Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

Season 2 Episode 18

The Perfect Girlfriend

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Oct 21, 2011 on Cartoon Network
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The nano-chips are back and have disguised themselves as Julie!

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  • Deadly Girlfriend

    This is a different episode for the show because it's more of a suspense thriller, there is action but not much. The only thing I didn't like about the episode was when Ben turned into the spider monkey and then stupidly presses the elavator buttons which put him in danger, I thought that was out of character, I know Ben has done some dumb things before but cmon. This was really just an excuse just to clue us in that it's not Julie but it could of been done better.

    The problem with Ben is he really isn't completely fair to Julie; the fact that he doesn't even see her off and is going after the suspect Serpent presents this, yeah he really needs to get his internal GPS fixed. Yes, Ben is a superhero but that doesn't mean he really has to be everywhere theres trouble because logically it's impossible, thats one of the reasons why there are cops and firemen around. Also he's not invincible and he of course discovers that the hard way once he falls for a trap by Serpant.

    And of course the fake Julie saves him. What intresting about this is thoughout the episode you just have this creepy and uncomfortable feeling with the fake version of Julie. Even though it looks and sound like her it, you know it's not her because she agrees to do what Ben wants to do too much. Even Ben feels there's something off, even though he's enjoying his time with Julie he knows something is missing.

    I really like the final conflict in the end when of course we discover that fake Julie is really Elena, one moment I thought was creepy was when she said I can be anything you want me to be, it really shows that Elena probably has an "As if" peronality which is people who feel they have no identity of they own have to fill themselves with another person's. But also you can't help but once again feel a little sympathy for her, she does want to be loved but the problem is she thinks in her mind Ben is the one even though in reality both don't have that kind of connection.

    But I really like what Ben said about really love and why he loves Julie because he loves her for who she really is, yes they have their conflicts but that just part of a relationship and what makes a person a person, but also time with a person different from you can make life even better. And he even states the example of Gwen and Kevin, if Kevin didn't have Gwen then he would of just continued in the bad state he use to be in.

    And the final physical conflict was decent, my favorate moment was seeing Julie exercise heroism when she sees Ben sufficating from Elena's power and the only way Julie can save him is though using the power of reason toward Elena. This in a way justifies why Julie is right for Ben because she's willing to risk her life so the other can live; and she has no superpowers, but that is part of what makes her great she doesn't need them to save the one she loves and who loves her back for who she is.


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