Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

Season 1 Episode 5

Escape From Aggregor

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM May 21, 2010 on Cartoon Network



  • Quotes

    • (the five aliens reach the bridge of Aggregor's ship)
      Aggregor: When Osmosians absorb the energy of other life forms, we only gain 1/10 of that creature's abilities, but I have a better way. I've built a machine back on my home planet that will allow me to absorb all of your powers. Now that this little diversion has ended, that is precisely where we are headed.
      (the aliens discover their powers aren't working and see that Galapagus is holding Aggregor's power neutralizer)
      Andreas: Turtle Face stole our powers?
      Aggregor: Turtle Face neutralized your powers. I am going to steal them.
      (Aggregor's robotic soldiers subdue the aliens)
      P'andor: (to Galapagus) Traitor!
      Aggregor: Once I have all your powers combined, nothing will stop me from obtaining the ultimate prize.
      Galapagus: Except me. You promised to release me if I helped you capture the others.
      Aggregor: I lied.
      (he prepares to attack Galapagus)
      Galapagus: What a coincidence. I lied, too.
      (Galapagus blows the power neutralizer into Aggregor, knocking him out, then blows away the robotic soldiers)
      Bivalvan: I'm following that guy.