Ben 10

Season 3 Episode 1

Ben 10,000

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Nov 25, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • Grandpa is turning 60, and Ben and Gwen haven't gotten things ready yet. While deciding who takes the cake (literally), a portal opens up. Some one comes and takes Gwen, and Ben follows. In the portal, 20 years have gone by and Ben has become famous.

    Ben (10,000) has always had some time for fun, but since crime was increasing, Ben has to be serious. He probably figured out the master control code, got hooked, and rarely became human. But Ben (10) knew that he could more as a human alone. I will always remember what he said: "He knows what all your aliens can do, but does he know what Ben Tennyson can do. I just hope after all this time, YOU haven't forgotten." Very touching! As for Gwen, she was cool, too. But, my dad's opinion is clear: ABSOLUTE BABE!! That's what he said.
  • I finally saw what they looked in the future

    I really love this episode, Ben in the future is more stubborn than ever, anyway I didn't expect Max to be still alive, I guys you guess know why I said that.

    Both of them(Ben and Gwen) look great, but Grandpa Max haven't changed a bit, literally, well except for his age.

    Wow...Gwen is finally a Magician...Sorcerer (Oh God whatever) here. She Definitely made more accomplishments than Ben.

    More aliens, More magic and more revelations....Dr. Animo looks weird back there, and I didn't expect him to team up with Vilgax, total heart shocker.

    Anyway, this episode is really awesome, Ben is finally acting mature for once.
  • good episode

    When Gwen is abducted, Ben as XLR8 follows her abductor to the future where they discovered that her abductor is the future Gwen and they discover his future version of Ben and Grandpa Max. In the future, Dr. Animo revives Vilgax and plots to open the Null Void chamber. Both Bens must work together to stop them.
    It is Grandpa Max's 60th birthday, and his grandkids fight who would get his birthday cake for him. During a game of rock, paper, and scissors, an unknown portal opens, and a masked woman comes and grabs Gwen to lure in Ben into the aperture. Ben and Gwen find themselves in a futuristic setting, where Ben is recognized as Ben 10,000, the greatest hero of the world. The statue of Ben 10,000 is suddenly torn down by a rhino-like droid, and Ben himself did not have enough to stop it. The woman was able to help them, but even her power was not enough to take him down. Fortunately, someone in XLR8's form came right on time. Ben and Gwen figure out that the woman was 30-year old Gwen, and XLR8 was Ben 10,000 himself. The reason for their arrival in the future was not clearly defined at first, but it was much more worse than keeping the world from harm.
  • Ben and Gwen are getting ready for Max's birthday party. However Gwen is captured (by her future self). Ben as XLR8 follows. Later they are sent 20 years into the future and learn that Ben10 has become Ben 10,000 with 10,000 forms. He also is more strict.

    If Ben figured out the master code in the before episode did he even remember he figured it out because he was asking his future self how do I not go Ben?. And he also saw his future self touch Ben 10's omnitrix's symbol 2 times while in alien form if Ben saw him do so why didn't he do it in the other episodes. And when Ben loses the master control why doesn't he try to figure it out again. And if Ben really does have 10,000 aliens why don't they show at least 50. In the episode return cannon bolt touched the omnitrix's symbol but didn't change.
  • It's cool to see future vilgax and future dr.animo,and also see some of the new aliens that future ben aka ben 10,000 and the other cool future stuff like 80 year old grandpa max's mecha arm and gwendilyn as a master magician.

    Gwen is taken by a blue cloaked stranger and ben follows the blue cloaked stranger and gwen,and they find out ben has become a really stubborn one man team superhero,and vilgax and dr.animo are still alive. Also they see gwen is now called gwendilyn and is a true master magician and that grandpa max has a mechanical gun arm.

    This was a cool episode,getting to see some of the new aliens that future ben aka ben 10,000 turned into,like the small black and white green flamed mouth and eyes alien,the acid spitting fish alien,the ice fish alien,and the upgraded cannonball,xlr-8,four arms,and stinkfly.

    Future Vilgax and Future Dr.Animo are also cool,and so is the part of this episode where they were planning to release every single villain that ben,gwen,and grandpa max sent into the null void.

    a very cool and awesomely well told episode!
  • Ben to the Future!!!

    Ben to the Future!!!

    Now this is an exciting way to start the season. As Ben and Gwen are arguing (per usual), a portal appears all of a sudden and someone ends up snatching Gwen. Ben (as XLR8) follows the kidnapper into the portal and ends up in a technological world. Soon, he finds out that he's a legendary hero in the future Ben and Gwen meet with their future selves, Ben 10,000 and Gwendolyn (who snatched Gwen only to bring Ben because "his listening skills sorta stunk") and Grandpa Max. As the episode progresses on, Ben soon realizes his future self is a complete jerk, focusing mainly on patrolling the Earth. Meanwhile, Doctor Animo breaks into a massive storage facility of alien DNA and resurrects Vilgax. Together, they plan to open the null void chamber to free all the prisoners there. Both Gwens take on Doctor Animo while Ben 10,000 does his best against Vilgax, but Vilgax is just too strong. Then young Ben shows up and decides to help and together, they stop Vilgax. After the battle with Dr. Animo and Vilgax, Ben 10,000 finally remembers what its like to be human and begins to lighten up. At the end of the episode, Ben and Gwen return to the present and hopefully make a better future.
  • OMG!

    One of the best ben ten episodes ever. I loved it so much, and i laughed so much and i cried so much. This episode was one of the best seriously. Ben ten when he is older, he has over 10,000 forms and he figures out how to use the watch and how they defeat the evil bad guy together. But it's sad how ben in the future doesn't relize that he should be his human form. It kinda makes me sad that he doesn't want to go back to his human form but the rest of the episode was awesome how gwenn got her magic set back and more :D.
  • Gwen and Ben find themselves stuck in the future to help stop Dr. Animo and Vilgax as well as the Future Ben.

    This episode was very exciting and adventurous! It was cool to see what Ben, Gwen, and Grandpa Max will look like in twenty years. I especially liked the fact that Gwen has the Charms of Bezel and can do magic and the fact that Ben has control over 10,000 aliens. It was weird to see Vilgax in pieces. I wonder how Ben did that? My favorite scenes include: the beginning scene where Gwen knocks Ben down, the scene where Future Ben tells Ben not to touch anything, but he ingnores him and rides a hoverboard, the scene where Ben says, 'why should I listen to me? you never do' I laughed so hard when I heard that.
  • Pretty cool! We get to see Future Ben and Future Gwen, and some new ailiens as well.

    This episode filled us in on a little bit of what\'s in store for the Tennyson\'s. We get to see Future Ben, Future Gwen, Future Grandpa Max, and Future Vilgax. We also get to see 2 or 3 new ailiens like Megawatt and the icebreath pirana. The original 10 ailiens also have new suits on and looked different which was pretty cool to watch. We also learned about some of the ailiens other abilities. I think this was a pretty cool episode of Ben 10 to watch. I think that they should make 2 or 3 more like it. So all in all, I thought that this episode was great.
  • Better.

    I can see why they made this the first episode of the season instead of the other one. Although time travel, along with finding out what good and bad things happen to you in the future, has been done before, there is always an aspect of the characters that makes it special. There's always something good about knowing all the events that take place ahead of the current plot of the story, whether they are for better or worse. Overall, this episode had a good plot, a good internal and external conflict, and a theme that goes with the episode.
  • Future Ben is such a meanie!

    Ben(in the future)is now realized as "Hero of Heroes""Ben 10,000",Gwen,the magician of all magicians and Max,well... he has further modified his RV plus,he replaced one of his arm with a mechincal limb.Vilgax,that octopus looking alien was first trapped in that Null Void Projecter but I really don't remember how he escaped it!Kevin,no one knows what happened to him after he got sucked in that Null Void projecter in that episode "Back with a vengence".Future Ben is such a meanie because of this hero business,Gwen,she's normal but still thinks that Ben's a "doofus".Max is stll the same with his caring attitude.
  • It's been done before, many times, but every series needs at least one, if not more, episodes set in the future.

    In a way, it was unsurprising b/c that plot has existed for many years now (ie future self needs redemption) but it was nice just to Have A New Ep!

    1) The future looks post-apocalyptic. Guess Ben changed everything X( 2) Gwendolyn was awfully...introverted. It seems sad that a leader-type like Gwen would end up playing second banana, but I guess that could happen.

    3) Little Gwen, going up to fight as is? Say it isn't so! Yes, she has cool moves, but that just seemed silly, unless she has the charm of Bezel hidden around somewhere. I didn't see it on her wrist.

    4) Usually I don't get too excited about cartoon men but grownup Ben was looking pretty good.
  • "Ben 10,000!" One thousand times the hero! Thousand times the pain!

    It's Grandpa Max's 60th birthday, and his grandkids try to compromise who would fetch his cake. They decide to start a simple game of rock, paper, and scissors, but before the final turnpoint, a giant aperture appears out of nowhere near their campsite, and a woman comes out to grab Gwen to lure in Ben. They enter a futuristic setting, where aliens and humans both live in unity. What caught their attention the most was the the statue dedicated to the hero, Ben Ten-Thousand, the Hero of Heroes. Gwendolyn, the woman who took them in, brought the kids in for a reason, and they slowly figured it out along the way. Apparently, it was their Grandpa Max's 80th birthday, and Adult Ben was far too occupied with his job. Sometimes, there are more important situations than saving the world.
  • This show was great and awesome

    This episode was very exciting and informative. I can\'t wait until they show it again. I also can\'t wait for the next episode. I was wondering if the watch would come of at the end of Ben\'s summer or stay with him the rest of his life. I also wondered how many aliens were in the watch and what powers they had. I liked how Ben was fighting and switching from one alien to another. I liked the small electricity alien and the one that makes water turn into ice. Max\'s mechanical arm was also cool. I wonder that if future Ben can turn into ghostfreak.
  • This episode was actually good

    I liked this episode. It shows Ben in one of my favorite moments-knowing how the Omnitrix works. I like it when Ben has the effect to change into any alien any time that he wants too. Ben 10 is a cool show and i perfer watching it. This episode shows Gwen looking cool in the future and Ben looks okay for his age but he really was a jerk. I was suprised that Meagwhat was a Ben 10 alien in the watch when they actually caught one in that one episode. Ben also turned into some cool monsters in the future and if i wasnt lazy enough, i'd look to see what other thousands of monsters he has. All in all the episode was goos and it goes on my top ten list
  • AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This was a fantastic episode for me. I just can\'t wait to see this episode again! I was really happy they showed 3 new aliens. This is not exactly wy i watch this series, but it is fantastic. Actualy, words cannot begin to describe of how much i love this episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Not bad,but not good.

    Some of the stuff seemed kinda random.Like Maxes arm,I didnt see that coming!Also that portal thing.It was a good episode but I'll probly rate it as a fair cause everything was too mashed together like the creators were running out of ideas and worked to fast on it.Also the older Gwen's body/hair/face design seemed VERY familiar.Like they took a design from Charm Caster and stuck orange hair and green eyes on it.The older Ben seems to look ALOT like Jonah from THE KRAKKEN.Also,why would Ben stick a super powerful force right beneath his "Hang-out" with barely any security when he could have put it in his "Hang-out"So he is nearer to it.I mean Vilgax and Dr.Animo just basically walked right in there!The city that the future is based in seems just like the one that Jack first landed in in the first episode of SAMURAI JACK.The Older Bens alien disign was absolutly fabulese!It really showed the diffeence between the ages of the aliens and what they look like as adults.Like the Vulpamancer with the tails in TRUTH were the same as in this episode.Also stinkfly.
  • Ben and Gwen are sent to the future to help out the future Ben not just fight the combined force of Vilgax and Dr. Animo, but to show Ben 10000 (the future Ben) how to have fun.

    I really liked the concept of visiting the future, even if it is somewhat cliche. It was really cool to see the changes that Ben's alien forms have taken on in the future. Also, we are introduced to not one, but three new alien forms. I can't wait to find out more about them.
  • Great way to start off a new season!

    Gwen and Ben are stuck without a cake for their grandfathers birthday not knowing who was to bring the cake. They decide to settle it with a rock, paper, scissor contest. 1.... 2.... off to the future they go when a mysterious figure takes Gwen into the future and Ben follows as XLR8. Wait whats going on in this place a statue of Ben 10,000, an adult Gwen and Ben, Dr. Animo, Vigilax, a weird rhino dude and more alien forms, this ought to be good! Lots of action and discovering that theirs more secrets to the omnitrix than we know! Can Ben help show his future self how to have fun again or will Vigilax and Dr. Animo rule the day?
  • Ben and Gwen are in the future with their future selfs to defeat bilgates and I forget that doctors name A very speical episode my favorite right now.

    An awesome episode season 3 is finally here and this show is still fresh wow this show gets better every episode my favorite episode of ben 10 so I give this episode a 10.0 out of 10 A very speical episode I like this episode alot best episode ever well right now.
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