Ben 10: Omniverse

Season 1 Episode 7

So Long, and Thanks for All the Smoothies?

Full Episode: So Long, and Thanks for All the Smoothies?


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Ben and Rook discover that Argit and the Vreedle brothers have stowed on board an alien space vessel.

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Nov 02, 2012
The 7th episode of Omniverse brings back many familiar faces from Alien Force!

*Things start off intensely as some space missiles are launched towards Bellwood! Luckily, Rook helps evacuate the citizens while Ben as Chrashhopper diverts them! But of course, things are only just beginning!

*Ben and Rook head up to the spaceship in Proto-TRUK and learn that those missiles are actually anchors to bring the ship into Earth's orbit.

*Hey look, it's Solid Plugg! Good thing Grandpa Max is great at being a plumber!

*Ben hanging a lampshade on how they are able to breath in space was priceless!

*I got a good laugh out of Rook's reaction to the bubble wrap!

*We soon find out that the ones on this ship are none other than the Vreedle Bros. It looks like they are criminals again, even with their mom out of the picture. Rook really seems to hate them, which is especially noticeable since he's a pretty nice guy.

*Like Ben, I hope we see Rath...

*Nope, we get Graymatter, instead. But that's OK, he needs some love after being neglected in the previous two sequel shows.

*Graymatter actually does asks the Brothers why they are criminals again and the answer we get amounts to "old habits die hard". We also learn why Rook hates them so much, they blew up the Plumbers Academy and Rook had to take his final exam on a trailer astroid!

*Looks like there's another person on the ship and they are trying to steal the Proto-TRUK! Good thing Graymatter stopped them!

*We soon learn that this culprit is none other then Argit! Looks like he got a haircut, is wearing new clothes and now has some earrings.

*Argit warns them that he has the "deadliest device in the world", called the "Anihilaarg"! All but Ben seem to know what it is. I got a good laugh out of the dramatic music that played when "Anihilaarg" was said!

*Apparently, the Anihilaarg has a legend to it told on alien planets. Rook thinks it's just a myth, but Argit points out the ship they are on is identical to the one from the stories...

*To fill in Ben (and the audience) on the Anihilaarg, Rook takes the role of "Mr. Exposition". Apparently, the Anihilaarg and the ship belonged to beings called the "Contemelia" who hailed from a parallel dimension and hopped to other ones just to cause chaos.

*After the story is finished, we get the arrival of yet another group of Alien Force characters, Emperor Milleous and the Incursion Army! Ben's plan is for him and Rook to team up with the "3 petty thieves" to take on the Incursions.

*Ben turns into Spidermonkey to pin Argit to the wall and take on the Incursion Soldiers, but Argit still manages to escape!

*I admit, I chuckled at Octagon's butchered reference to Dirty Harry.

*Rook thinking of a one liner was pretty funny.

*Figures Argit would lock himself in a room.

*Ben and Emperor Milleous come face-to-face and the latter doesn't intend to play fair. Luckily, Ben turns into NRG!

*Rook arrives in time to help, but the "3 petty thieves" are no where in sight! Argit soon arrives too and we find out how he got out of that room, what happened to the Vreedle Bros. and where the Anihilaarg is...

*The running gag of the aliens correcting Ben on the pronunciation of the Anihilaarg was hilarious!

*Uh Ben, is it really wise to leave Argit to watch Emperor Milleous?

*Now it's a three-way mad race for the Anihilaarg!

*The different groups end up outside a Mr. Smoothy's and the fight for the Anihilaarg is still on!

*Uh oh, the Anihilaarg has activated its self-desctruct!

*Argit trying to get Ben to activate the Omnitrix was pretty funny!

*Ben uses the Omnitrix to transform into...Alien X, making his return since Ultimate Alien's The Forge of Creation! His redesign here gives him a similar look as the male characters in the DCAU and he now has a "Buzz Lightyear Jaw". Well, now Rook knows Alien X is real!

*It takes awhile, but Ben manages to convince Bellicus and Serena to do something...

*It looks like the universe has been saved! But Mr. Smoothy's looks different and ben is now wearing a white hoodie...

*We see Argit is arrested, but what about the Vreedle Bros. and Emperor Milleous?

*Ben explains to Rook and Argit that he used Alien X to recreate an (almost) identical copy of the Universe, but they don't believe him. This could actually be an "in-universe" explanation for the ret-cons that Derrick J. Wyatt mentioned the executives requested, very clever!

Another fun episode! It was nice seeing Argit and the Vreedle Bros. again, I always found them to some of the better "humorous villains" from Alien Force and Ultimate Alien. It was also nice to see Alien X get to do something important! Only 3 more episodes of Season 1 to go!moreless

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