Ben 10

Season 4 Episode 9

Ben 10: Race Against Time

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Nov 21, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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  • The first Live action TV movie, based on the popular TV characters created by MAN OF ACTION!!

    Ben travels back to his hometown Bellwood to get back to his boring routine life. Although he finds some excitement while the mysterious & evil alien dude (later reaveled to be Eon), as Heatblast. He scores very poor grades in his test (a 'D' grade). He later gets bullied by the two Bullies Cash Murray & JT & two girls of his school. He then gets his revenge by a mishap in Mrs. Dalton's diner as Grey Matter, which he enjoys.

    He & Gwen then learn about Eon. They travel back to the facility where Eon is supposed to be, but he escapes by aging the guardian Constantine Jacobs, who reveals to the Tennysons that Eon knows about the Omnitrix and dies.

    Eon later tries to get Ben in the Plumber's HQ, and in Ben's school, but in the school gym, Diamond Head fights him back, but later that evening, Ben's trap gets backfired & is captured by Eon who unlocks the failsafe from the Omnitrix and in the process adds his DNA in it and Ben transforms into young Eon.

    By the combines efforts of Gwen and Ben (inside Eon) helps Ben to revert back to his original form, while Grandpa Max De-activates the Hands of the Armageddon. But Eon then returns with time stopped for everybody, but Ben and himself. Ben transforms into Wildmutt and defeats Eon.

    With Eon defeated and the Hands destroyed, Bellwood becomes normal. But what is gonna happen next? A ship, resembling The Chimeranian Hammer (Vilgax's ship) heads towards Earth in the end.

    Coming next, Ben 10: Alien Swarm.
  • Four words: best TV movie ever!

    I enjoyed this TV movie for two reasons, the first one being the special effects. I mean, those special effects looks so real, they looked like they didn't need colored screens, hidden wires, and stuff like that. Another reason is that Graham Phillips is a neat actor. I also enjoyed his performance in a broadway performance called "13", which is no longer on. However, when I saw the performance, I got his autograph on a homemade omnitrix I made. I did it because he did a great job in this TV movie. So if you think the TV movie stinked, trust me. I liked it...a lot.
  • The acting was done terribly but hmmm

    Okay, first off, the acting. no wonder cartoon network had no live action series. i mean no offence, as much as i suck at acting, these guys were like so expressionless and too, how do i say this, obvious they were acting. i mean seriously, the only people who i think can act better are the bullies and that evil guy ben turned into.
    Gwen's acting was the worst. i mean she had the best to express herself during the 'i love you ben tennyson scene' but she did that so horribly. at least a tear? And when she was like "Oh my gosh, it's working" How expressionless was that?!
    the plot was good but the acting was simply terrible. i hope this is the last live action series (Besides out of Jimmy's head) CARTOON network would ever do. Acting= TERRIBLE
  • This movie was great. But that does mean that it could have use some improvements.

    This movie was great. But that does mean that it could have use some improvements. GOOD: First off the three mean actor were great. The other character/actor were ok considering that the movie did not sure much of them. The story was good for a story that not of the MAIN story.

    BAD: First thing that everyone notice the number of alien that Ben use. I think that one or more should have been use, especially Fourarms. Cuz this movie take during the first series and that was favorite alien to use. The could have at done the theme song like the cartoon and do a count down showing ten of Ben alien in live-action. Grewn should have use some of her magic.

    I heard that they are making a sequel. I wonder when the movie will take place. Will it be during Ben 10 or Ben 10 Alien Force. If it does take during Alien Force then I was wondering if they are still casting Cuz if they are I would to play Kevin. Anyways I hope they learned form this movie and do thing to make the movie better then the first.
  • live action ben 10 movie

    i dont really like this movie. what i really hate is live action movies from animation shows. wildmutt looks so weird and so not real. actually all the aliens dont look real. if they cant make it look real then dont try to make it a live action movie. also, for avatar the last airbender, they are making a live action movie. well i shouldnt be talking about that since i should be talking about this dumb movie. but i dont have anything else to say to what else am i suppose to say then bring another show into this? done!
  • Worst thing I have ever seen.

    This is totally the worst thing I have seen in my life. The effects are TERRIBLE, and I mean TERRIBLE. The acting is just as worse, and the whole thing is so fake. Nothing really happens in this episode, and the actors are completely talentless. It's supposed to be funny, but it's failing at it miserably. I have no idea what Cartoon Network though of airing this, but it was a giant mistake. This must be the worst episode of any show I have seen in my entire lifetime. And they have so many fake stories in it, like the creating of the Gran Canyon - as if! The actors don't look ANYTHING nor seem anything like the actual cartoon characters. It looks like some bad show from the 1960s. I have never seen anything so unrealistic before. I wouldn't watch this again even if my life depended on it.
  • Ben needs to transform more in the movie.

    I don't even know where to start. Why did they make a live action Ben 10 movie, it's just ruining the show. That's probably why they air the show while we're at school on weekdays. I'm so happy this wasn't real, thank you goodbye and good riddance at least that episode is better than Race Against Time and, GBAGR looks more like a series finale. I really wish we could see live action XLR8, Fourarms, Upgrade, Stinkfly, Ghostfreak, Cannonbolt, Eye guy, Way big, and... well just all of 'em. So overall never make a live action movie that's bad and mix it with a good series.
  • good movie

    This is a live-action film based on the animated series. Summer's over and Ben has to go back to school, but the aliens have a different idea. They are planning to have a massive invasion, led by the mysterious Eon. In Bellwood, a mysterious figure teleports into town, and immediately starts destroying things. Ben Tennyson (Graham Phillips), in the form of Heatblast (voiced by David Franklin), confronts him. After a short battle, Ben seemingly obliterates the villain.

    The next day, Ben goes back to school, and has trouble adjusting to normal life again. After a bad day, he and Gwen Tennyson (Haley Ramm) go over some yearbook photos she took. In the background of one with Ben, Gwen enhances a blurred spot and reveals the same villain Ben defeated earlier. Max Tennyson (Lee Majors) identifies him as Eon (Christien Anholt), an alien the Plumbers captured almost two centuries ago. When he arrived, he brought a device with him called the Hands of Armageddon, which would open a time rift to the alien's home dimension and unleash his race upon Earth if activated. They travel to the containment facility where Eon is supposed to be kept, only to find it empty and his guardian aged to near-death.

    Traveling back to Bellwood, Max takes Ben and Gwen to the location of the Hands of Armageddon, guarded by the few remaining Plumbers. Eon has them followed and breaks into the facility, but cannot activate the device. When Ben attempts to use the Omnitrix, it malfunctions, glowing and refusing to activate. Eon attempts to kidnap Ben, claiming it to be a rescue, but Ben escapes. Eon manages to corner Ben, explaining that his race learned to control time itself, but trapped themselves by misusing their power. He claims that his fate is intertwined with Ben's. Eon is scared off by another Plumber before he can elaborate. Grandpa Max decides it would be best for Ben to leave Bellwood so that Eon won't find him, but Ben bravely refuses and they both come to a deal where Ben will be monitored daily by a Plumber in disguise.

    The Plumbers, all around town, guard Ben around the clock. When Ben goes to the school gym to be alone, Principal White (Robert Picardo) attempts to calm Ben's fears just when Eon arrives again and shoves White out of the way. This time, Ben is able to become Diamondhead (voiced by Daran Norris) and fight him off. Ben decides to lure Eon into a trap by purposefully leaving himself open, but this backfires and he is captured along with Gwen and Max.

    At the Plumber facility storing the Hands of Armageddon, Eon explains some of the background of the Omnitrix: Ben can only remain in his alien forms for ten minutes at a time, a failsafe to prevent them from overwhelming his personality. Eon knows how to deactivate the failsafe, and in doing so can resurrect himself through the Omnitrix. He does so, and Ben is transformed into a younger version of Eon. The older one retreats since there are now two of him. Reborn, Eon activates the Hands of Armageddon. Gwen and Max manage to free themselves and work to stop him. While Max tries to disable the time rift, potentially at the cost of his own life, Gwen appeals to Ben inside Eon. Ben successfully overcomes Eon, and with the help of the other Plumbers manages to save Max and disable the time rift, sending Eon's race back to their own dimension.

    Just when it seems like they've won, time stops for everyone but Ben. The older Eon reappears, angered at Ben's victory. Ben transforms into Wildmutt (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) and fights him off, eventually knocking him into the Hands of Armageddon, destroying them both. After doing an impromptu magic trick for the school talent show, using Wildmutt's timely de-transformation and a well placed stage curtain, Ben finally accepts being just Ben for a while. However, Max points out that aliens are persistent, and as the film ends an alien ship flies towards Earth.
  • The Tennysons arrive back home, but Ben seems to find it hard to re-adjust his lifestyle as a regular old kid again... But before he can do that, villains come and take over his hometown, and it is up to him to go hero before anyone is harmed.

    Yep. This is a Ben 10 is a fine-example on why Cartoonnetwork should stop making these crappy new live-action movies!!!!! They are really pushing itself to the point it's going to shut itself down for good...permantetly! These are the exact kind of shows and films that shouldn't be put on screen, paper, or any other kinds material that can be written on!! This absoblutely killed the series. You see "Out of Jimmy's Head" was a killer sucess...NOT!! That was a serious, agonizing bust!
    Cartoonnetwork has got to stop making live-action shows, films-or anything that has to do with live anything! That series was totally irrelevent to what cartoonnetwork is about. It's in the FREAKING title! "C-a-r-t-o-o-n"network. Right there! Right at the beginning!

    Cartoonnetwork has failed. It's been officially been annihilated.
  • it killed the show.

    This was by far one of Cartoon network's biggest, and i mean biggest mistakes ever in the history of their programming. when i first heard they were going to do a live action Ben ten movie, i said "it will fail". And i have never been so right in life. Ben's secret wasn't revealed, the storyline was pretty bad, and it was not funny. the special effects were ok, I mean for like a tv movie budget it was ok. Why! Why! Cartoon Network will soon have to be called Cartoons and Live action Network, they are doing some bad things. Anyway 2/10, just terrible.
  • cool effects, not that good plotline.

    The effects were good, but the plot line, not that good like the show. I only boosted its rating because of the awesome effects. honestly, they should have left it to the cartoons. awww man. i prefered the cartoon one where ben goes back to town and everyone finds out that hes a transforming superhero. ben 10 was better as a cartoon not a Live action movie. iu hope the creators got that through their thick heads. i hate this movie, but at least there was a good sort of cast. lee majors ( the six million dollar man) and the chick who played laverne on scrubs.
  • Awful

    As much as i enjoy ben 10 this tv movie ruined it in my mind with wooden acting, terrible special effects and a horrible villian. the saving grace of the film is its plot that, while not great isnt as cringe worthy as the rest of it.

    i had looked forward to seeing the aliens in CGI but this quickly changed when i saw heatblast. but i still preserved at seeing the other but only 4 were shown and all had that same fake look to it. as i mentioned earlier the wooden acting, particulaly when SPOLIER

    gwen was trying to talk down the transformed ben.
    Though the revelation that some plumers were still active and centered mainly in bens home town was homourous
  • Why Was This Even Made!?

    I'm not even going to tell you the story. Instead, I'm gonna talk about thegood things. Wait....they're aren't any! Guess I'll talk about the bad things then! Then again, that'd be the WHOLE movie! Ok, here we go!
    This movie sucks....alot! Holy Crap! This is just awful.
    The chracters were OCC(Out of character) and the special effects made me cringe. The tarnsformation sequences(SP?) looked like dog crap piled into a blender and mixed with stupidity. The story line was horrid! My 12 year old cousin(The one who posted that ting stating I was 12, which I'm not) liked it, then hated it(Don't worry, he will NEVER be on my account I did. I just let him do that, then, he quit). I let him write the review, but I told him I would change it. I got around to it. This brings me to the worst character sense Tak:
    What a crappy villian! He wears a freakin' motorcyle helmet for cryin' outloud! His "scheme" was a total rip-off of Ghostfreak's.

    Tis movie sucked! 3/10! And that's generous!
  • In ben 10 theve made a big mistake macking a live action movie. ben 10 is back in school not able to tell anywon about the omytrix. Then when a evil villan eaon comes he will have to save his home town from geting destroyed.

    Aww man make it stop. Its a pain for the t.v to show it again and again. This was so cheep it was so boring and and adn eaon is the lamest villan ever. He cant do anything. The storyline of the movie didnt go anywhere with the episodes. I was thinking it could be good but it was sickley boring. This was over avertised. ha they said it was going to be amazing and cool. I am not kidding about this being terribal. So I have to say this is so so so so so so bad from Youdude t.v. . com member.
  • Ben 10 goes unanimated... big mistkae!

    When I heard about a live action Ben 10-movie, I was pretty excited... but I couldn't shake the feeling that it'd probably fail, and boy was I right?
    Here are some things that I think was bad about this movie:

    1: Adding a new villain!
    Many fans are probably excited when there's a live action adaptation of a cartoon, so they should've kept one of the villains from the show! I wanted to see a live-action Kevin or Dr. Animo... or anyone! Eon isn't a good villain at all!

    2: The cheap effects!
    Seriously, the aliens look so lousy!

    3: New VAs for the aliens!
    I mean, come on! Am I really asking for too much when I want the aliens to keep the alien-voices from the show? Among the four aliens who were in the show, only Wildmutt kept the VA... and Wildmutt can't speak!

    4: Kept on where the show left them!
    Creating a live action-adaptation of a cartoon might mean that some people who didn't watch the show wants to see it. Therefore, they should've taken it from the start and show how Ben got the watch from the first place!

    5: Bad acting and/or casting!
    Ben's supposed to be slightly stupid, not a complete bonehead! I mean forgetting that the plumbers are a super-team from before? Give me a break!
    And Gwen... Gwen's just nothing here! No magic, no attitude, no nothing!

    6: Everyone in Bellwood's a plumber!
    Now what's up with that? In the show, we see that Phil is (more or less) the only plumber still working... and now even the school principal is in? And what's with their new lame outfits?

    I think that about sums it up. Summary: If you haven't seen the show, don't watch the movie! If you're a big fan of the show, DON'T watch the movie!
  • Not a bad first attempt, needs some work to get it up to what the show is though. Would be a cool thing to see more of in the future with a bigger budget.

    Like I said in the summary it was a good first attempt but it really needs some work before they try it again. The plot was about what you'd expect from the show so no complaints there. No my complaints lay with some of the characters and ideas. The main three characters were great a little more work and they'll have their cartoon counter parts down. No it was every one else but the villain who sucked. Ben's parents, we could have done with out. They weren't all that well thought out it seems, really didn't seem to fit. The plumbers were a real let down I would expect people who hunted down aliens to be I don't know a little bit more competent. Although it was nice to see Robert Picardo back on TV but its just not the same out side of Star Trek, in all he was the best actor in the movie. The aliens looked great would have loved to see four arms though take down the bad guy instead of wild mutt. Hope they do another one after the mistakes are fixed
  • A LONG REVEIW ON WHY THIS MOVIE SUCKS, More than Nazi Germany.

    First off let me say I am a BIG Ben 10 fan and in being one, I actually had some hope for this movie. Despite how obviously bad the concept sounded I was still interested, unfortunately, the movie turned out exactly as it sounded: a bad idea. Sometimes the special effects were okay, other times it just looked sloppy. The idea of a live Ben 10 movie is one that should NOT be handled by CN ever.

    For a network that created its own show and made a movie about it, they sure didn't seem to know what they were doing. I'm a detailed person so expect this to be a long review. First off, the actors for this were not exactly the best. Pretty much everyone was weak, anemic, and a poor example of their cartoon counterparts.

    Graham Phillips genuinely seemed like he was trying to "be Ben". The one liners, the attitude, he really seemed like he was trying to be a good Ben but he ultimately sucked at it. He didn't give any life or the "shine" Ben had in the show and the fact they actually made him forget who the Plumbers were is an insult.

    Ben's no genius but he's not THAT stupid, I felt that was a bad portrayal of his character. Now for Gwen, the WORST CHARACTER ever! Haley Ramm may look like Gwen with that red hair, but she practically breezed through this film. She put on a pathetic, non existent, weakling attempt at "acting" and was practically emotionless.

    None of her sass between her cousin existed, her magic powers didn't show up, they had her trademark outfit on for like 3 MINUTES! Which really upset me because I liked her outfit from the show and felt it fit her well. And most annoyingly, she ruined a perfectly well written climax for Gwen's character.

    Towards the end of the movie, Gwen makes this big speech and I loved seeing her character enter those emotional moments in the show but this kid just totally breezed all emotions away with a dry performance. The only and I mean ONLY one character from the show who fit dead on was Lee Majors as Grandpa Max.

    If a big budget movie comes around, I hope he's cast again because he was excellent. He got the voice, the attitude, and the warmth of Grandpa down to a tee. Now for the new characters: Eon and Ben;s parents. Eon (the movie's villain) was the only neat new thing they brought in, he was a neat character.

    His design was cool to look at, I liked his voice, and he was quite compelling as a sort of honorable villain who cared more about his people then himself and despite still being a bastard, he had more going for him then most of Ben's usual villains. However, Ben's parents proved to be one of the biggest let downs.

    The show NEVER showed them or said their names and to see them like this, feels like a weak attempt to give them faces. They are played down to cliché hippie, "emotional growth" parents who don't seem like Ben at all. I was hoping for a bigger surprise considering Ben's parents have been a total mystery, and this just felt like a lame attempt.

    The whole town being Plumbers I felt was a stupid thing. It ruined the mystique of the Plumbers by making it seem this is so "destiny" like having Ben's hometown being the last refuge of the Plumbers. I felt it was a weak attempt to try and tie Ben's future with his hometown very unnecessary.

    The story itself was average, it was all right and they had some neat new tricks by having Eon reveal secrets about the watch (although quite confusing ones). But even the big "weapon" the "hands of Armageddon", not only sounded stupid but was stupid, it felt like a cheap plot device with little thought behind its existence or use.

    The movie tries to make it sound more important by giving us lame tie ins to famous landmarks and incidents (grand canyon, Chicago fire etc). Finally, we reach the aliens. All of them looked pretty good actually despite how few they appeared. Wild Mutt probably looked the worst, it looked like his body was CGI but his mouth was regular animation.

    Diamondhead was probably the best looking and sounding, Gray Matter looked great but sounded like some sort of mentally challenged clown then his usual cool smart sounding voice. The movie's music scored well, it all sounded like the shows themes and sounds so at least they got one thing right.

    But the biggest problem with this movie with me is: its a new story. CN originally said this movie doesn't connect to the show at all, yet the movie clearly takes place AFTER the summer Ben started on so in a sense, after the show. They mention things from the series to make it seem like its connected.

    Yet the idea of making a NEW story proved to be too stupid an idea. Because this is a low budget CN original movie, they have would have been better off doing a LIVE retelling of when Ben first found the Omnitrix rather then creating a whole new story with new characters, villains, and plot devices to the show.

    Not to mention actually having someone die with a decaying skeleton was a surprise for this kind of film. In the end, "Ben 10: Race against time" clearly bit off more then it can chew and didn't think this through. A few nice ideas and a great live Grandpa Max don't excuse 90 minutes of poor planning, crap acting, and a sloppy story which inevitably reminds me of what Carl said in "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" after they surgically turned him to a woman: "You're right.....this was a very bad idea".
  • You've done it this time Cartoon Network, you've succeeded in putting the final butchering nail in the coffin of Ben 10.

    This is worse than the worst episode of Ben 10 or any live-action adaption ever made IMO.

    ACTING - 2/10 Ben's Actor was HORRIBLE! There was no emotion in his voice, and I don't know why a 10-year old would say some of the complex words he said! What were they thinking?!? Also the bad guy is a retard and i really hate his flinging movements on ben, for God's sake just use a mechanism.

    PLOT - 1/10. Unoriginal plot. CHARACTERS - 2/10 God, Ben only used 4 aliens in one freakin' hour. Worse enough, they were the ones with the more classic powers. Honestly, i don't mind that Upgrade was not in the movie because there's no good situation to use him in anyway, but why no XLR8? Also Cannonbolt coming in wouldn't be bad either, though i give a hand to not making any other messes of aliens. SFX: 1/10 other than the beautifully rendered Diamondhead, this looks like a budget movie. Adaption - -1/10. Failure. if he had used more aliens, it might be a 5/10. Cartoon network, i say this. You suck at making movies. Go to hell and start work on EEnE the movie. This movie makes Scooby Doo the Movie look like Oscar material.
  • Ben 10 and it's storyline is tested in the realistic setting. As an individual who has watched the series since its beginning, almost every familiar characteristic that each character had is included.

    Ben 10: Race Against Time is a story about 10-year-old Ben Tennyson (Graham Phillips) with his fellow cousin, Gwen Tennyson (Haley Ramm), and their Grandpa Max (Lee Majors). They encounter an evil with the name of Eon (Christen Anholt) who escapes from his prison after being locked up for over a time by the Plumbers, and he is set out to find Ben Tennyson as he is the only one who can help him to activate the Hands of Armageddon. In Bellwood, Ben's hometown, Ben, as Heatblast, finds Eon early in the morning destroying things in his path. As any hero would do, he was able to stop the destruction from commencing further.

    The following day, Ben returns to school, where he is being treated and teased by children as they normally do. Gwen clarifies to him that he's "just plain old Ben Tennyson," even if he was able to use the Omnitrix to show off. To gain a reputation, Ben attempts to participate in the Talent Show, and with Gwen's help, he is accepted to be an assistant to her magic performance.

    Eon plans to take over Ben's body by implementing his DNA into the Omnitrix. He states that his physical body is being warded off by time, and he tells him that he will be revived when the DNA replication is complete. Eon does this successfully, and Ben transforms into the devil himself, and activates the Hands of Armageddon.

    This movie defines a lot of qualities that are already familiar from the original animated series. The CG animation with the Omnitrix aliens, how the actors played out their role in the storyline, and the choice of actors brings the film to life. Ben 10: Race Against Time in my opinion has a few "nixes" that need to be fixed, but it is something that is worth to watch.
  • Scrambled story line, horrible fighting scenes, bad dialogue - completely out of character.

    I'm not going to lie - I was very disappointed in this movie. When I first heard they were going to make a live action movie, I just rolled my eyes. After watching the movie, I'm still rolling my eyes. I appreciate the effort the director and the actors put in, but this movie could have been a lot better. The fighting scenes were bad. There wasn't much fighting going on and, at times, I couldn't figure out who was fighting who. The aliens could have been better too. They looked too fake and they didn't really match their characters. Don't even get me started on the story line! To this day, I still have no idea what happened. It was all so confusing to me. The dialogue could have been better too. There were some funny parts, but not enough to remember. Overall, this movie was a poor effort and a disappointment to fans of Ben 10 everywhere.
  • This movie was poor at best. Not to my liking at all, and as far as I can tell, I likely never would've watched it if I didn't like ben 10.

    I respect all the hard work put into this film, but I knew I wouldn't like this from the start. I mean live action Ben 10? All aliens CGI? The whole live action thing puts a huge, straining limit on the concept of a boy with around 19 (originally 10) alien alter egos in terms of budget and quality. I mean I just didn't see the point of it. Was it just for the sake of novelty? I just knew it would suck out a lot of the good-lookingness of Ben's fight scenes, they would not mesh properly, and of course their changing the alien voices (except wildmutt) was just plain odd and unnecessary. I also disliked Ben's hippie parents, Gwen's Hallmark Card "I love my cousin" speech, Grandpa Max's general lack of excitedness, all of it.
  • So everybody is a hero, huh? Ben discovers some things that had better been kept a secret until the final episode, because the Power Rangers revival is a definite plot killer.

    Live action Benjamin Tennyson looks like a dork in his cartoon t-shirt, which explains a lot of his fate in school. Nonetheless, he still has his wild oats and overzealousness when it comes to using the Omnitrix.

    When Eon comes to town Ben discovers that the Omnitrix is not as powerful as he thought it was. It is even more powerful. In search of an alien artifact, Eon awakens the sleepy town that suddenly appears to be a lot different than you might have considered during the first three seasons of Ben 10.

    Nothing appears to be what it is: Men in Black vs. Power Rangers summarizes most of the action scenes, whilst Gwen merely stands by helplessly. It is up to Ben to fill the gap of the awaited hero... with a little help of course.

    The chubbiness of the cartoon characters must have been politically corrected: in the live action movie most of the people are thin, or even skinny. I didn't expect to see fat kids, but Max could have done a lot better than a small beer gut.

    The idea must have been great before the budget was set, because it is quite obvious that the production team was limited to create a solid end product.

    The movie is entertaining at most, but mainly a drag.
  • definitively the worst hour of my life...

    this was the worst hour of my life, wanna know why, let me phrase it in a user friendly fact organized way.

    1. Crappy transformation sequence.

    2. no more than 4.5 transformations in the whole freaking movie, and I say .5 cause the whole evil genius that inserted his DNA into the omnitrix was a lousy humanoid form, so it was like Ben turning into a grown up guy with psychotic tendencies.

    3. it was a damn live action, when I started watching I thought it was some kind of joke, but then I noticed that the whole joke was that it actually lasted 1 hour.

    4. Lousy acting

    5. crappy script

    6. as I before addressed the transformation sequence was bad(for lack of a better offensive word), but at least the transformed forms weren't that bad, at least they looked real, except for wild mutt and Heat blast, those looked.... deform

    7. History was good, but I already said, the script was bad. Wen was a lot, there's no soft way to say this, (female annoying dog word goes here)****, Ben was a lot more stupid and Grandpa was a jerky chewing addict.

    definitely the worst hour of my life. That's all I have to say, let's just hope this was the last time someone thinks of screwing up a cartoon in this manner.
  • Ah Ben 10 .... a half decent live action movie is has to be the first negative review I ever typed.

    Ben 10 is a great animated cartoon thats very original and creative though there has been one problem I had with the series its quite cheesy and you can tell the intended demographic is well ...pubescent chlidren that consist of the ages 10 -12.and its repetitive at the same time.

    They said this movie would appeal to the full grown adults and young adults but in reality this movie is more cheesier than the fantastic four movies. I will elaborate what I liked and didnt like.
    plot -d it the plot is just plain cheesy terribly told acting C the only thing good about the movie was just the acting Bens actor is pretty good so is Max. Gwen was pretty bad appears to be shafting in scenes.
    drama barley any the whole movie felt well like a unrealistic and it almost failed to capture the spirit of the animated cartoon. The Cgi was just terrible it didnt look believable in the least you could easily tell it was done by computer almost none of Bens aliens had the same voice actors. I recommend this movie to any fan of the series but not at heart reviews will get better but people who are unfamiliar with the series or just watch this series with your relative , sibling. daughter this is not a movie that you will enjoy to a full extent.
  • Wow. Just... wow. I LOVED this movie!

    THIS is why Ben 10 was MADE! I can't BELEIVE that they never did this idea BEFORE! I also like the part when Eon activeated his form on the Omnitrix. And, I wonder if the ship at the end was a sign for a sequal? Also, I liked the bit where Ben was trying to fit in at school. All tough it didn't go so well for him, it was pretty funny when Ben used Grey Matter to mess up the Cafe to get his revenge on those kids. I would have liked to see Fourarms for this, but it was still funny. Anyways, nice woik "Man of Action"!
  • Fine. Just Fine.

    Ben returns to school after the summer holiday, and have to act like a normal kid. No more alien and bad guy chasin... But an alien named Eon, who can travel through time and space, wants the power of the omnitrix and take control over Ben. Maybe this storyline sound bad, but is wasnt that bad.
    Actually, I feared its gonna be worse. But it wasnt. It like a saturday afternoon family movie. Dont have to think about it much, just watch.
    The CGI monsters, were pretty good i guess. But I missed the others...
    On the other hand, Eon was...growth. The Cgi and the character too.
    Everyone else fitted for the characters. So... inspite of the bad things...i liked it! ^^
    /sry for my english/
  • This is good, not great.

    This is a good movie. It is not a great movie. If you like the cartoon (which I do) you will have to whach this. It's cool to see the characters in live action. Anyway, here's why I think it's good not great. For one thing, the actors for Ben, Gwen and Grandpa look just like their cartoon characters. Ben and Grandpa were good actors, Gwen seemed like she should be in a goosebumps episode (a.k.a. she's a bad actress). It was cool to see the ben's aliens in the movie, but their were only four. I wish Fourarms and Cannonbolt wre in it. The afects were good for Heatblast and Graymatter. Diomondhead's afects were OK, but Wildmutt's were very bad. In almost all live action tv movies the villien is very stupid, and cheesey. This movie is different, Eeon (the villien) is pretty cool. He never did a stupid evil laugh, he never laughed at all. He always seemed very angry and evil. Ben's parents were very stupid, I guess they are supposed to be like that. Anyway, this movie is entertaining. It's good, not great.
  • For their first attempt at live-action, this wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been.

    When it was first announced that Ben 10 would be remade in a special live-action movie, many people did not know how to react. Many had high hopes, others thought it would be sudden death for the franchise. In truth, "Race Against Time" is really nothing more than a standard Ben 10 episode shot with human actors; the storyline is forgettable and the characters (outside the Big 3 of Ben, Gwen and Max) are dull, but the resulting product is still pretty easy on the eyes. Casting is fairly solid. Graham Phillips does an excellent job portraying Ben, backed up by an excellent performance from Lee Majors as Grandpa Max. Haley Ramm's Gwen is more of a brat than the TV series, but she does a good job in her supporting role.

    As for the part most people are interested in-Ben's Aliens-this may cause the most disappointment. Only 4 are used, and even then the battle scenes are short. Obviously using all 10+ aliens would be extremely costly, but adding perhaps just another one or two would have been a great improvement. If you like "Ben 10" and want to see it brought to life, you might get a kick out of this. If you want something with a bit more substance... you probably aren't the sort of person who likes "Ben 10" anyway.
  • I just don't know.

    My children love this cartoon. I must admit, when I have time, I sit down alongside of them and watch it is well... and I'll even admit, it's a good little scifi series. When the Cartoon Network started advertising the live action movie, my children were VERY excited.

    Well... some things should just stay a cartoon. The actor playing Ben looked well above ten years old, Gwen just wasn't a good actress. I liked Max and the comedy relief of the town of plumbers, though. The bit with the keys was quite entertaining.

    If the movie stood on its own, it would be okay. But it comes from an established cartoon series, and I think it took a few too many liberties with the storyline. So while I rate it a 5.0, that's only because I can't avoid comparing it to the cartoon. If it stood on its own, I'd give it ~8.0
  • The story is when Ben returns to school and an alien named Eon tries to get his power

    This movie wasn't at all like the cartoon show and it showed. This movie had a poor storyline and it only showed 3 of his original monsters which made it not even worth watching. The props used in the movie looked like they were bought at a toy store and the special effects were horrible and a child could of done better. All in All this movie puts a tarnish on the Ben 10 logo and I'm just happy that it wasn't animated or I would probably stop watching the show and I just hope that if they do it again they go into it with a better story and more money for effects and props.
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