Ben 10

Season 4 Episode 9

Ben 10: Race Against Time

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Nov 21, 2007 on Cartoon Network
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The Tennysons arrive back home, but Ben seems to find it hard to re-adjust his lifestyle as a regular old kid again... But before he can do that, villains come and take over his hometown, and it is up to him to go hero before anyone is harmed. And how does the Omnitrix, an alien named Eon, and the Plumbers fit into all of this?moreless

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  • The first Live action TV movie, based on the popular TV characters created by MAN OF ACTION!!

    Ben travels back to his hometown Bellwood to get back to his boring routine life. Although he finds some excitement while the mysterious & evil alien dude (later reaveled to be Eon), as Heatblast. He scores very poor grades in his test (a 'D' grade). He later gets bullied by the two Bullies Cash Murray & JT & two girls of his school. He then gets his revenge by a mishap in Mrs. Dalton's diner as Grey Matter, which he enjoys.

    He & Gwen then learn about Eon. They travel back to the facility where Eon is supposed to be, but he escapes by aging the guardian Constantine Jacobs, who reveals to the Tennysons that Eon knows about the Omnitrix and dies.

    Eon later tries to get Ben in the Plumber's HQ, and in Ben's school, but in the school gym, Diamond Head fights him back, but later that evening, Ben's trap gets backfired & is captured by Eon who unlocks the failsafe from the Omnitrix and in the process adds his DNA in it and Ben transforms into young Eon.

    By the combines efforts of Gwen and Ben (inside Eon) helps Ben to revert back to his original form, while Grandpa Max De-activates the Hands of the Armageddon. But Eon then returns with time stopped for everybody, but Ben and himself. Ben transforms into Wildmutt and defeats Eon.

    With Eon defeated and the Hands destroyed, Bellwood becomes normal. But what is gonna happen next? A ship, resembling The Chimeranian Hammer (Vilgax's ship) heads towards Earth in the end.

    Coming next, Ben 10: Alien Swarm.moreless
  • Four words: best TV movie ever!

    I enjoyed this TV movie for two reasons, the first one being the special effects. I mean, those special effects looks so real, they looked like they didn't need colored screens, hidden wires, and stuff like that. Another reason is that Graham Phillips is a neat actor. I also enjoyed his performance in a broadway performance called "13", which is no longer on. However, when I saw the performance, I got his autograph on a homemade omnitrix I made. I did it because he did a great job in this TV movie. So if you think the TV movie stinked, trust me. I liked it...a lot.moreless
  • The acting was done terribly but hmmm

    Okay, first off, the acting. no wonder cartoon network had no live action series. i mean no offence, as much as i suck at acting, these guys were like so expressionless and too, how do i say this, obvious they were acting. i mean seriously, the only people who i think can act better are the bullies and that evil guy ben turned into.

    Gwen's acting was the worst. i mean she had the best to express herself during the 'i love you ben tennyson scene' but she did that so horribly. at least a tear? And when she was like "Oh my gosh, it's working" How expressionless was that?!

    the plot was good but the acting was simply terrible. i hope this is the last live action series (Besides out of Jimmy's head) CARTOON network would ever do. Acting= TERRIBLEmoreless
  • This movie was great. But that does mean that it could have use some improvements.

    This movie was great. But that does mean that it could have use some improvements. GOOD: First off the three mean actor were great. The other character/actor were ok considering that the movie did not sure much of them. The story was good for a story that not of the MAIN story.

    BAD: First thing that everyone notice the number of alien that Ben use. I think that one or more should have been use, especially Fourarms. Cuz this movie take during the first series and that was favorite alien to use. The could have at done the theme song like the cartoon and do a count down showing ten of Ben alien in live-action. Grewn should have use some of her magic.

    I heard that they are making a sequel. I wonder when the movie will take place. Will it be during Ben 10 or Ben 10 Alien Force. If it does take during Alien Force then I was wondering if they are still casting Cuz if they are I would to play Kevin. Anyways I hope they learned form this movie and do thing to make the movie better then the first.moreless
  • live action ben 10 movie

    i dont really like this movie. what i really hate is live action movies from animation shows. wildmutt looks so weird and so not real. actually all the aliens dont look real. if they cant make it look real then dont try to make it a live action movie. also, for avatar the last airbender, they are making a live action movie. well i shouldnt be talking about that since i should be talking about this dumb movie. but i dont have anything else to say to what else am i suppose to say then bring another show into this? done!moreless
Lee Majors

Lee Majors

Grandpa Max Tennyson

Guest Star

Graham Phillips

Graham Phillips

Ben Tennyson

Guest Star

Haley Ramm

Haley Ramm

Gwen Tennyson

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