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    I almost feel that they are just getting in the few random ideas before Omniverse comes out.
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    The title of this episode of Ultimate Alien suggests it will be chalk full of Nightmare Fuel!

    *Similar to the opening for Revenge of the Swarm, this episode opens with Ben having a nightmare. But who (or what) will be visiting him tonight?

    *Woah, Ben's being attacked by a strange red orb creature! This creature looks a lot like the Morpha, the Water Temple Boss from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time! That skull image definetly means bad news!

    *Whatever that creature is, it's genre savvy enough to try to stop Ben from activating the Ultamatrix...but Ben still succeeds in turning into NRG! It appears as though Ben won the battle...

    *Good idea Ben, TV at late night helps me fall asleep too! But something is causing interference...

    *Uh Ben, I don't think watching zombie movies late at night (and especially being attacked by a strange creature) isn't the best way to calm your nerves. Also, who wears shoes to bed?

    *What the? The (still distorted) TV is turning on by itself, even when it's unplugged! Hmm...

    *Ben's parents are no where in sight either! If I had to guess, going off of the episode title, the creature has trapped Ben in a dream/nightmare world. This could be interesting, I always did like these kind of episodes!

    *Ben runs into a DNAlien in his living room! He proceeds to go Four Arms on its backside, but accidentally destroys his neighbors' house!

    *As expected, the Washingtons are also gone. The way Ben was pondering the lack of others was pretty funny, I must admit.

    *Ben can't find a signal to talk to his cousin or former enemy-now friend, so he decides to drive there, but someone destroys his car...

    *'s Vilgax (or a "dream illusion", if the above theory is true)! You'd think Ben would wonder how he's here when he's in Diagon's realm, but oh well.

    *It's really weird (and, dare I say, even unsettling) how "Vilgax" isn't making any sounds, not even a grunt! Even Ben hangs a lampshade on this!

    *Ben practically begging "Vilgax" to talk was a Crowning Moment of Funny!

    *Uh Ben, you of all people should know Vilgax can take a hit from a semi-truck.

    *Well, "Vilgax" has disappeared without a trace and there's no driver in sight! Ben deciding to take a nice walk in the night reminds me of how glad I am that the warm weather is coming back, even at night!

    *Ben arrives to Kevin's garage; no Kevin, but his "precious ride" is still here...and another Osmosian...

    *Aggregor (ora "dream illusion", if the above theory is true) has arrived! Ben's snarking about the silent treatment was hilarious!

    *Load Star loosing his head and still easily owning "Aggregor" was a Crowning Moment of Funny! It was like they were poking fun at his true anti-climactic defeat at the hands of Ultimate Kevin!

    *Ben rushes to Julie's house to see his girlfriend is there, but also mute...

    *"Julie" and "Ship" proceed to attack Ben! This is sure getting strange!

    *Really, Eatle again *sigh*? If Fast Track shows up I'm gonna be unhappy! If you want to promote new aliens, at least give ChamAlien some more screen time!

    *As Ben rides down the dark, forest road, he sees a hitchhiker. Ben's comment on which villain the hitchhiker could be was hilarious!

    *Hmm, that Hitchhiker looks an awful lot like Hex (ora "dream illusion", if the above theory is true)...

    *Ben keeps looping back on the road! Sort of reminds me of the jabs at The Flintstones' "recycled backgrounds".

    *I admit, "Hex" being in the back seat made me jump a little!

    *Well, "Hex" is gone for now and we hear voices besides Ben's or the Ultamatrix Aliens'!

    *It's Gwen and Kevin(ora "dream illusion", if the above theory is true)! The two start to criticize Ben, as they (annoyingly) do in some episodes, but then it starts to get more and more antagonizing...

    *Yeah, that's definitely not the real Gwen and Kevin! Ben escapes by turning into...ChamAlien? Yay, this made me really happy!

    *Uh oh, "Kevin" has transformed into his Ultimate Form and "Gwen" has entered her Anodite Form! This is gonna get ugly!

    *Ben transforms into Ampfibian and kills "Kevin"! "Gwen" tries to convince Ben to relinquish the Ultamatrix...but Ben just made a discovery...

    *After turning into Swamp Fire, Ben finds out who the villain behind this is...Albedo!

    *With his plan falling apart, Albedo decides to retreat by becoming...Fast Track. Ben also turns into Fast Track to chase him. *Sigh* Really? Still with this Fast Track stealing the spotlight routine?

    *Ben decides to battle Albedo in his normal form and still proceeds to own him! Villains never seem to realize that a Dream World gives heroes the chance to beat them when they remember the laws of reality don't apply in dreams!

    *We finally learn the creature is called a "Dream Eater" and Albedo tries to plant it on Ben again...but ends up tripping on a falling Mr. Smoothy drink and gets it instead! Clever foreshadowing with Ben tripping on it in his room!

    *Wait a minute! Albedo tripped on the Mr. Smoothy drink in Ben's room and the dream world we've been seeing was not really Ben's, as we were made to believe, but actually Albedo's the entire time? What a clever twist! Well played writers, well played!

    *Ben wondering what Albedo was dreaming of reminded me of when Wonder Woman said that about Mongoul in Justice League (Unlimited)'s For The Man Who Has Everything. Unlike that episode, however, we actually do see what it is. Albedo crawled in the corner about to be beating up by Ben in his many alien forms was both kindda funny and you sort of feel sorry for him.

    Awesome episode! I always did like "Dream World Episodes" (such as Batman: The Animated Series' Perchance To Dream)! I would go as far as to say this is one of my favorite Ultimate Alien episodes!

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    Well, Ben not questioning why Vilgax is there make some sense. When you're dreaming, sometimes you don't realize it, so you don't notice anything off.

    And I kinda liked how they gave a good reason as to why the thing causes bad dreams.
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    Ben has seen Vilgax seemingly killed how many times now? He has probably stopped trying to think of how exactly Vilgax survived every ecounter by now. Vilgax is like the Joker. No matter how bad he seeminly injured or how horrible a accident is he survives somehow.
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