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Of Predators and Prey: Part 2

Full Episode: Of Predators and Prey: Part 2


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Ben is not deterred and continues to fight to the best of his ability.

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Nov 24, 2012
Part II of Omniverse's Season 1 Finale answers many questions and gives deeper explanations of revelations from Part I!

*Part II begins in Khyber's ship, with Ben being held upside down from the celing. Apparently, Ben has learned about Khyber's name off-screen and tries to convince him to reveal his plans, Khyber simply responds that he isn't interested in doing so. He also cuts off the 10 on Ben's hoodie, but tells him his Omnitrix hand will make for a much better trophy...

*Ben still doesn't seem too worried saying he has dealt with this sort of thing before, he even makes reference to the Original Series' 2nd Season Finale, Back With A Vengeance. Khyber is amused by this, thinking Ben is trying to stall to give Rook time; he points out how he saw their argument in Part I and that Ben should treat his partners better. Ben counters that he at least doesn't make his partners do all the dirty work.

*This prompts Khyber to elaborate on the history of the Nemetrix. He reveals to Ben that Malware and Dr. Psychobos (though he doesn't reveal the latter's name) are the ones who created it and that they brought him in to collect predator DNA.

*The flashbacks of Khyber collecting the predator DNA was both informative and awesome!

*Looks like the Nemetrix was worn by others before Khyber's Pet, particularly a human trapped in the Null Void. Hmm, I wonder if this is who I think it is..

*I must say, Ashley Johnson's take on Kid Gwen has improved, but still not quite there yet.

*Kid Gwen hanging a lampshade on Kid Ben's frequent use of Feeback was pretty fuuny!

*I knew it, that human was Phil, Max's old friend gone bad from the Original Series' 2nd Season Premiere, Truth! It was great seeing him get acknowledged again!

*Khyber confirms to Ben that the Phil incident was a failed test run, stating that the Nemetrix's "savage nature" doesn't work well with sentient beings, which is also why his pet can handle it with no difficulties.

*Khyber may be evil, but you definitely got to give him credit for how he treats his pet! Definitely a lot of "pet the (alien) dog moments".

*Although Khyber gets angry quickly, he calms himself down just as fast, remembering he would loose "bargaining power" with his employers otherwise. Ben takes this chance to break free and tries to turn into Humungousuar, but turns into Rath instead!

*Rath and Khyber's fight while making reference to Looney Tunes with the "X Season! Y Season!" gag was a Crowning Moment of Funny!

*Khyber manages to subdue Rath and turn him back into Ben, he decides that his employers will have to get Ben in pieces...

*Luckily, Rook shows up! So the argument was just an act! That makes sense, Rook's outburst in Part I seemed a little too out of character for him.

*Although the argument was an act, Rook says he was being serious about Ben always having help and points right now as such an example. Ben counters that this was part of the plan and didn't count. Seeing Khyber try to put his 2 cents into the conversation was priceless!

*Now the real battle begins! Rooks warns that the form Khyber's pet took is the natural predator of Heatblast. Ben, however, doesn't think the Omnitrix will give him what he choses and selects Heatblast...too bad it did pick Heatblast.

*Ben takes another chance to pick Humungousuar...but ends up with Armadrillo instead.

*While Ben and the creature battle on top of the ship switching forms, Rook battles the hunter in the control room!

*At long last...Ben has transformed into Humungousuar! Besides a slight redesign, he is now voiced by John DiMaggio, who is a great fit for him, if you ask me!

*When Khyber informs his pet to change into a new form to over power Humungousuar, Rook figures out that Khyber, himself, is the whistle.

*Hoping for Waybig, Ben ends up with Graymatter, who still manages to subdue the creature! Afterwords he gets back into the ship by turning into another familiar Alien Force alien...Big Chill! He looks bulkier now and his voice is slightly different. I am bit confused about this redesign.

*Figures Big Chill would turn back into Ben right after he gloats while flying with Rook...luckily Grandpa Max's ship is there to catch them!

*Escaping the crash, Khyber assures his pet that Ben will pay for his escape...something a familiar voice says hopes for Khyber's sake! Yep, Omniverse's "Big Bad Duumvirate" of Malware and Psychobos appear before Khyber and are not happy! I wonder if the Big Bad Duumvirate will take a more active role now, but Khyber will still appear, he is a great addition to Ben's rogue gallery. As another note of interest, this episode marks Malware's first "official" (non flashback) appearance!

*The episode ends with Ben telling Rook "Not one word...". The literal-minded plumber replies with two words, "Told you". I wonder how much of the duo's dynamics will change in the following Seasons.

Another great episode! It gave some more great backstory information and was very action-packed! It sort of reminded me of the Original Series' 1st Season Finale, Secrets! Looks like we're going straight to Season 2 without a break, as well!moreless
Nov 23, 2012
I'm pleasantly surprised at how they brought back Phil after so long.
Nov 19, 2012
Glad to see Ben and Rook buried the hatchet.
Nov 18, 2012
So, Ben was stalling for Rook, but Rook didn't seem to be in on the plan. Nice.

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