is "Psycholeterean". We also learn that the species is close to extinction.

*When Gwen asks why they are wearing special glasses, Max explains that it protects them from the Psycholeterean's hypnotic abilities that make one see their greatest wishes. Unfortunately, Ben happened to looking at the alien with the glasses off and just that happens! Good thing Max still has great reflexes!

*Max also admits he was surprised the Psycholeterean would even try it on Ben since its species usually goes after Necrofriggians (Big Chill's species). Before he can say much else, an alarm goes off!

*The intruder is none other then Malware, one of Omniverse's main villains! Despite Max saying otherwise, Ben and Gwen join in the fight using XLR8 and magic, respectively. Max manages to use something to split Malware into pieces while he is distracted!

*Max reveals that the deceive is called a "Tachyon Cannon" and that it splits an organism into the smallest cellular level. But we soon hear a mechanized laugh...

*Malware regenerates and reveals the Tachyon Cannon doesn't affect him because of his mutated DNA. He then proceeds to absorb the device, turning him into the form he has in the present! He also prepares to use it to attack the trio...

*Luckily, Ben turns into Feedback and is able to take on Malware with little worry!

*In the Psycholeterean chamber, Khyber walks up to the alien...

*After some more battling, Malware decides to escape claiming that he got what he came for and that Ben has already lost, even if he is not aware of it!

*Gwen asks Grandpa Max if Malware meant the Tachyon Cannon, but Max says it would have to be something exclusively at this base and realization dawns on him...

*They find that the Psycholeterean is still in its chamber, but it looks weakened. Max concludes someone affiliated with Malware was in this chamber, but he (nor his grandkids) can figure out why they didn't steal the creature...

*We then return to the present, where Big Chill puts two and two together and tries to escape the creature, who pursues intensely.

*Big Chill learns the hard way that Psycholetereans are also capable of becoming intangible and starts to get hypnotized by it!

*We get a glimpse of Ben's dream sequence of being showered with attention, but Ben soon admits being a hero is about putting others before yourself and proceeds to resist the hypnosis long enough to turn back to Ben!

*When Khyber's Pet just flies there, Ben asks if it's going to fight or just waste time...which Ben soon realizes is exactly happening!

*Ben immediately calls Rook to warn him Khyber is just distracting him from something else. Khyber praises Ben for figuring it out and even tells Rook that it involves the Proto-TRUK! When Rook questions why Khyber would tell him this, the hunter simply replies "[he] has [his] reasons" and proceeds to call his pet...

*After Rook gives Ben the update, Ben makes it to the Proto-TRUK to discover Malware! Ben seems especially horrified and angry to see this villain again, something big must have happened during the time skip.

*Rook arrives shortly before Malware escapes. Ben tells Rook to check what Malware did to the Proto-TRUK while he turns into Humungousaur to chase the villain!

*Humungousaur briefly battles Malware, but the evil Galvanic Mechamorph soon throws an oil tanker at an oncoming school bus giving Humungousaur a sadistic choice! Humungousaur calls Malware a coward before he goes to the kids' aid.

*Fortunately, the kids are safe, but Malware's escape was successful...

*Ben returns to Rook, who confirms that Malware destroyed the Proto-TRUK's memory core and auxiliary power systems. When Rook asks about Malware, Ben gives the short answer and gets interrupted before he can give the long answer. I'm guessing the question of what Malware did to earn the greatest extent of Ben's wrath will be answered in a later episode...

*The interruption comes from the jerk kid from earlier, who apologizes to Ben for his earlier behavior and thanks Ben for saving him, which Ben appreciates.

*After helping put the wooden bell back in its stand, Ben resumes his place at the dunk tank, this time with greater enthusiasm. But no one seems interested in playing...except for Rook, that is.

Great episode, overall! It was great to see Khyber and Malware back in action after not seeing them for awhile. The flashback was also very informative, answering some questions and presenting new questions to be answered later. With the episode aired, we are now halfway through Omniverse's 2nd Season!moreless

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