Ben 10: Ultimate Alien - Season 2

Cartoon Network (ended 2012)




Episode Guide

  • 3/31/12
    Ben is concerned after Vilgax attempts to corrupt him and find out what will happen to the combined power of the Ultimatrix, Ascalon and Diagon. Apparently Ben could destroy all the evil in the universe if he tried. However, Azmuth intervenes and offers the heroes a cryptic message that suggests Ben may end up with the Master Control when he gets older.moreless
  • 3/24/12
    The four heroes; George, Kevin, Gwen, and Ben are stuck battling an entire human population that has been transformed into Esoterica, while also attempting to stop a super-powered Vilgax from breaking the seal. Gwen protects the group during several instances, but is finally placed beneath Diagon's mind control and the group is forced to face foe and friend alike to stop the mighty Diagon's resurrectionmoreless
  • 3/17/12
    The "Beginning of the End" is the 50th episode of the series. Ben, Kevin, and Gwen are attacked by the Esoterica, cult warriors who use technological means to shift between dimensions. For the remainder of the episode, the three fight the Esoterica and are able to eventually capture one of their members to interrogate. The seal of Diagon's Dimension becomes broken, and the war begins.moreless
  • 3/10/12
    Night of the Living Nightmare from the show Ben 10: Ultimate Alien is an animated children's television series produced by Cartoon Network Studios. During Ultimate Alien ten year old Ben Tennyson uses his magical Ultimatrix gadget to transform himself into alien forms, such as Four Arms, to defeat his enemies Dream Eater, Brainstorm, DNAlian, Vilgax and Aggregor.moreless
  • The Eggman Cometh
    Episode 28
    The Eggman Cometh from the show Ben 10: Ultimate Alien is an animated television series written by Stan Berkowitz and directed by Matt Younberg. During the Eggman Cometh young Ben Tennyson transforms himself into Big Chill, Jury Rigg and Jetray to battle with Dr Animo who seeks to take over the world by hatching eggs containing dragon like creatures.moreless
  • 2/25/12
    Catch a Falling Star is episode 27 from season 2 of the popular Cartoon Network show Ben 10: Ultimate Alien and it originally aired February 25, 2012. This episode features the continuing adventures of Ben and Gwen, as well as a nefarious plan, by Jennifer Noctourne and Captain Nemesis, fight scenes, explosions and so much more.moreless
  • Couples Retreat
    Episode 26
    Darkstar, who ends up using her power for his own means, leads Charmcaster astray. In the meantime, Kevin and Gwen fight over protecting one of her precious spell books. One might hope that the two can get everything together before it becomes too late. Darkstar is getting more powerful every minute.moreless
  • The Enemy of My Frenemy

    Gwenand the gang revisit Legerdomain in hopes of rescuing Charmcaster.

  • Inspector #13
    Episode 24

    A mysterious weapon master from Techadon visits Earth and wants the Ultimatrix.

  • Solitary Alignment
    Episode 23

    Ben and his friends have to face a new threat when Azmuth tells them that while Old George did indeed use his sword to slay Diagon, only Diagon's heart was removed, and Diagon is in fact still alive. Diagon is powerful, and may be too tough for even Ben and his friends to stop.

  • 12/2/11
    Vilgax gets the followers of Diagon to lead him to the Dragon's heart. While the leader of the Forever Knights (Old George) heads out to retrieve his sword (Axelion, which Azmuth created). Ben realizes that many different threads are converging, but can he stop them in time?
  • 11/18/11

    Ma Vreedle decides it is time to procreate and decides she needs about 400,000,000,000 or so male clones of herself. A world that is 70-80% water, such as Earth, will make a great place to create them. Can Ben and the team save Earth?

  • The Widening Gyre
    Episode 20
    The team is approached by the military to deal with a living island of trash, which has been gathering for years in the ocean and has been taking captives.
  • 10/28/11

    The ultimate aliens inside Ben's Ultimatrix demand their freedom!

  • 10/21/11

    The nano-chips are back and have disguised themselves as Julie!

  • Double or Nothing
    Episode 17

    Albedo, aka Negative Ben, resurfaces, and he's making money off of Ben's fame, but for what?

  • 10/7/11

    Julie joins a fanatical group who has discovered Vilgax and worships him.

  • 9/30/11

    Ben is attacked by a horde of Techadon robots.

  • Simian Says
    Episode 14

    Simian brings a DNAlien Xenocyte to the Arachnachimp's planet and infects all the Arachnachimps until only Simian is left. With the help of Eunice, they attempt to genetically restore the planet's inhabitants.

  • The Purge
    Episode 13

    Old George, THE Forever Knight, re-ignites a war against all aliens on Earth!

  • 4/29/11
    When Grandpa Max receives a distressing call from Area 51, the team dispatches to investigate. Upon arrival, Ben and the gang learn that the facility was secretly being used as a housing unit for potentially dangerous aliens. As Ben searches the facility, he discovers that a prisoner has escaped the compound and stolen a Plumber spacecraft. Now Ben is forced to chase down the escaped alien and determine whether or not the alien is as dangerous as Colonel Rozum believes it to be.moreless
  • Moonstruck
    Episode 11
    Max tells the kids about his first encounter with aliens and the story of how he and Verdona met and fell in love.
  • Ben 10,000 Returns
    Episode 10
    Eon has returned to plague not just Ben but every version of Ben across space and time. To stop him, Ben teams up with his future counterpart, Ben 10,000 and Professor Paradox in order to destroy the Hand of Armageddon.
  • 4/8/11
    Gwen has always been a multi-tasker, trying to juggle school, hobbies, friends and her work as a hero, waking up early and going to sleep late. But Gwen's already packed day is about to get worse when Dr. Animo attacks with an army of giant frogs and Gwen is forced to make a hard choice.moreless
  • Basic Training
    Episode 8
    Ben and company are forced to go through basic training at the Plumber's Academy.
  • 3/25/11
    An evil creature has plans to enslave the human race after its accidental release.
  • 3/18/11
    After Victor Validus attacks Ben in the middle of the night, the team investigate the possibility of the Hive's return.
  • Girl Trouble
    Episode 5
    Gwen is excited by the prospect of her cousin paying the team a visit, but her excitement quickly turns into trepidation when it is uncovered that her cousin is not all that she appears and has some particularly sinister intentions.
  • The Big Story
    Episode 4
    While looking for a story to put on his site, Jimmy sees a strange meteorite fall to Earth.
  • Viktor: The Spoils
    Episode 3
    The team are called in to investigate a dispute in the small country of Zarkovia. Once there, they discover an old enemy is about to be unleashed.
  • 2/11/11
    When Baz-El gets captured, it's up to Ben and the others to rescue him.
  • 2/4/11
    A ship crashes down onto Earth, and inside the ship is a mysterious alien girl named Eunice. Eunice has no recollection of what happened before her crash landing, and to add to the chaos, Eunice is being hunted by Sunder.