Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

Season 2 Episode 10

Ben 10,000 Returns

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Apr 15, 2011 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • Ben 10,000, at one point, is president of Earth, long enough to stop the third Vilgaxian invasion. He also states that Gwen will probably be in for another term.

    • Ben 10,000 has an alien called 'Clockwork', who can manipulate time. His body is somewhat robotic.

    • Ben 10,000 has the ability to transform into 'Ultimate Ben', in which he can then speak the name of the alien he needs and get its abilities without actually transforming into it.

    • As of this episode, we find out that Vilgax survived the nuclear explosion that happened at the end of Alien Force.

    • The Eon of this episode is the transformation the original Eon forced on the alternate Ben in Race Against Time to use the Hands of Armageddon.
      How he managed to escape that Ben's Omnitrix and become sentient is unknown.

    • Paradox's warning of Old George is referring to the senior citizen who appeared at the Lucubra's broken seal in a previous episode, "The Creature From Beyond."

    • Ben 10,000 has unlocked the Ultimate form of himself, which allows him to use the aliens powers and size without having to take their physical appearance.

    • The events of the movie Race Against Time occur in an alternate universe, thus the Ben of Alien Force and Ultimate Alien never encountered Eon until the events of "Ben 10,000 Returns" (and thus never obtained or used Eon in his timeline).

    • It is possible that Ben 10,000 found a way to tap into his Anodite heritage, being able to manipulate Mana. But, he states that he "learns a lot from being around an Anodite for 20 years," implying that Gwen taught him. However, it's possible that he may have unlocked his Anodite power via "Ultimate Ben" state (as Ben possesses Anodite heritage).

    • The cross-time worlds Paradox mentions are:

      - A world where Gwen found the Omnitrix (Ben 10 - "Gwen 10")
      - A world where Albedo is trapped motionless in Alien X for a year (Ben 10 Alien Force: Vilgax Attacks)
      - A world where Ben didn't have to destroy the Omnitrix to defeat Vilgax (Ben 10: Alien Force - "The Final Battle: Part 2" Nintendo DS version)

    • Ben 10,000 seems to be as immature and overconfident as Ben is at 16 because he calls himself "Even more awesome".

    • This is Eon's first reappearance and first cartoon appearance since the live-action movie Ben 10: Race Against Time.

    • The new alien, Clockwork, appears.

    • It appears Ben, Gwen and Kevin don't hang out much as they used to, as they each have their own driver's licenses.

    • It is shown that there are alternate versions of Ben.

    • This is the first time we see Paradox visit Ben 10,000.

    • This is Ben 10,000's first debut since the original series but in a different form.

    • The title of this episode is a parody of the first episode of Alien Force.

    • This is the second episode in which a live-action villain appears, the first being "Revenge of the Swarm."

    • It seems that all of the "what if?" episodes, like Gwen 10 and Ken 10, are real.

    • Alien Forms Used by Ben:

      1) Spidermonkey
      2) Four Arms
      3) Goop
      4) Way Big
      5) Swampfire
      6) Ultimate Swampfire
      7) Jet Ray

      Alien Forms Used by Ben 10,000:

      1) Ultimate Humungousaur (x2)
      2) Articguana (x2)
      3) Heatblast
      4) Clockwork (x2)
      5) Spidermonkey
      6) Jet Ray
      7) XLR8 (x2)
      8) Diamondhead (x2)

    • According to Paradox, cross-time is made up of parallel versions of the history we know.

    • It is revealed that the live-action movie Ben 10: Race Against Time took place in an alternate timeline. It is also revealed that the original Ben 10,000 episode of the original series also took place in an alternate timeline, explaining why the Ben 10,000 in that episode did not remember meeting his younger self.

  • Quotes

    • Ben: (when discovering that Eon's ninjas are versions of him) This raises some questions!
      Kevin: Yeah, like where did you learn Nin-Jitsu.

    • Professor Paradox: Time to go. But first, a warning to my young friends: Beware Old George. Beware the Creature From Beyond. So long!

    • Eon: Tennyson, prepare to die!
      Ultimate Swampfire: Maybe later.

    • Ben: Are you...
      Ben 10,000: That's right, Ben. I'm you, only even more awesome.

    • Ben 10,000: Why are you doing this, Eon? When we fought before, we-
      Eon: That wasn't me, Tennyson! And soon, it won't have been you!

    • Eon: Any last words, Tennyson? I'm collecting them.
      Ben 10,000: I've got two words for you. (activates Omnitrix) Ultimate Humungousaur!

  • Notes

    • Ben 10,000 unlocks every alien Ben has become up until now on the Ultimatrix. He also adds a few new ones, simply to annoy Azmuth.

    • Ben 10,000's Ultimatrix has an appearance identical to the Omnitrix's second form as depicted in Alien Force.

  • Allusions

    • When Ben 10,000 pushed the Ultimatrix symbol on his chest, a hologram of the alien would appear and give him superpowers. This is similar to when Vixen from the DC Animated Universe would touch her mystical amulet, and the spirit of the animal would appear and give her superpowers.

    • The Professor's warning about interfering with time is similar to the Doctor Who Time Lords who prohibited the intervention in other worlds, which was broken by the Doctor.

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