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Redo Ben 10 Game/Semi-Discussion (For Fun)

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    If you change anything in all the Ben 10 series original included what would it be? You can change anything, whole episodes to one scene, a entire series or characters. Just write down what is on your mind and maybe explain some of your changes.

    I'll start us off. I would have reintroduced Kevin in Ben 10 Alien Force as much more antagonistic and bitter character. I always disliked how quickly Kevin got along with Ben despite them hating each other in their last encounter. In my version Kevin would still be a villain when Ben and Gwen meet up with him in Alien Force. In Ben 10 Returns he would have been going at Ben way harder and actually try to kill him before Ben beat him. Kevin helps them in order to avoid getting sent back to the Null Void. The entire first season of AF would have Ben and Kevin at odds with each other, their old rivalry and in Kevin's case hate would cause sparks to fly. Ben would mistrust Kevin, while Gwen gets to know him better perhaps seeing something worth saving. Kevin would forge bonds with Gwen and Ben, but kind of be a anti-hero.

    His reason for helping Ben would be that if the Highbreed destroy Earth he would be out of business or that nobody is allowed to kill Ben, but him. He would save Ben and hide behind that excuse as to have face.In my version Kevin would return to normal human form he would retain weakened versions of some of Ben's original aliens.He could generate some flames or fire diamond shards, but they would be very weakened. Some powers would be lost though like Graymatter's genius andStinkfly's ablitiy to fly and shot goop. He wouldstill absorb matterto create armor though.

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    Ok maybe this isn't a change but I would have loved to see Gwen peel Jennifer Nocturne like a grape. I guess I would the overall feel of Ben 10, I mean Absolute Power had a dark feel it really brings the whole idea of limits. Though I would go one step foward I would have Kevin die. Only because noone would ever seen it coming.
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