Ben 10

Season 1 Episode 1

And Then There Were 10

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Dec 27, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • On a camping trip, Young Ben's life changes forever.

    Saturn the sixth planet from Earth's sun, a large gas giant with a set of distinct rings. It's a planet of no great importance to anyone on earth, just another thing we see flickering brightly in the night sky. But among its dusty, icy rings events were unfolding that would turn into the greatest story ever told. As it dodged the massive asteroids that floated around it, explosions rocked the small green transport vessel. The battle cruiser had been dogging it ever since it entered the Sol System. A hit to the port engine caused the small vessel to lose it for a minute, but it quickly recovered. Two Emerald beams pierced into the hide of the Monstrous pursuit ship carving into it, but like a flyswatter to an elephant it meant nothing. The Command deck of the Cruiser was writhe with activity. An alien creature in full armor monitored the ships status." Hull damage at twenty percent, targeting systems still operational!" he turned to his commander sitting tall on a throne like command chair. The Ships captain was a hideous creature, putrid green skin, blood red eyes, and tentacles that hung from his face. "I have come to far to be denied!" He snarled. The smaller ship rocketed out of the planets gravitational pull with the larger craft in hot pursuit. The Cruiser fired crimson beams, which strafed the smaller vessel. Quaking with anger and fury the monstrous captain scowled "The Omnitrix shall be mine, and there is not a being in the galaxy that dares stand in my way!" Billions of miles away, on a quaint little blue-green planet called Earth, in the town of Bellwood touted as the "Most Normal City in America" Ten year old Benjamin Tennyson sits at his school desk eyes firmly set on a piece of notebook paper. As he licks the dryness from his lips he fashions it into mock up of an F-15, also known as a "paper airplane". He sits up and launches the makeshift missile; it soars through the air and impacts his teacher Ms. Hale on the back of her head. Startled she turns her head from the blackboard and glares at him, an angry scowl is all she musters. Young Tennyson plants his face in his schoolbook and hums innocently.

    It was a warm and sunny day, but inside all young Ben could do was look at the clock. "Come on, come on!" he asked of it impatiently. as the last second of the school year ticked away his teacher sat up from her desk. "And I just want to remind you all that I'll be teaching summer school this year and it's not to late to sign up." Ben laughed and muttered under his breath "Yeah right!" all eyes were on the clock as it ticket down to extinction. A ringing bell pierced the air, the clock didn't lie, and school was over. Ben stood to his feet and proudly exclaimed "Yes, outta here!" As the students left the room Ms. Hale called to them her departing wisdom. "Everyone have a good vacation and I hope to see you all again in the fall." As Ben neared the door she called out to him. "Benjamin, could I have a word with you before you go?" She held up the paper projectile. Ben sighed and walked back in, his head hung low.

    In the shade of an old oak tree a young boy was forced into a prone position by something of great fear to him. Two schoolyard bullies Cash and J.T. had him cornered, "normally we take your money and beat you up!" Cash said patting his fist. "But since it's the last day of school we're gonna give you a break now fork over the cash so we can get outta here!" Ben exited the school and saw the commotion. "Leave him alone!" he ordered. "Get lost shrimp!" J.T. ordered. "I said back off!" Cash humorously boasted, "Ooh looks like we've got us a hero, suppose we don't wanna back off!" J.T., a red head of sizable girth added. "What you gonna do about it Tennyson?" Ben's eyes became focused. Like a scene out of a western he focused on the eyes of his opponents. He let out a scream and charged towards them. A squirrel walked by looking back at the strange sight, which had invaded her tree. Ben and the other boy Jamie were hanging there, with their underpants draped over a low hanging branch. Jamie turned to Ben. "Thanks a lot!" he said scowling and folding his arms in anger. "I was just trying to help!" Jamie looked at him disgusted. "Next time you wanna play hero, make sure you can back it up!" the noise from an idling engine broke the silence. A GMC Motor home pulled up; the driver was a kind old man, with caring eyes and a sunny disposition. "Come on Ben lets go, were burning daylight. I wanna make it to the camp site before nightfall!" Ben looked at the driver and pointed to his predicament. "Ahhh Grandpa a little help here!" As he entered the camper a smile flashed across his face. "I have so been looking forward to this!" sitting in the dining booth next to him a young girl looked at him clearly annoyed. Seeing her the look of joy was gone replaced by surprise and then anger. "What are you doing here?" he asked. Pointing to her he called to his grandfather. "What is SHE doing here?" he asked. "Take it easy dweeb this wasn't my idea, somebody convinced my mom that going camping for the summer would be a good experience for me." Ben was very annoyed by this point. "Grandpa please, tell me you didn't!" he asked. Grandpa max smiled, "I thought it'd be fun if your cousin came along with us this summer." His face morphed into a serious glare. "Is that a problem?" he asked. The kids sat there motionless, and looked at each other.

    The RV roared to life and sped away, the sunlight glinted off its license plate, S81Z1M it read in proud, bold red. Ben sat slouched over in his chair arms folded tightly across his body. "Oh I can't believe it, I wait all school year to go on this trip and now the queen of cooties is along for the ride!" He looks across the isle and shoots her daggers. Hearing his words his cousin Gwen offers a quick rebuttal. "Hey I had my own vacation all year all planned out to you know!" She reaches down a pulls up a heavily intricate and colorful line graph. "Each activity is color coded so I don't do the same thing two days in a row!" Ben looks at her and blinks in amazement. "Now I'm stuck with my Geekazoid cousin going camping for three months!" Ben glares at her "Geek!" she returns his stare "Jerk!"

    Grandpa Max grasps the steering wheel, his hands firmly at ten and two. Hearing his grandchildren bicker behind him he lets out a sigh. "Something tells me it's gonna be a long summer!" As he pulls onto the highway he enters the northbound lane.

    Later that evening the RV is parked and silent. Max exits the main cabin and approaches Ben and Gwen who are sitting at a weathered old green picnic table. He places a large blue bowl down and proudly proclaims "Chow time!" The bowl is squirming with white worms. Ben and Gwen look on in horror. "OK, I give up what is that?" he asks. Max smiles and proudly proclaims. "Marinated Meal Worms, it's hard to find them fresh in the states, you know they're considered a delicacy in some countries." Gwen looks on in horror as one falls from the bowl and squirms away. "And totally gross in others!" Max smiles either completely oblivious or unconcerned with his grand children's taste preferences. "If these don't sound good, I've got some smoked sheep's tongue in the fridge." Ben moans disgusted. "Couldn't we just have a burger or something?" Max smiles "Nonsense, this summers gonna be an adventure for your taste buds. I'll grab the tongue." As Max turns and heads back inside Ben scoots closer to his cousin and whispers in her ear. " OK I got a half eaten bag of corn chips and a candy bar in my backpack, what do you got?" " Some rice cakes and hard candy." She replies. "You think we can make them last the whole summer?" He asks. The both let out twin moans. High above the earth amid a blanket of stars, the battle continues. The large Cruiser fires and does serious damage to the smaller vessels aft section. "Their propulsion systems have been destroyed." The tactical officer clad in armor reports, turning his head to his commander eagerly awaiting instructions. "Prepare to board, I want the Omnitrix now!' he barks. The transport vessel makes one last stand, firing a devastating blast from an aft canon, which tears into the bridge of the much larger ship. Explosions rock the command deck sending flames and smoldering debris in all directions. The forward mega canon of the cruiser powers up and fires a devastating blast, which tears the smaller vessel apart scattering debris for miles. All that remains intact is a section of the cockpit, a small object launches from a cargo hold, what at first glance appears to be a missile is actually a one-stage delivery device, which separates revealing a small metal sphere. The sphere grabbed by the gravitational pull of the planet is pulled down. It glows red as it enters the atmosphere.

    Meanwhile on earth, Ben Tennyson has mapped out his own patch of dirt, which he uses to enjoy a handheld game. His cousin Gwen sits ten feet away from him looking in the opposite direction typing on her laptop. Max approaches and stands between them smiling but very concerned. "Who wants to roast marshmallows?" he asks. Neither responds to his query. The only sound heard is the faint beeping of the game. "OK um…how about we tell scary stories." A sly look comes over Ben's face as he proclaims "Scarier than having to spend the summer with your freak of a cousin?" he chuckles. Hearing this Gwen turns her head. "I'd like to grandpa, but I'm busy doing a web search for cures for extreme doofusness, nothing yet Ben but let's not give up hope." Max looks down disappointed, but picks him self up and smiles. "Come on you two, we're all in this together. You can mope around like this all summer, or we can have some fun what do you say?" Gwen pulls herself away from the computer for a moment. "I vote for moping!" Ben rises to his feet. "I'm gonna take a walk, smell you around Gwen!" As Ben walks away, max remarks. "I think they're starting to grow on each other.

    The forest stretched out for miles around. Evergreens, Oaks and Maple trees as far as the eye could see. An owl hooted in the trees as the unknown visitor entered his territory. "Oh man this is gonna be the worst vacation ever, I might as well have gone to summer school!" Looking skyward a bright glow caught his eye. "Whoa, a shooting star!" the fiery object shifted instantly and headed straight for him. He screamed and flew through the air as it crashed earth side. As the dust settled a large impact crater with a long trail came into view. At the end of the disturbed earth a glowing object waited. Ben approached the edge and peered in. "Looks like a satellite or something!" as the glow dissipated the earth at his feet crumbled, his footing lost Ben tumbled down into the crater. The Metallic sphere opened with a loud "whoosh" sound. Inside a lone green light turned on emanating from an hourglass-like emblem on the objects face. "A watch…what's a watch doing in outer space?" he asked nobody in particular. He bent forward, arm stretched and reached in to grab his prize. It came to life and latched onto his wrist. He let out a horrified shriek and shook his arm in a vain attempt to dislodge the object. "Ahhh get off me. Get off, get off!" He struggled and grabbed at the object falling over in vain. Climbing out of the crater he ran back into the night. "Grandpa!" he shouted in fear.

    Back at the camp Max stood peering into the twilight, looking for any sign of Ben. "Ben's been gone a while, well I guess he can't get into to much trouble out here." Gwen chuckles, "unless he wound up bear food!" max looks back at her slightly annoyed. "Hey I can dream, can't I?" Back in the woods Ben had picked up a large twig and was attempting to pry the watch off his wrist. Pulling hard the twig snapped in his hand. He fell to his knees and sighed. Curious about his new appendage he grabbed at the faceplate and twisted. It rose from the main body and beeped a tone of activation. Ben looked around cautiously as the hourglass emblem shifted into a diamond emblem. Inside the diamond was a profile of a human-like figure with large arms. Ben pushed the face down and in a flash of green energy everything changed. He could feel himself changing; if he could look outside of himself he would see his arms changing into red rock he would have witnessed the rock creeping up his arm and into his eyes. Opening his newly formed eyes he was horrified to see himself drastically changed. He let out a scream of terror.

    The forest erupted with screams, Ben began to jump around in fear and panic, "I'm on fire, I'm on fire!" he shouted into the night. He ran around like a chicken with its head cut off until it donned on him. "Hey I'm on fire and I'm OK, check it out I'm totally hot!" he chuckled. He turned his attention to a nearby tree. "Oh yeah, uh-hu, here goes!" taking aim at a branch he fired a blast of fiery plasma which scorched the tree and obliterated the branch. Looking at his hand he said gleefully. "That's what I'm talking about!" he rubbed his flaming hands together and looked around. A fireball appeared "Liking it!" is all he said as he tossed it at another trunk. Slicing through three trees in the process. His enjoyment quickly faded as he saw his handiwork. The fire had quickly spread through the dry canopy, igniting the surrounding area in flames. "Wait stop!" he begged it. He ran to it and tried in vain to stomp it out to no avail. "Oh man, I'm gonna get so busted for this!"

    Back at the RV Grandpa sat at a campfire, Gwen exited the RV and noticed a large plum of smoke rising from the dense forest. "What's that?" she asked. Max rose to his feet and turned his attention to the woods. "Looks like the start of a forest fire, we better let the rangers station know, probably some darn fool camper out there messing around with something he shouldn't!" Max and Gwen stared at each other. "Ben!" he reached for a large blue box and opened. Inside were a first aid kit and two fire extinguishers. Grabbing the extinguishers he handed one too Gwen. "Better take this." He said as they ran into the woods.

    The flaming creature that was once Ben Tennyson was still trying to stomp out the fire. As the trees splintered and burned around him he remarked. "This would be so cool, if it weren't so not cool!" Gwen took aim and fired a stream of foam at a nearby tree extinguishing the fire, then another and another. Her attention diverted she didn't notice the fiery creature inches away from her until she blanketed him with a chemical bath. Ben let out a disgusted shriek and turned around. Gwen looked up at him, her eyes as wide as saucers. She screamed in terror at the sight of the flaming monster. "Look, I know I look weird but there's no reason to be scared." Gwen swung the extinguisher with all her might and sent the creature flying. She sprayed more of the chemical on him extinguishing the aura of fire around his head. "Hey!" he shouted as he coughed up foam. His fire aura returned. "I don't know what you are, but you'll stay down there if you know what's good for you!" She ordered. He fired a small flame, which scorched her foot. "Ow!" she shouted as she sprayed it out. Ben let out a light chortle. "I warned you!" she threatened as she raised the extinguisher above her head. "Don't even think about it, freak!" He warned. The look of anger left her face replaced with a look of bewildered confusion. "Ben, is that you?" she asked approaching him. "What happened?" He knelt down to her level and explained. "Well when I was walking this meteor fell from the sky and almost munched me, except it wasn't a meteor or a satellite but this cool watch thing that jumped onto my wrist and when I tried to get it off I suddenly was on fire only it didn't hurt when I was accidentally starting this mega forest fire!"

    Max ran up and saw his granddaughter. 'Gwen are you alright…what in blazes?" he asked at the sight of the six foot tall fire creature standing next to her. "Hey Grandpa…guess who?" She asked. The creature waved his hand "It's me Grandpa." Max walked closer to investigate. "Ben what happened to you?" he asked. "Well when I was walking this meteor…" Gwen interrupted. "Um excuse me, major forest fire burning out of control…remember?" They looked at each other. "What do we do?" asked Ben. Max's brain went to work. "Backfire, start a new fire and let it burn into the old fire, they'll snuff each other out. Think you can do it Ben?" Ben Smiled "Shooting flames I can defiantly do!" He turned and ran head long into the blaze. Max and Gwen turned and ran in the opposite direction. After getting some distance from the fire, Ben stopped and charging an enormous amount of power ignited a line of trees into full infernos.

    A jeep entered the area, and came to rest in a patch of ash. The driver exited the vehicle, clad in the green of a Park Ranger. He looked up at the tops of the trees as residual smoke wafted into the sky.

    Miles above the earth, amidst a cloud of debris the massive Cruiser sits hovering silently. In a large circular room, the alien clad in armor stands in front of a large cylindrical tank. "What do you mean it's not there?" a raspy voice asks. Inside the tube suspended in a liquid solution the ships commander floats, his body heavily damaged. "This battle nearly cost me my life, and you say the Omnitrix is no longer on board the transport?" The armored creature cowers in fear of what might happen to him for delivering the bad news. "Sensors indicate that a probe was jettisoned from the ship just before boarding and landed on the planet below." The commander whose voice gargled because of the respirator fixed to his mouth gives an order. "Go bring it to me!" He turns his attention to a shadowy figure who leaves, the mechanical whirring of servos his only companion.

    Back on earth, Ben, Max and Gwen are sitting around a campfire. "And you say that this watch just jumped up and clamped on to your wrist?" Max asked. Gwen pulled a marshmallow from a bag in her lap and tossed it to her flame-broiled cousin, which charred as he caught it. "Hey this time it wasn't my fault." He quickly gulps the tiny morsel. "I swear!" holding his arms up in innocence. "I believe you, Ben." Max quickly responds. "Think he's gonna stay a monster forever?" Gwen asks. Max quickly replies. "He's not a monster, he's an alien!" Ben and Gwen look at their grandfather, with curiosity in their eyes. He stammers "I…I mean look at him, what else could he be?" Ben looks down at himself, "I don't want to be fire-guy forever, how am I supposed to play little league this fall if I charcoal the ball every time I catch a pop-fly?" Max concerned for his grandsons' well being tries to console him. "Don't worry Ben, well figure this thing out." The hourglass symbol on his chest begins to flash red, as a tone rings out getting gradually slower. In a bright flash of red Ben appears normal again. He looks at his hands in amazement. "Ahhh, I'm me again!" Gwen very sad holds up a marshmallow "Ooh to bad I liked you better when you were a briquette!" Ben jumps by her clawing at the watch. He moans in frustration "I still can't get this thing off!" "Better not fool with it anymore until we know exactly what we're dealing with. I'll go check out that crash site, you guys stay here until I get back!" Max picks up a flashlight and walks away, his grandchildren each with wary looks in their eyes and blink almost in unison. Miles above the planets surface, the enormous starship sits parked in a geosynchronous orbit. Situated at the bottom of the massive craft a shuttle bay opens, from within the craft a small vessel exits, the cigar shaped object banks hard and enters the atmosphere crashing to earth miles below. As the dust settles an object of alien design appears, it opens with a rush of atmosphere, servomotors chime in unison until the shapeless mass shift and transforms into a robot. Resembling a "Trompo" The mechanical marvel looks around adjusting it optical sencors until it spots and zooms in on the metallic sphere set firmly at the bottom of a nearby crater. Raising it's mechanical arm it charges a conseled energy weapon and fires, atomizing the shell. Two frisby like objects detach from it's body and fly off, as they veer of in opposite directions they morph into what can only be described as mechanical jellyfish.

    Back at the campsite, Ben agianst his Grandfathers wishes has taken a seat on the RV's back bumper and began to fiddle with the alien artifact. " I wonder what this does?" he questions aloud. Gwen seemingly from nowhere appears "caught ya!" she shouts laughing in her victory. Ben lets out a half-hearted laugh "very funny…like your face!" He turnsa his attention back to the watch and starts turning the hourglass face. "Grandpa said not to mess with that thing!" Gwen reminds him. "Yeah so what's your point?" he asks tapping and chomping down on the watch. "Your parents drop you when you were a baby?" she asks as he continues to bite the object. "Come on you can't tell me you aren't a little bit courious at what else this thing can do!" She places her hands on her hips and cocks her head back "Not in the least!" "Are you sure you're related to me?" he asks.

    A few miles away Max is in the center of the impact crater, the beam of his flashlight fixed on a scrap of metal lying at the bottom. " I don't like this one little bit!" he says, a worried look on his face. Back at the campsite Ben again fiddles with the watch twirling the face and poking it "Look if I can figure this thing out maybe I can help people, I mean really help them…not make things worse!" he says a hurt look in his eyes. "so what did it feel like, going all alien like that?" she asked. "it freaked me out at first…it was like i was me, but it was also like is was somebody else." As he spoke he pushed a button and the faceplate once again rose from the main body, the hourglass shifted into a diamond with the silloute of the fire guy in the center. "hey I think I figured out how I did it, should I try it again…just once?" he asked. "I wouldn't!" Gwen replied holding in her hand a marshmallow on a stick ready to be cooked. Turning the faceplate another silloute appeared this time of a large fourlegged creature that resembled a dog. "No duh, you wouldn't!" he smiled as he slammed down the face. In a flash of green energy he began to change, The watch melted away into his skin as his muscles began to shift and change. Bright orange hair began to sprout all over and fangs formed in his mouth, his arms became long and claws erupted from the tips of his three fingered hands. Slamming his claws into the dirt he roared in triumph. Gwen moved in close marveling at the creatures features as drool poured from it's mouth. "ewww, this things even uglier than you are normally, Bow wow put a flea collor on the mutt!" Ben lets out a roar of annoyment and gwen continues to belittle his current form. "And no eyes, what good is this one it can't even see?" she asks waving her hand in front of his face. She looks at her hand and smiles. Walking behind the Mutt she spits in her hands like a batter at the plate and readies herself for a strike. Turning his head the animal that was Ben sences an attack from gill-like appendages on his neck and jumps up just as gwen swing the makeshift bat. Her target gone Gwen swings wildly and falls to the ground in bewildered amazement. Landing on top of the RV the Mutt forms a gapping smile. "Ok so maybe it's not a total loser?" she says. Jumping into the air the Mutt vaults off the RV and does an olympic level backflip as it land inches from her. "eww to words breath mint!" she moans as he turns and kicks durt at her, then jumping disapears into the forrest. She calls out to him as he vanishes. "Ben get back here, ben I'm gonna tell grandpa that you turned into some freaky animal monster thing and went swinging around the forest when he told you not to!" she let out an annoyed moan. "This is a majorly weired day!" Swinging through the trees the "wild-mutt" resembled a monkey at play. Jumping from brance to branch it stopped. Somehow it could feel a set of mechanical eyes probing him. He shifted his position and sencing danger lept out of the way as a crimson beam obliterated the tree he was in. Swinging through the air he dodged blast after blast narrowly escaping danger. The mechanical jellyfish lost sight of him and hovered, shifting it's optical sensor looking for it's quarry. Had it turned around it would have seen him directly behind, it unsuspectedly floated away as the beast lept from the canopy and soaring through the air across a full moon the Mutt pounced, the machine firing a blast from it's laser in vain. Grasping the appendage in his powerful jaws the Mutt strained and pulled it electrical cables tearing and sparking as it was wrenched from the main body. Flying wildly through the forrest the robot slammed into trees in a vain attempt to separate it self from the unwanted passanger. Digging his claws into the shell Wildmutt pulled off it's headpiece and tossed it away. On the creatures sholder the hourglass faceplate began to strobe red. As the damaged machine crashed into a hillside the furry alien jumped ship and into some shubbery the device strobbed red. Ben stood from his makeshift coushin, twigs and leaves imbedded in his hair. He turned and seeing the smoldering remains on the hillside pumped his arm in celebration. "Yes!" he shouted victoriously. But his celebration was short lived, a twin machine appeared from the canopy and decended upon him. Pointing a clawlike device at him, it scanned him. "oh not good!" he said in fear.

    As the machine focused in on him, it charged a beam and was preparing to fire when an unseen object slammed into it. Seriously damaged the machine fell to the ground. Gwen appeared holding a shovel "Back off sparky, no flying tree trimmer's gonna hurt my cousin!" she shouted as she began to slam the shovel repetadly on it's head. "never thought I'd say this, but am I glad to see you!" Ben said as the device began to spark and burn. As they ran off the machine exploded destroying any evidence it had been there. The RV sat on an isolated hilltop, inside Max scolded Ben. " I was worried that you might get popular with that thing around your wrist, that's why I asked you not to fool around with it until we know what it is!" Ben sat with his head hung low, "Sorry Grandpa!" he picked his head up and smiled. " But at least I figured out how to make it work, all you do is press this button then when the ring pops up just twist it until you see the guy you want to be, slam it down and BAMMO you're one of ten super cool alien dudes!" Gwen glared at him, arms crossed in annoyed defence "what about staying a super cool alien dude and not transforming back into plain old pizza face?" Ben's posture returned to the moping kind, " I kinda havn't figured that part out yet!" Max stood deep in thought his hand stroking underneath his chin. "with a device as powerful as that watch clamped on you my guess is we better help you learn…fast!" Ben and Gwen both looked at him with surprise. "Alright!" Ben shouted. The celebration was short lived however as a nearby CB radio roared to life. "Mayday, mayday somebody help us, were under attack by some sort of… I know your not gonna believe me, but robot!" Ben looked at Gwen "that sounds like the things that attacked me, they must be looking for the watch, those people are in trouble because of me. I think I can help them!" Ben stood up to leave whenb Gwen chimmed in. "You, what are you gonna do about it Tennyson?" Ben's thoughts drifted back to the bullies at school, he touched the watch and smiled.

    As the full moon shone brightly over head the newlt designated heroes stopped in a clearing. As Gwen and Grandpa stood behind him, flashlights gripped in their hands, Ben activated the watch. He pressed the green activator button which caused the hourglass faceplate to rise out of the housing. "Yeah!" Ben said with excitement. The hourglass shifted into a diamond with black siloutes of aliens and creatures. As ben twisted the dial he chanted like a kid at play, "Eenie… meenie… minny… here goes!" he pushed down the faceplate and in a flash of green he began to change once again. Spreading out from the watch green quartz crystals began to erupt from Ben's skin, it then spread all over his body, incasing his face and at last his eyes. In a flash he was a six foot tall creature made of living crystal. Gwen looked at her new cousin "So what can this guy do?" she asked him. "The Diamondheaded alien looked at his hand and closed it into a fist. "I don't know, but I bet it's gonna be cool!" Fires roared in the trashed campground as innocent bystanders ran for their lives. A blast from a laser cannon pierced the air and reduced an RV to smoldering bits of chared metal. Grandpa, Gwen and Diamondhead ran into the fray, as another RV exploded sending black plumes into the air. Behind those black clouds a shape appeared, a massive alien robot like a tripod ship out of H.G. Wells, with two monsterious clawed hands and piercing red optical sensors. Below the hands attached to the arms sat twin laser emitter spoised and ready for action. "Looks like papa robot this time, I'll get gear heads attention, you get the campers to safty!" Max nodded in agreement then motioned for Gewn to follow. As they ran off Diamondhead turned his attention the the robot his eyes glowing a furious yellow. As the building sized robot clambered through the camp, far below like tiny ants people hurried to get clear of the mechanical monstrosity and the bonfires that were once their recreational vehicles. It scanned the area and it's gaze fell upon the park ranger who just thirty minutes prior was investigating the smoldering remants of the sudden blaze and was now tending to an injured man. It reached cown with it's clawed hand and picked him up, as the rangers screamed in terror a red glow eminated from the scanner array on Gearhead's forehead. "leave him alone!" a deep gravely voice called out. Gearhead turned his attention to the crystiline being and scanning him with his array focused on the green hourglass on the left breast of his black and white outfit. "You want somebody to pick on, try me!" Gearhead losed his grasp on the ranger who fell landing with a loud thud on his jeep. He raised his mechanical hand and fired a blast, the force of which launched Diamondhead like a quartz missle. He crashed into the roof of an RV and dissapeared inside, a second later another beam cut into it reducing the vehicle to rubble. Greahead lowered his hand and crabwalked over to the remains of the vehicle. A green crystal sharper than any sword ever fordged sliced through the metal shell of the camper, as Diamondead pulled his way free. He looked at his blade-like crystal arm and as it produced baby crystals remarked, "Cool!" The Wellsian mechanical foe approached and dwarfed the might crystal alien. Diamondhead's eyes let off a yellow shine once again as he charged head long at Gearhead. He took a swipe at it with his crystal blade, and missed as the robot leapted skyward. It's three legs began spinning like the propeller of a plane as it crashed back to the ground and directly on top of Diamondhead. Crushing him under foot. "Oh no, I think I'm in trouble!" Meanwhile Gwen and Grandpa tended to the park ranger, helping him down from his jeep. "What is going on here?" he asked to which Gwen replied, "You probably wouldn't believe me if I told you now come on!" she motioned running off. Grandpa followed behind her. The Ranger turned to look at the battle unfolding mere yards from where he stood. Gearhead reached into the crater he made and pulled out a gem, he held him aloft and threw his headlong at the Ranger, who diving for cover kissed the dirt as the crystal hero made scrap of his jeep. The Ranger then stood quickly and ran off as a diamond arm reached out of the ruined vehicle, followed quickly by the rest of him.

    He stood facing the robot, then he dove free as a blast obliterated the jeep behind him. Gwen looked over to the chaos and saw here diamondheaded relation on the ground at the robots feet. He got to his feet and quickly dodged blast after blast, he ducked as one blast cut into an evergreen as the trunk splintered and burned it began to fall away, it's trajectory bringing it down on Gwen, Like a deer in the headlights Gwen was motionless, and filled with fear. Diamondhead charged to her aid and growing a razor sharp crystal from his back cleaved it in half faster than the mighty logger Paul Bunyan himself. As the growth melted back into his form he looked down at Gwen, "So we even?" he asked "Even" Gwen replied. A cybernetic hand reached out of the sky and pulled Diamondhead skyward once again. He grabbed for the aliens arm and began to pull, his hand then erupted into a shower of sparks and smoldering alien metal as the diamond arm shifted into a diamondstudded club. Shaking off the injury the robot powered up his hand cannon and launched the diamond alien once again into the air sending him into the rangers station, which erupted into flames. Grandpa pulled Gwen out of the massive tree trunk and onto the top. They looked on as the robot once again set his sights on Diamondhead, who was emerging from the rubble of the office. "Ben!" Grandpa Max shouted. The robots arm mounted cannon began to power up with a whine. Never backing down Diamondhead stood firm, his arms shifted into twin diamond blades. He ran at top speed takingthe fight to the robotic powerhouse. A blast erupted from the cannon, Diamondhead raised his bladelike arms and shielded himself from the blast. The energy like sunlight in a prism,reflected outward sending mini beams of energy in all directions. One of which narrowly missed Max and Gwen. His attention momentarly diverted to his family, Diamondhead was taken by surprise and knocked back, leaving four deep gouges in the earth at his feet. He looked at the gleaming crystal arm and as it cought the moonlight a plan hatched in his mind. He rushed back to the killer robot and coaxed it, "Come on put one in here!" he said pointing to his chest.

    The robots cannon began to glow as Max pleaded with Ben, "get out of there, Run!" he shouted. The energy erupted from the cannon and seeing an opportunity Diamondhead raised both of his crystal hands taking the full force of the blast. The force pushed him back a few feet, but digging himself into the ground Diamondhead came to a stop. Max and Gwen were joined by other campers. As the energy bathed Diamondhead in it glow, his hands began to shift into a massive crystal slab. "What comes around goes around! Let's see how you like it you techno-freak!" the crystal prism reflected the blast which cut into the ground ten feet behind the robot. Then like drawing a line on a piece of paper it shifted cutting into the robot, sending sparks and hunks of burning metal raining to the ground. It's upper half gone, the lower half fell to the ground and erupted into flames. As the others stood by awestruck Max and Gwen began to pump their arms in celebration, "Alright!" They both shouted. "Way to go Be…Diamondheaded guy!" Max shouted. Diamondhead turned and shouted in celebration, "Oh yeah, who's bad!" he shouted as he jumped in celebration. Grandpa Max waving him off as Gwen pointed to the large group of witnesses. Shaking their heads in shame Max and Gwen shielded their eyes. "I think my work here is done!". He ran off with Max and Gwen on his heels. Leaving the confused campers to wonder "Who was that guy?" they all shrugged their sholders in unison. Back in orbit, robots were hard at work repairing the extensive battle damage to the ship. In the med-chamber the alien commander struggling for breath shouted angrily, "Failure…unbelievable… the puny earth being that his keeping the Omnitrix from me will soon hang on my trophy wall!" Back on Earth as day broke Max and Gwen hurried to break camp. Packing up their stuff into the Rust Bucket Max stopped and looked around. "Where's Ben?" he asked. "I havn't seen him since breakfast." The calm silence was interupted by a distant sonic boom. Followed by a dust cloud and the sound of screaching wheels. From under the dust a blue lizard-like alien emerged. It's racing helmet shifted revealing a face. "Ben?" Max asked. "Yep, hey check this out!" his facemask returned and in the blink of an eye the RV was packed and ready to go. "Pretty fast huh?". The hourglass on the black and white outfit of the alien began to glow red, as a chirping whine pierced the air it's tone cycling down. A flash of red erupted and when it subsided Ben was himself again. As he dusted himself off a smile crossed his face "I think this is gonna be the best summer ever!" "absolutly!" Max agreed. "It's defenatly gonna be interesting." Gwen added. "So where'd you go, anyway?" she asked. "I just had to take care of a couple of things before our vacation really got rolling."

    Back in Bellwood, J.T and Cash suddenly found themselves suspended in a tree dangling five feet off the ground by their underpants. "Dude, how'd we get up here?" Cash asks. "I'm not sure, it all happened so fast." J.T. responded. As cars wizzed by, Cash waved his hand in an attempt to flag someone down. " Hey somebody, anybody a little help up here please!"