Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

Season 1 Episode 20

Absolute Power: Part 2

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Dec 10, 2010 on Cartoon Network
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Ben and Gwen are forced to go to Darkstar for help when they come across their most deadly, most unexpected foe yet.
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  • This episode had a lot of loose ends, let downs, and a less than spectacular ending, but I suppose it still did a fair job of wrapping things up.

    When I first heard about the so-called Ultimate Season Finale, I thought that it wold be more... I don't know, fulfilling. I waited all week to see it, but when I actually did, I was really underwhelmed. I mean, it had its good parts (we see Kevin's stepdad and find out why he left home originally, that Ben/Gwen fight at the beginning, there was considerably more fighting in this episode that in others) but it wasn't exactly what I expected it to be. For starters, why did Kevin want to kill Alan? He drained him of his fire power, but why kill him? He didn't kill any of the other victims. For the first time since the beginning of the series, Ben acknowledges that he has been a jerk and an idiot since the beginning of this season and becomes more serious and resolute than he's ever been. But why now? In my opinion, Kevin is not as big a threat as Aggregor was and Ben monkeyed around with him all the time. Ben speaks of having to 'protect everyone else,' but Kevin only wants power. He's only draining powerful beings on earth of energy. He's no bigger a threat than Darkstar. Aggregor (Vilgax before him, and countless other intergalactic villains) sought the power to destroy the UNIVERSE and Ben never saw fit to 'put them down' or use deadly force to destroy them. Kevin isn't even that big a threat to the world (you see how easily Ultimate Echo Echo took him out) and Ben is viewing him like he's the most powerful and deadly foe that he's ever come across. No other villain has caused Ben to be this resolute and intent of murder, so why Kevin? For that matter, why didn't Ben think of killing Kevin six years ago when he had the same problem? Ben said that Kevin was his fault and that he had placed Kevin in the position that made him take the power to defeat Aggregor, meaning that killing Kevin was Ben's responsibility. But wouldn't it mean the opposite? If Ben had turned Kevin into a monster, wouldn't that mean that it was Ben's responsibility to listen to Gwen and try to heal him? I felt a little let down by many of the fight scenes. Though they were epic, no ground was really broken. We got to see Kevin's powers in action and some revealing information concerning his past life, but that was just about it. The fighting was mostly redundant. Ben tried and failed to stop Kevin. Gwen tried and failed to talk him out of being a monster, leading to the next epic fight scene. I'm surprised that Max agreed with Ben on killing Kevin. Kevin was a hero. He absorbed the Ultimatrix in the line of duty to save Ben and his friends. And I can't believe that no one save for Gwen intends to honor that. The re-introduction of the Plumber's helpers, Cooper, Max, the five absorbed aliens and Darkstar did heighten the action, but it wasn't anything I didn't expect. It seems that at the end of every Ben 10 season now, the producers always bring someone back who made an appearance in one episode earlier on and destroy some piece of memorabilia (this time it was the Rustbucket) that has been with the season since the beginning. It's become a trademark. Finally the ending was nothing but a let down. I can't believe that Ben, after being a hero for so long, was preparing to kill the one person who sacrificed sentient life to save his butt. Furthermore, I can't believe that Kevin made light of it so much after he was cured. He let Ben off with attempted murder without even giving it a second thought (perhaps the reason is because Kevin would have done the same thing). And Ben just went back to normal. After all of his talk about killing Kevin and the fate of the universe, when Kevin was brought back to normal, those feelings were quelled and Ben wasn't even a LITTLE suspicious of Kevin. Both of them went for drinks as if nothing ever happened. I'm willing to bet that, by the beginning of next season, Ben will be back to his old self and no one will even look at the events of this finale until the next one. That's a shame and it's unrealistic. If I were Gwen, Kevin, or even Azmuth, I wouldn't even let Ben keep the Ultimatrix. He's already proven the disregard that he can show for human life. He beat up the Forever knights without provocation and was prepared to kill Vulcanus in anger. He's proven that the Ultimatrix in the wrong hands could be an intergalactic disaster. What's to stop him from trying to destroy one planet to save earth and calling it justifiable? He'd be unstoppable (as he proved in that fight with Gwen and later when he almost killed Kevin). He's the real danger to the universe. That type of power should NOT belong to someone who is so quick to sit in judgement and fight with bias in his heart. For the first time since the beginning of the series, I'm starting to side with Azmuth.... But, if I know the producers of this show, they'll glaze right over any type of discussions like that until we hit the next ULTIMATE SEASON FINALE.moreless
  • wow great episode Kevin is back that makes me so happy for kevin to be back where he belongs and its about time can't wait for next season cause I was kind of missing kevin glad gwen has kevin back and they kissed how awesome is that welcome back kevin!!!moreless

    glad that gwen was able to get kevin back finally her plan worked we've sorely missed him wonder what next season will entail kevin gwen such a cute couple can't wait until next season glad he's back I was so thrilled it worked and about time we've missed kevin and gwen missed him so much she loves him she's right he is a good man but I have a feeling kevin is gonna be upset and remorseful for what he's done while he was under that power but I know gwen and ben will help him get through that welcome back Kevin we've really missed youmoreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (5)

    • Kevin: Listen, uhhh, when I was, uhh, out of control, I said some things...
      Ben: No need to apologize. We're both kinda jerks. That's why we get along.
      Gwen: I'm not a jerk.
      Ben: Good point. If I were you, I'd apologize.
      Kevin: Yeah? Well, if I were you, I wouldn't have been such a wuss!
      Ben: Wuss?!
      Kevin: If you'd ever lost it like I did, I'd have taken you down right away!
      Ben: And if I had, you wouldn't be here to call me a wuss!
      Kevin: (smiles) So it worked out great.

    • Kevin: I've had it with you, Tennyson! Always beating me when we were kids, everything always going your way. You didn't turn into a freak! You've become a world-famous superhero!
      Ultimate Echo Echo: I don't even like being famous. Between you and me, I wish I had my secret identity back.
      Kevin: My heart bleeds for you. Now you just bleed!

    • Kevin: You are really starting to bug me!
      Ultimate Echo Echo: I'm sorry about that, but I can't let you hurt anyone else.
      Gwen: Ben, you promised we'd try it my way first.
      Ultimate Echo Echo: Yeah, I lied.

    • Grandpa Max: Sorry it had to end this way, kid.
      Kevin: Not as sorry as you're about to be.

    • Ben: I still don't get it. What's supposed to happen when Kevin gets here?
      Cooper: I think that's where I come in.
      Ben: Do I know y... Cooper?
      Cooper: I had a growth spurt.
      Gwen: Yes, you did.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Ship (and his ability to form a powered suit for Julie) makes his Ben 10: Ultimate Alien debut.

    • New Alien Abilities: Ultimate Echo Echo can ring his sonic projectors around a foe, and transmit his sonic scream through them all at once, in a move he calls "Sonic Doom". This was also a move in the video game Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction.

    • Cooper's appearance has greatly changed. He is now tall, muscular and his voice has broken. He resembles how he looks in the Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction video game.