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  • Boring, empty and no humor

    Ben 10 Ultimate Alien is the worst cartoon that I have ever seen especially on Cartoon Network. It is nothing like the original series: no humor, no logic, no action and almost no alien appearances. Despite that it's made for younger kids, ninety percent of the show is just talking. If I were a kid, I would like to see cool action scenes with those cool aliens that Ben can turn into, but in this series if a fight scene comes, that is pathetically short and boring. The animation is really weak and the art style is so generic and boring. The atmosphere is empty, there is no other people on the streets or in the buildings except the main characters. The daytime is night in almost every episode what makes the feeling that the whole season is one day. This series almost has no story. When there is, that's ridiculous. I tried to like this series but it's just not watchable or enjoyable.
  • the worst

    I like all the Ben 10 shows except this one. The ultimate aliens are lame. Even the new aliens suck.
  • Utter crap. The new alien names are stupid and the show is as entertaining as watching paint dry.

    How this piece of bullcrap has a higher rating than adventure time and regular show is beyond me. This show is just god awful. The characters are more unlikeable than usual. Ben is a nerdy teenager who just LOOOOOVES the ominishit. GEEZ, why don't you marry it, you pervert. Gwen is now a striper who just LOOOOOVES looking at kevin's butt. GEEZ, why don't you marry it, you pervert. Kevin is a stoner and a drug addict who just LOOOOOVES his goddamn car. GEEZ, why don't you marry it, you pervert. Everyone else is dumber than shit and the the animation is too dark. The jokes are corny and the action scences are really really really really lame. I mean, ben just touches a guy and he wins. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! So overall, this show is AAAWWWWWSOOOMEly stupid and I'd rather watch annoying orange, almost naked animals, secret mountain fort awesome and johnny test (which are all god awful shows too) than this steaming pile of dogpoop.
  • Was be good

    GOD!!! This show is really awesome.

    Look i know many of u are not liking it but it has a reason or many reasons to be good. The concept is good. Aliens like NRG, Fasttrack, Clockwork, are cooler. The Ultimate transformations are superb.

    New villans like Aggregor, Will Harangue, Overlod, Sunny, Advega, George, Diagon, Esoterica have given this show a dark, exciting side.

    Man of Action has really done a very soul-stirring job.
  • i have a feeling no one really cares for ben in this series *sigh*

    Look i know shipping is the shiz but c'mon this is BEN 10 not BEN TEEN nor is it EVOLTION THAT DOSENT MAKE SENSE 10

    also burn in hell all you shipper and UAF only fans burn cause i thought i was on disney or nick not BEN 10
  • Just ok!!!

    the original series was far better.

    gwen's powers need some seriously good animations. still not getting how it turned pink from blue in the original series.

    ultimate aliens are cools n kevin's powers are also impressive

  • Perfect for ever

    Man this show rocks more than everything i mean VD, NIKITA etc this show is its self it has a motivation where by i am or we are waiting for the new BEN 100 to cum back it will be perfect.....
  • Better than Alien Force but not as good as the Original.

    The Thing I like most about the show is that it's added a form of realism but like all shows, there are cons. So to start or with the pros. Ben's got a new Omnitrix dubbed the Ultimatrix giving him the ability to turn seemingly all of his aliens into their Ultimate forms. So far we've only seen 6 (and a possible 7th). Ben has now become famous with his secret being revealed resulting in criticism from Will Harangue. And to add onto that, Ben now must face a threat even greater than Vilgax "Aggregor". He wants the powers of 5 Andromeda galaxy aliens Bivalvin, Galapagus, Pandor, Andreas, and Ra'ad. _____________________________________________________ Now for my cons. The Ultimate Forms seem to not be so "Ultimate" as I looked on into the series. They're supposed have been simulated through millions of wars throughout thousands of years but yet some of them get pummeled by enemies of today. So far from what I've seen, the only ultimate forms ready for the unstable universe would be Ult Echo Echo and Humongousaur. My second problem is the Alien Force Aliens. They're too overpowered and now depleting the chance to see the originals besides Fourarms. He has Diamondhead and Ripjaws, but now Jetray has become so overpowered (now being able to go into Hyperspace!) we've lost a big chance of seeing Ripjaws, Stinkfly, and XRL8. Sorry if I'm dissing and Alien Force Aliens Fans but we've seen pretty much enough of the Alien Force Aliens. I'd like to see some of the aliens that guided Ben when he first got the omnitrix.
  • Overrated

    Ok, not to be mean to any Fans, but I Just dont get this show, I Tryed watching it a few times but it still didn't work for me (Infact I Watched another episode yester day), Really, I don't know what the fuss is about. Anyway, how did this show ever become a Franchise. Also this show dosen't really look so original, it is extremely familiar to ''The X Files'' . But Really, This show is nothing much new, Special or Entertaining, Generator Rex is better. And again I am sorry if I Have offended any fans, this is just my Personal Opinion.
  • It's okay and everything, but it's only just begun...

    Cons: 1.Ben being his cocky self. It annoyed me just as much as it did to the other characters (probably...). 2. Learning the reason of Kevin being how he was in the original series: Osmosians become insane when they absorb energy. I mean, couldn't we have learned that sooner?! That would have helped SO much! 3. The love interests piling on Ben. I mean, I don't think Julie isn't the greatest love interest in the world, but COME ON! Give the girl a chance! 4. Same as three, but whatever...the repeatedly "ohmygod Ben's going to kiss her! I can't believe this, how could he do this to Julie? (distraction) OHMYGOD why couldn't that villan come in later than that!" Come on. If they do another "Almost Kiss", I'm going to scream.
    5. Cooper. Dang, that was some growth spurt.

    1. Gwevin, Gwevin, Gwevin.
    2. The aliens are getting better. And if they bring Rath in more episodes, I'll be one happy lady :)
    3. Ben having those serious moments, when he knows that being a kid isn't right anymore.
    4. Cooper. Dang, that was some growth spurt. (wait...a pro AND con? mm, who cares? Chris Pratt voices him
  • It's the same thing as Ben 10: Ailen Force and fortunately, that is a good thing.

    I wasn't a hardcore Ben 10 fan at first but when I saw an marathon of it on, I gave it a chance and ever since then, it has been my favorite ailen/human show to watch.

    Ben is still the immature ten-year-old I remember but at least he grows up. Gwen was the know-it-all but now she has reason and just Kevin. Enough said.

    New villains, new characters, and new places means new adventures. There's nothing different about this show but from where I am coming from. That is relatively good thing.

    That is all I got to make up for.
  • It's all right.

    The are some pretty commendable things about this show. the animation is great. Not the best but its a sure step up from other shows of its time. The jokes can be witty and funny, their powers are cool, and villains are fairly interesting. All in all it keeps me pretty entertained and when it's on I'll usually stick around and get interested in what might happen.

    However having said that I do have some qualms. The first is that I just don't really like Ben's attitude or personality. I've seen this kind of guy on other shows. He's house from House MD, he's Vegeta From Dragon Ball Z. You can find this kind of personality on a few different shows. He's the Cocky bad ass who knows he's awesome, brags about it and knows he can back it up. The thing is a guy like that is either loved by the audience or is not. It's just one of those things that either works or doesn't and in this case I just don't think it does. He comes off as annoying. The second thing I have to say about it is that while some of the episodes are good, others just seem like they were written by amateur fan fiction writers. For example one episode they meet this mysterious beautiful young woman named Eunice with no memory, fantastic powers and a kind heart and ben develops a crush on her. I think you can create filing cabinets for how many Fan fictions sound like that. there are just some plots and episodes that I have to roll my eyes at.

    I think if you'd just fix these two things the show would be much better, but as it is now it's still pretty decent. I'd still recommend it to any kid who is into this type of show.
  • Definetly a Step up from Ben 10: Alien Force, Thank you Man of Action! Something to put on my Friday night watchlist!!

    Well, I was dreading this ever since the Alien Force series... But after the series finale of this dreadful show, i marked it on my calendar for a month! I love the idea.. just not the ultimate forms. I dont see that theyve changed except for their looks. I mean ultimate Big Chill, flames so hot theyre cold. I thought okay its a kid show, ill play along. Ultimate Humongasuar... Him with Rocket hands (Not really alieny) and a turtle shell? The ultimate swampfire, never used yet, and wow MORE flames. He didnt change at all. And i really dnt think Cannonbolt needed an ultimate form.. hes an original alien.. not an alien force 1. Spider monkey was the only decent change.

    However I did enjoy the addition of 5 new aliens. Maybe not the whole element thing, but whatever. They have produced a very new plot. And I really love the new villian, Agreggor. Ben being famous has added to some problems, which is interesting. And his new/old relationship with Julie was interesting. I feelman of action has added to the commedy this series. And the graphics were Much better, alien force was just dark scenes.

    Id recremend this to ANY Ben 10 fan!!
  • One of the best weapons ever made.

    Ok, so i've created a list of my top 5 coolest weapons. 1, The Lightsaber used by Jedis and Siths. 2, Omnitrix, Ben 10! 3, Intersect 2.0, NBC Chuck. 4, Bat Gadgets used by, who else? Batman. and last 5, Beretta 92fs, used by pretty much every action flick out there. When I first saw Ben 10 when he was still a wittle baby boy, I thought man, that would be a cool cartoon if only it wasn't a 5 year old. (I know! i know! he wasn't 5. just exaggerating.) anywho! years later, i noticed Ben 10: Alien Force, and whaddaya know, he's bigger and the omnitrix looks way cooler! months or a year later, didn't really follow it. hehe. Ultimate Alien came. kewl! it's getting more awesome by the year. I wonder what kind of power will he get when he becomes an adult. hmmm..
  • A childhood favorite eversince the 1st season

    I was sometimes disappointed over the lack of story, but with the character interactions and the fight scenes make it a better match. Plus there were moments where I want to watch over and over again. There are moments of Ben being Ben or when you feel a deeper connection between each character. Kevin and Ben are showing a brotherly bond and how Kevin once again walks the dark path will get me to keep watching just to see how it all turns out. I don't enjoy those episodes and moments where Ben is an overconfidant, big ego hero, but you can't help but love the guy anyway.
    Ben 10 rocks!
  • I suppose this show is the redemption for Ben 10: Alien Force's final season

    This show is pretty awesome. Let me start by saying that up front. However my peers or fellow commenters may feel about this, it's the truth. This show is a definite upgrade from alien force and any series that brings that incarnation of Ben 10 back from the pig pen definitely deserves some laurels. I like the way that the characters are portrayed, the romantic element that is mixed in, the inclusion of a steady villain with a reasonable cause (Will Harangue), and the way that the fame of Ben is played up. That always makes for quality episodes. And somewhere, in the back of my mind, I guess I always did want to know what it would be like to see Ben trying to be a hero while battling that inner teenage desire to be famous and to be liked. Plus, his car is freaking SWEET!
  • A good entertaining show....

    Though perhaps not as good as the original Ben 10 series or the latter half of Season 2 of Ben 10: Alien Force, Ben 10: Ultimate Alien is nonetheless an entertaining show which still has some of the old humor and interesting plot lines to charm viewers. However, I personally believe that the producers of the show could have given more maturity and depth to the overall story line similar to way that the second season of alien force panned out. Still I have always enjoyed Ben 10 series and hope that the future episodes of this series continue to entertain viewers.
  • Surpassed my expectations.

    I am a pretty big Ben 10 fan. I loved the original series, and I liked Alien Force. Now when I heard they were making a third Ben 10 based on the Ultimatrix, I was pretty mixed on it. I mean, I felt the Ultimatrix was an okay idea and everything, but it seemed way too much like Pokemon to me, so I felt this might only be decent. But then I saw the opening, and saw every single alien. Ben can turn into. And after watching it, I can saftely say I think this is going to be better than Alien Force. The humor is funny [at times], the animation is nice, the villan is cool and sadistic, and it looks pretty awesome. Good work Man of Action, good work.