Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

Season 1 Episode 16

The Forge of Creation

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Nov 12, 2010 on Cartoon Network
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When Aggregor goes after the limitless power of Alien X, Paradox steps in to stop him.

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  • Incredible episode, things go back on track to a possible rejoining with the future episodes of the first seasons. Also the reunion with the 10 year old Ben shows just how much Ben has grown up and the reason behind many of his actions.moreless

    This episode came as an incredible surprise for me. A week ago i was telling my writting teacher how great it would be if Kevin went back to being a bad guy, so the continuty of the series is still intact (as you may remember, in the furute episode "Ken 10", Kevin was still a monster and his son befriended Ken). I was dissapointed at the beggining of Alien force thinking the future episodes were in the can, considering now Kevin was a good guy and the omnitrix has changed radically. But seeing what happened in this episode brough a chance to the continuity of the series to prevail. Azmuth also mentioned he's making a new omnitrix, so Ben could provably get that one and the future episodes would be perfectly possible from now on.

    Besides that, Kevin turning bad was a great occurence. It was very well build up during the season, hinting than absorving energy was what made him crazy before, and his little chat with Ben about why he turned good and how he owed him and Gwen for giving him a second chance. The fact than this happened just now just made this all the more dramatic.

    The reunion with young Ben was also very gratifying, we didn't seen this fella in almost 4 years now!, so it was a wellcome reunion (tough i would have loved to see young Gwen once more too), his interaction with the characters was perfect, i loved the way he checked out the new aliens in teen Ben Ultrimatrix while giving comments on each one. I think all of his reactions were pretty natural, tough the part where he explains why he acts so carefree seemed a little forced, but it can be forgiven as this is a kids show.

    Overall this was a pretty great episode, only thing it lacked was an epic final fight against Aggregor, but i think that was mostly a time issue, too much was going on with this episode, i can only imagine how much better it would have been if it were 1 hour long.

    All in all, this was the best episode of this season, but not by far only because there were some really solid episodes before, i really hope Kevin stays a bad guy from now on and the drama of this is given the proper attention in further episodes. Also i hope than the new omnitrix matches the look of the future omnitrix so the future episodes are safe (tough that may not happen for marketing reasons).moreless
Tara Strong

Tara Strong

Ben (10 Years Old)

Guest Star

David McCallum

David McCallum

Professor Paradox

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (18)

    • In this episode, there is a hint that the Ultimatrix might be able to, in addition to sense abnormally high doses of radiation, dispense the means to deal with that radiation. Ben didn't scan P'andor's protective suit but the Ultimatrix provided one for him when he changed into P'andor.

    • When Ben scanned the alien form of P'andor in the episode "Too Hot To Handle", he wasn't wearing his protective suit of armor. Yet when Ben transformed into P'andor to fight his younger self, he had the protective suit on.

    • This is the first time that NRG is used as an alien form for Ben in the Ultimate Alien franchise.

    • All of the Celestialsapiens are shown as having toes, yet the Alien X form that Ben has possesses feet that are much like boots.

    • Alien X's two personalities have been locked away in the Ultimatrix for almost the whole of Alien Force and Ultimate Alien, yet they seem to know everything that Ben does.

    • When Ben as Stinkfly is fighting Aggregor, he is shown shooting beams of blue energy that explode upon contact. This would be impossible because, in the original Ben 10, Stinkfly only had the power to shoot bursts of slime. And he never evolved the power to shoot energy beams.

    • When Heatblast first attacked NRG and knocked him down, Gwen caught Heatblast to stop him from flying into space. In the next scene, not five seconds later, NRG is shown standing up like nothing happened. Getting up this fast would be nigh on impossible for a giant, metal-contained alien like NRG.

    • The full extent of Aggregor's plans are discovered, as he wants to absorb the powers of a newborn Celestialsapien, gaining the omnipotent powers of Alien X without the extra luggage of two additional personalities.

    • This is the second time Ben has turned into Alien X.

    • Heatblast's original transformation is shown.

    • Wildvine from the original series is mentioned in this episode.

    • Paradox has been to other universes, one of which has physics which are "terribly counter-intuitive".

    • Ben had Kevin build a security system into the Ultimatrix so that he or an enemy could not get access to Alien X.

    • Professor Paradox is not supposed to go within 500 light years of the Celestial Sapiens' race.

    • Alien X's species is revealed to be called Celestial Sapiens.

    • The form Ben obtained from P'andor is officially named NRG in this episode.

    • Alien Forms Used:

      1. Alien X
      2. Terraspin
      3. NRG
      4. Four Arms
      5. Swampfire
      6. Ultimate Swampfire

      Alien Forms Used by 10-Year-Old Ben:

      1. Heatblast
      2. Wildmutt
      3. Four Arms
      4. Stinkfly

    • This episode marks the first appearance of Alien X since its original appearance in the episode "X = Ben + 2" from the Ben 10: Alien Force series. This also marks Alien X's first appearance in the Ultimate Alien series.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • 10-Year-Old Ben; Where do baby Alien Xes come from?
      Kevin: When two constellations love each other very much...
      Gwen: Kevin!
      Kevin: Just trying to help the kid out. I had to learn about astrophysics on the streets.

    • Kevin: Everything's not a game. What we do is important. If you can't see that, maybe you are just a kid.
      10-Year-Old Ben: You think I don't know? When it's hero time, if I mess up, somebody could die. From what you've told me, if we mess up this time, everybody could die.
      Gwen: That's right.
      10-Year-Old Ben: Maybe that's too much to have in your head when you have to win. Maybe if I pretend everything's a big joke, when the time comes, I'll be able to do what I have to do.
      Gwen: Is that why you're so arrogant all the time? Because you're scared?
      Ben: No. I'm actually oblivious.

    • Ben: (about his 10-Year-Old self) Did I really use to be that obnoxious?
      Gwen: "Used to be"?

    • Heatblast: Who's next?
      Ben: Since you need to cool off, I vote Big Chill! (becomes NRG)
      NRG: NRG! (sighs) Can't I catch a break?
      Heatblast: I'll break something for ya!

    • 10-Year-Old Ben: Kevin 11?
      Kevin: I'm not eleven anymore, but, yeah.
      Gwen: Not smart, Kevin. He thinks you're still evil.
      Kevin: I'm not evil, I'm nuanced.

    • Serena: Ben Tennyson. Motion to greet our honored guest and hear him out?
      Bellicus: Motion denied. Motion to ignore him for a thousand years, at which point we set him on fire for another thousand years?
      Serena: Bellicus, vengeance is not our way.
      Bellicus: Vengeance is absolutely my way!

    • 10-Year-Old Ben: (to Gwen) You have a big butt.
      Gwen: What?!
      Kevin: He said you got a-
      Gwen: I heard him, Kevin!

  • NOTES (5)

    • When Paradox takes Young Ben back to his time, this might explain how we got to the episode of "Gwen 10". Because Paradox said he wouldn't remember saving the universe and would wake up dimly remembering. Then when the episode "Gwen 10" happens he doesn't have the Omnitrix on. Later that episode Ben said that he must have traveled back in time somehow.

    • Although Paradox declares that 10-Year-Old Ben will forget his encounter with his future self, he also states that he will retain a subconscious memory of these events, which will later bring him to trust Kevin when he knows he shouldn't (as seen in the Ben 10: Alien Force opener "Ben 10 Returns").

    • Kevin's new mutant form features Jetray's head (with some of Ultimate Humungousaur's face on the upper left side), Big Chill's wings, Diamondhead's right arm (ending in either Brainstorm or Lodestar's claw, with Chromastone crystals jutting out of the shoulder), Spidermonkey's right arm, Swampfire's left arm (with Lodestar's shoulder spike and Rath's claw), two of Brainstorm's legs as extra left arms, Humungousaur's torso and tail, and Four Arm's feet. Much like his original mutant form, the only parts that carry over from his human form are his hair and his trousers.

    • Ben encounters his younger self after leaning against the chronal randomization barrier, something Paradox warned him about in "Ultimate Aggregor".

    • Azmuth reveals that Paradox convinced him to allow Ben to keep the Omnitrix by revealing that he has a "grand destiny" ahead of him.


    • 10-Year-Old Ben: Who won the last five World Series?

      This is a reference to a scene in Back to the Future II, where Marty Mcfly, after being taken into the future by Doc Brown, asks who won the last twenty-five World Series.

    • Paradox: Shush. No spoilers!

      This is similar to what the time traveling character, Professor River Song, from Doctor Who says.