Ben 10

Season 3 Episode 1

Ben 10,000

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Nov 25, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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When Gwen is abducted, Ben as XLR8 follows her abductor to the future where they discovered that her abductor is the future Gwen and they discover his future version of Ben and Grandpa Max. In the future, Dr. Animo revives Vilgax and plots to open the Null Void chamber. Both Bens must work together to stop them.moreless

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  • Grandpa is turning 60, and Ben and Gwen haven't gotten things ready yet. While deciding who takes the cake (literally), a portal opens up. Some one comes and takes Gwen, and Ben follows. In the portal, 20 years have gone by and Ben has become famous.moreless

    Ben (10,000) has always had some time for fun, but since crime was increasing, Ben has to be serious. He probably figured out the master control code, got hooked, and rarely became human. But Ben (10) knew that he could more as a human alone. I will always remember what he said: "He knows what all your aliens can do, but does he know what Ben Tennyson can do. I just hope after all this time, YOU haven't forgotten." Very touching! As for Gwen, she was cool, too. But, my dad's opinion is clear: ABSOLUTE BABE!! That's what he said.moreless
  • I finally saw what they looked in the future

    I really love this episode, Ben in the future is more stubborn than ever, anyway I didn't expect Max to be still alive, I guys you guess know why I said that.

    Both of them(Ben and Gwen) look great, but Grandpa Max haven't changed a bit, literally, well except for his age.

    Wow...Gwen is finally a Magician...Sorcerer (Oh God whatever) here. She Definitely made more accomplishments than Ben.

    More aliens, More magic and more revelations....Dr. Animo looks weird back there, and I didn't expect him to team up with Vilgax, total heart shocker.

    Anyway, this episode is really awesome, Ben is finally acting mature for once.moreless
  • good episode

    When Gwen is abducted, Ben as XLR8 follows her abductor to the future where they discovered that her abductor is the future Gwen and they discover his future version of Ben and Grandpa Max. In the future, Dr. Animo revives Vilgax and plots to open the Null Void chamber. Both Bens must work together to stop them.

    It is Grandpa Max's 60th birthday, and his grandkids fight who would get his birthday cake for him. During a game of rock, paper, and scissors, an unknown portal opens, and a masked woman comes and grabs Gwen to lure in Ben into the aperture. Ben and Gwen find themselves in a futuristic setting, where Ben is recognized as Ben 10,000, the greatest hero of the world. The statue of Ben 10,000 is suddenly torn down by a rhino-like droid, and Ben himself did not have enough to stop it. The woman was able to help them, but even her power was not enough to take him down. Fortunately, someone in XLR8's form came right on time. Ben and Gwen figure out that the woman was 30-year old Gwen, and XLR8 was Ben 10,000 himself. The reason for their arrival in the future was not clearly defined at first, but it was much more worse than keeping the world from harm.moreless
  • Ben and Gwen are getting ready for Max's birthday party. However Gwen is captured (by her future self). Ben as XLR8 follows. Later they are sent 20 years into the future and learn that Ben10 has become Ben 10,000 with 10,000 forms. He also is more strict.moreless

    If Ben figured out the master code in the before episode did he even remember he figured it out because he was asking his future self how do I not go Ben?. And he also saw his future self touch Ben 10's omnitrix's symbol 2 times while in alien form if Ben saw him do so why didn't he do it in the other episodes. And when Ben loses the master control why doesn't he try to figure it out again. And if Ben really does have 10,000 aliens why don't they show at least 50. In the episode return cannon bolt touched the omnitrix's symbol but didn't change.moreless
  • It's cool to see future vilgax and future dr.animo,and also see some of the new aliens that future ben aka ben 10,000 and the other cool future stuff like 80 year old grandpa max's mecha arm and gwendilyn as a master magician.moreless

    Gwen is taken by a blue cloaked stranger and ben follows the blue cloaked stranger and gwen,and they find out ben has become a really stubborn one man team superhero,and vilgax and dr.animo are still alive. Also they see gwen is now called gwendilyn and is a true master magician and that grandpa max has a mechanical gun arm.

    This was a cool episode,getting to see some of the new aliens that future ben aka ben 10,000 turned into,like the small black and white green flamed mouth and eyes alien,the acid spitting fish alien,the ice fish alien,and the upgraded cannonball,xlr-8,four arms,and stinkfly.

    Future Vilgax and Future Dr.Animo are also cool,and so is the part of this episode where they were planning to release every single villain that ben,gwen,and grandpa max sent into the null void.

    a very cool and awesomely well told episode!moreless
Meagan Smith

Meagan Smith

Gwen Tennyson

Paul Eiding

Paul Eiding

Grandpa Max

Tara Strong

Tara Strong

Ben Tennyson/Upgrade

Dee Bradley Baker

Dee Bradley Baker


Fred Tatasciore

Fred Tatasciore

Ripjaws/Cannon Bolt

Jim Ward

Jim Ward

Diamond Head/XLR8/Wildvine

Meagan Smith

Meagan Smith

Pretty Girl

Guest Star

Richard McGonagle

Richard McGonagle


Guest Star

Tom Kane

Tom Kane


Guest Star

Paul Eiding

Paul Eiding

Old Max

Recurring Role

Tara Strong

Tara Strong


Recurring Role

Dee Bradley Baker

Dee Bradley Baker


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (23)

    • Gwen asks Ben 10,000 about Vilgax, even though this episode takes place (present day) right after Vilgax and Kevin were sealed in the Null-Void. So at this point, as far as she should be concerned he is gone for good.

    • If the Omnitrix contains 10,000 aliens and all Ben needs to do is activate them, does that mean the universe only contains 10,000 different species of aliens? And most of the aliens might have similar or identical powers.

    • Look Closely: According to Gwen's list, she was supposed to get the candles, soda, plates, confetti, balloons, and create the birthday wish for the party and Ben was supposed to get the cake.

    • Look Closely: The future version of the Omnitrix is bigger and has metal plates on both ends. This suggests that the Omnitrix becomes more advanced as the user becomes older. It will also reveal new aliens as time passes.

    • Look Closely: When Gwendolyn opens the time portal, the symbol on the door appears to be similar to the design on one of the Charms of Bazell.

    • Look Closely: The sign on the bottom of the statue of Ben 10,000 says: Hero of Heroes Ben Ten Thousand.

    • Look Hard: At the end of the intro, the part where the aliens go into the Omnitrix, you can see Ghostfreak even though he escaped at the time.

    • Think Back: Ben says to future XLR8 "When will you catch me up on my other 9,990 aliens?" Shouldn't he say 9,989 aliens because he has 11 heroes at this point?

    • If Ben saw Ben 10,000 turn him into another alien by pressing the Omnitrix's symbol, why doesn't he do the same when he has accidental transformations?

    • Even though they can talk, Stinkfly (Ben 10,000 version) and Heat Blast have no dialogue.

    • When Gwendolyn kidnaps Gwen, wouldn't either of them notice the charms of Bazell on her arm?

    • Listen Carefully: When the alarm goes off for Sector 1-A Centric, Gwendolyn refers to it as just the Null Void Projector, but later it's called the Null Void Chamber.

    • Think Back: When Ben 10,000 becomes Four Arms, his shirt should be black with white stripes, like his own shirt (as Four Arms' shirt is based on the person's original shirt- as seen when Ben transforms into Four Arms, and when Gwen did, too, in "Gwen 10"), but his shirt is white with black stripes.

    • Look Hard: The future Gwen has the 5 Charms of Bazell on her arm, even though they were destroyed in "Tough Luck."

    • Look Hard: The door in Ben's headquarters has the Omnitrix symbol on it.

    • Look Hard: The canister Vilgax's remains are in is labeled "VX-0001."

    • Listen Hard: This is the second time Grandpa Max says "claws off my grandson" to Vilgax. The first was in "Secrets." He also makes a similar quote regarding Gwen in "Gwen 10."

    • Look Closely: Future Ben's XLR8 form has a gray tail and arms, yet his face is still blue.

    • Why do Future Gwen and Max speak so vehemently to Ben about his future self? It's not his fault he's like that in the future.

    • This episode proves that there may be an almost limitless amount of aliens Ben can acquire.

    • Several of the action shots in this episode were drawn in classic comic book style.

    • Pay Attention: As the Galactic Enforcers ready to take Animo, he releases a gas that knocks all of them out. Oddly, this works on Synaptak, despite how his liquid-filled jar doesn't appear to allow gases in.

    • Pay Attention/Outside Knowledge: When Gwen and Ben are planning to make s'mores, they only have marshmallows and graham crackers, but they don't have chocolate, like s'mores should.

  • QUOTES (24)

    • Ben: I'm new and improved!

    • Ben: Wait! You never told me the secrets of the watch! How I don't have to go Ben!
      Adult Ben: Trust me: you're gonna want to go Ben. Thanks for making me realize that.

    • Ben: (about Animo) Time to give the doctor a double dose of Ben medicine!

    • Ultimos: Did we detect a cry for help? The Galactic Enforcers have arrived!
      (Four Arms changes to XLR8)
      XLR8: Show's over, guys.
      Ultimos: It's a big world, Ben. You could always save a couple of the bad guys for us, you know.
      XLR8: What would be the point?

    • Cannon Bolt: (to Ben 10,000 as Four Arms, about Vilgax) He may know all of your alien forms, but does he know what Ben Tennyson can do? I just hope after all this time, you haven't forgotten, too.

    • XLR8: I don't have time for this.
      (Ben stops him)
      Ben: So when can you catch me up on my other 9,990 aliens?
      XLR8: Hmm. How about NEVER?

    • Ben: So Animo's been around this whole time?
      XLR8: He escaped a few years ago. I wasn't sure if he was going to show his ugly face again. But now it looks like he won't be a problem anymore.
      Gwen: What about Vilgax?
      XLR8: Last I saw of him, I left him in pieces. It wasn't pretty for anyone. 'Nuff said.
      Ben: Whoa. I really need to lighten up!

    • Ben: Time to go Four Arms and show Ben 10,000 where it all began! (becomes Stinkfly)
      Gwen: Yeah, with you messing up again!

    • Grandpa Max: (arriving at the empty campsite) Ben? Gwen?

    • (Ben & Gwen are playing rock, paper, scissors)
      Ben: One, two-
      (an orb appears in the middle of the campsite)
      Ben: Okay, this can't be good.
      (Gwendolyn flies out of the orb and grabs Gwen)
      Ben: Gwen! (turns into XLR8 and runs into the orb after them)

    • Gwen: I had his party totally wired.
      Ben: You chose his birthday wish?
      Gwen: And how is he supposed to make one without a cake, that you were supposed to get?
      Ben: Uh, excuse me. Full-time hero here. When do I have time to go get some dumb old cake? You were supposed to do it. Anyway, it's no big deal.
      Gwen: For Grandpa it is.
      Ben: Fine! Play you to see who goes. Rock, paper, scissors; on three!
      Gwen: You are so on! You always lose.

    • Gwen: Is he gone?
      Ben: Yep.
      (Ben & Gwen face each other angrily)
      Ben & Gwen: This is your fault!
      Gwen: Grandpa only turns 60 once!
      (knocks Ben down)

    • Gwen: I've got the marshmallows.
      Ben: I've got the graham crackers.
      Gwen: We'll wait here while you get the fire wood so we can make s'mores.
      (Ben & Gwen hug)
      Grandpa Max: (smiling at them) Now it is so nice to finally see you two getting along. I'll be back in a jiffy.
      Ben & Gwen: Great!

    • Vilgax: Teh. Your weak human form? What a novelty.

    • Gwen: He said not to touch anything.
      Ben: Why should I listen to me? You never do.

    • Ben: Whoa, this is my headquarters? Awesome! I must chill out here a lot!
      XLR8: There's no time. I'm always patrolling the planet. Thus, "Ben" has no need to "hang out" here.
      Ben: (to Gwen) Okay, tell me I didn't just say "thus."

    • Stinkfly: Wow, I rock! What do you call that other one? Loogie Man? Spitter?
      Cannon Bolt: They're not pets. I don't name them anymore. (changes to Four Arms and walks off)
      Stinkfly: Aw, but that was half the fun.

    • (Four Arms (Adult Ben) binds Stinkfly's stinger to the ground to keep him from interfering)
      Four Arms: Stay out of my way.
      Stinkfly: Hey, you can't... I mean, I can't do that to me!

    • Gwen: But the same kind of shirt? Grandpa, it was 20 years out of style 20 years ago.
      Older Max: Hey, when you find a look that works,...

    • Gwen & Gwendolyn: You could lose the attitude, you know?
      (a beat)
      Gwen: Wait a minute, you're... me? Gwen?
      Gwendolyn: Actually, I've been going by Gwendolyn since college.
      Gwen: College? Ivy League? Do I have a masters?
      Gwendolyn: Look, I didn't bring you here to find out about your future. I came back to bring Ben.
      Gwen: So, why nab me?
      Gwendolyn: I remembered Ben's listening skills sorta stunk. Grabbing you was the only way I knew he'd come.
      Gwen: So time travel is no big deal now?
      Gwendolyn: You just need to know the right spell to create the right kind of portal.
      Gwen: I know magic? How cool is that? What else do I know how to do? Did I ever get my black belt?
      Ben: Hello? Forget you! This is about me!

    • Gwendolyn: (to Gwen) Look, Gwen. I know your Ben can be a major dweeb, but enjoy him while you can.

    • Ben: (spying Vilgax) Vilgax?! He's mine!

    • (referring to Adult Ben's current form)
      Diamond Head: Hey, what do you call this guy?
      Articguana: I don't name, uh, I don't know. Absolute Zero?
      Diamond Head: Boring! How about...Articguana?
      Articguana: Cool.

    • Gwen: See ya!
      Ben: And I guess we're gonna be ya!

  • NOTES (54)

    • Omnitix Malfunctions:

      Fourarms - Stinkfly
      Fourarms - Upgrade

    • The Ben 10 enhanced marathon reveals that future Ben's personality is due to events that happened when he was 15 years old.

    • The Ben 10 enhanced marathon reveals that Future Ben left Vilgax in pieces when he was 15 years old.

    • This episode was nominated for the 2007 Golden Reel Award for "Best Sound Editing in Sound Effects, Foley, Dialogue, ADR and Music for Television Animation".

    • Wildmutt has changed throughout Ben's life. In the future, Wildmutt has a cat-like appearance and features. He is more like a Wildcat, than a Wildmutt.

    • Future Gwen (Gwendolyn) brought Ben and Gwen 20 years to the day into the future.

    • This is the first and only time Vilgax and Dr. Animo appear in season three. (However, Vilgax is mentioned in "Monster Weather" and "The Visitor.")

    • Final appearance of the Galactic Enforcers.

    • We learn that Ben doesn't need to have the master control to switch alien forms.

    • The aliens in the Omnitrix mature as the wearer does.

    • The rhinoceros creature is credited as "Exo-Skull" in the cast list.

    • The Future Ben is able to switch the present day Ben's alien forms by pressing the Omnitrix symbol. This is the same way Vilgax deactivated it in "Secrets" and "Back With a Vengeance."

    • Cartoon Network (UK) airdate: February 13, 2007.

    • In the future, a gateway to the Null Void has been built in Mt. Rushmore.

    • Future Vilgax's new body features:

      * An over-large left arm with spikes jutting out of it, and three spheres on it's shoulder which seem to be able to charge it with extra power.
      * Three tubes on the top of his right wrist that fire explosive spiked balls, and a tube underneath that fires a retractable tentacle/coil.
      * Pale skin (not unlike a zombie).
      * Although no longer needing a breathing apparatus, his mouth is still covered by a mask of some kind.
      * The programming into his very DNA of all Ben 10K's alien moves.

    • Future Ultimos mentions "The Neuvo Circus Freaks," which could be possible future versions of Thumbskull, Frightwig, and Acid Breath.

    • From this episode, it appears that ice is the only thing that can defeat Vilgax, like in "Back With a Vengeance," Vilgax was helpless inside the ice.

    • The recreated Charms of Bazell mean that the Keystone of Bazell had retained its powers and was able to recreate them. Another hint is that Gwendolyn is wearing her Lucky Girl belt, which means that she must have used the Keystone before to become Lucky Girl.

    • The cat-like face on Gwendolyn's belt is similar to the one on Gwen's shirt.

    • In the future, Ben will become the "hero of heroes," in which he will be known world-wide. He will no longer have to keep his identity secret anymore.

    • Mt. Rushmore appears near Ben 10,000's base in the future and in the background of the campsite at the end of the episode. This suggests that the episode largely takes place in South Dakota in both time frames. In addition, the faces on Rushmore have apparently been restored in the future.

    • Ben 10,000 has a beard, combat boots, fingerless gloves, and a shirt similar to his younger self, but with an inverted color scheme.

    • As demonstrated by Adult Ben, XLR8 has the ability to scan things with his visor.

    • The episode opening has changed, and Ghostfreak is no longer part of the alien lineup. Cannon Bolt is in his place, meaning he really is truly gone for good. Also, many new images and scenes are added. However, the Wildmutt part is still the same.

    • Alien Form(s) Used by Ben:
      1) XLR8.
      2) Stinkfly.
      3) Upgrade.
      4) Cannon Bolt.
      5) Diamond Head.

      Alien Form(s) Used by Adult/Future Ben:
      1) XLR8 (3 times).
      2) Four Arms (3 times).
      3) Spitter (2 times).
      4) Diamond Head (2 times).
      5) Megawhatt.
      6) Cannon Bolt.
      7) Wildmutt.
      8) Heat Blast.
      9) Stinkfly.
      10) Articguana.

    • Gwen says that Ben always loses when playing rock, paper, scissors.

    • All that exists of Dr. Animo in the future is his head, however, his head can meld with any animal so that he can control it. His head also has a scar down it's left side, from forehead to cheek, and a permanently wide left eye.

    • It is revealed that Vilgax was killed in the future, before Dr. Animo found and revived him with the Transmodulator.

    • This is the second time Vilgax teams up with one of Ben's enemies.

    • A Galvanic Mechomorph (Upgrade's species) can be seen on the street in the future soon after Ben and Gwen arrive (it looks different from Ben's Upgrade: a hint to what Ben 10K's version looks like?).

    • With Vilgax's return, it is revealed that he will eventually break out of the Null Void, which he did in Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix.

    • In the future, Ben will build his base nearby Mt. Rushmore. However, this one will be above ground (and quite obvious), unlike Grandpa Max's. It is not shown if the underground one is still in use.

    • Grandpa Max has upgraded the RV in the future.

    • Grandpa Max grows a mustache and a beard in the future.

    • It is revealed by Future Gwen that when she entered college, she started to go by her full name, Gwendolyn.

    • Main Villain(s): Dr. Animo & Vilgax.

    • The end of the teaser shows Grandpa Max returning from chopping wood and wondering where Ben and Gwen went. The end of the episode reveals that they returned a second after that scene ended.

    • Grandpa Max turns 60 years old in this episode. In the future setting, he turns 80.

    • New Aliens (Present Ben is not able to use these):

      * An unnamed green Megawhatt that can shoot green electricity. His name was revealed as Buzzshock in "Ken 10".
      * Spitter: A green, sharp-toothed blob creature that can inhale air and spray it out as goo.
      * Articguana: A blue, reptilian creature who's breath is freezing cold. A member of this species was seen in "Grudge Match."

    • It seems that Ben has matured in the future, and no longer refers to his aliens by names.

    • We learn that Gwen will get her black belt in the future.

    • This episode was originally planned to air as the second episode of the third season. This was followed through in Australia.

    • Aliens and humans walk among each other in the future.

    • Most of Adult Ben's aliens have changed their physical appearance.

      * XLR8's arms, legs, and tail are grey instead of blue. He wears longer sleeves with a pair of stripes under the shoulders, has less stripes on his tail, an arrow-shaped symbol on his lower torso, and is slightly taller than the present version. He also appears to be much faster.
      * Four Arms has large underbite fangs and his pants cover his feet entirely. He also wears a sleeveless shirt (without a black stripe on it's back) that goes up to his chin, and the Omnitrix symbol is now on his chest. There are also more, larger spikes jutting out of his arms.
      * Diamond Head wears a black vest (also going up to the chin) and white pants with boots. The Omnitrix symbol is now dead center on his chest. His diamonds are also brighter-colored there, too.
      * Cannon Bolt's legs are black, and he has grey rings around his finger claws.
      * Wildmutt has a long tail and stripes on his back, similar to the Vulpimancers from "Truth." The Omnitrix symbol has also moved to his forehead, and he no longer has quills, save for under his chin.
      * Stinkfly has longer eye stalks that end with visible pupils. His outfit is now black with thin white stripes, and his front legs are larger, now bending forwards at the knee. His tail is bulkier, and also white on one side and black on the other. He no longer wears gloves, and his claws are black.
      * Heat Blast has flame spurting from his shoulders as well as his head.

    • Gwendolyn has the ability to perform magic, with the help of the Charms of Bazell.

    • Future Ben has figured out the master code of the Omnitrix again. Being able to change into any alien he wants, he can also do the "alien changing" trick that Vilgax used when he touched the Omnitrix symbol.

    • This episode takes place 20 years in the future, making Ben and Gwen 30 years old and Grandpa Max 80 years old.

    • The episode title refers to the number of aliens that Ben has found and/or acquired in the Omnitrix for the past 20 years.

    • The first official name future Ben gives to one of his new aliens is Articguana.

    • Future Gwen (Gwendolyn) has Lucky Girl's belt on, meaning that she will regain those powers eventually.

    • In the future, Grandpa Max has a robotic arm which can transform into a gun.

    • Ben 10,000 has upgraded forms of all the aliens on the Omnitrix.

    • The Galactic Enforcers, Dr. Animo, and Vilgax return. For the Galactic Enforcers, only Ultimos has dialogue.

    • Cannon Bolt has been added to the opening sequence, taking the number 9 slot in the countoff, replacing Ghostfreak.

  • ALLUSIONS (15)