Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

Cartoon Network (ended 2012)





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  • Better than Alien Force but not as good as the Original.

    The Thing I like most about the show is that it's added a form of realism but like all shows, there are cons. So to start or with the pros. Ben's got a new Omnitrix dubbed the Ultimatrix giving him the ability to turn seemingly all of his aliens into their Ultimate forms. So far we've only seen 6 (and a possible 7th). Ben has now become famous with his secret being revealed resulting in criticism from Will Harangue. And to add onto that, Ben now must face a threat even greater than Vilgax "Aggregor". He wants the powers of 5 Andromeda galaxy aliens Bivalvin, Galapagus, Pandor, Andreas, and Ra'ad. _____________________________________________________ Now for my cons. The Ultimate Forms seem to not be so "Ultimate" as I looked on into the series. They're supposed have been simulated through millions of wars throughout thousands of years but yet some of them get pummeled by enemies of today. So far from what I've seen, the only ultimate forms ready for the unstable universe would be Ult Echo Echo and Humongousaur. My second problem is the Alien Force Aliens. They're too overpowered and now depleting the chance to see the originals besides Fourarms. He has Diamondhead and Ripjaws, but now Jetray has become so overpowered (now being able to go into Hyperspace!) we've lost a big chance of seeing Ripjaws, Stinkfly, and XRL8. Sorry if I'm dissing and Alien Force Aliens Fans but we've seen pretty much enough of the Alien Force Aliens. I'd like to see some of the aliens that guided Ben when he first got the omnitrix.