Ben 10

Season 3 Episode 5


Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Feb 17, 2007 on Cartoon Network
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Ben, as Wildvine, is fighting against an alien werewolf and is bitten. The Omnitrix times out and Ben turns back to his human form. Then, when the werewolf hits the Omnitrix, it starts to mess up and act weird. After all of this, Ben starts to get a crush on a girl that he meets. But things change, as Ben slowly starts to turn into a werewolf himself. What will happen? Will Ben remain a werewolf forever? If not, will he find another way to discover new aliens and add them to the Omnitrix?moreless

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  • it was okay.

    it had a good storyline and a cool new alien (or wolf). I can't wait to see him on the next ones. Ben, Gwen and Max are watching a dance, when a flood comes through the town. Ben saves a girl, who happens to be his crush. Then the guys go hunting for a wolf creature called the yenaldooshi. wildvine gets bitten, the omnitrix gets scratched, ben turns into a werewolf slowly, but surely, fights the badwolf and then cannonbolts out of a collapsing cave. That's really all. I'm not a big fan of Ben 10, but this was okay.moreless
  • good episode.

    During a visit to New Mexico, a wolf-like creature appears in a flash of purple lightning. Once there, it begins stealing satellite equipment for an unknown reason. One of Max's old friends believes it to be a Yenaldooshi, or Navajo werewolf, a sign of pure evil. Wildvine fights the creature, but it bites Wildvine's root just before Ben returns to normal. It nearly kills Ben as a human, but he is spared when the wolf accidentally scratches the Omnitrix rather than Ben himself. Afterwards, Ben begins transforming into a werewolf himself, presumably an effect of the bite. The others hurry to kill the werewolf before Ben's transformation is complete. However, they discover that werewolf is actually an alien. By scratching the Omnitrix, it added its own DNA to the Omnitrix, which was gradually shifting Ben into that form. Upon reverting back to human form some time later, Ben fights the werewolf as Cannonbolt inside an active volcano, sealing it within. The group is unable to find the missing equipment, but assume the threat to be over. However, the alien had finished building a transmitter from the parts he salvaged, and it activates on its own.moreless
  • I like it very cool very casual. Wuld like to see more of Benwolf though.

    Now this is more like it. I reckon this is the best episode in the whole series. I would definately like to see more of Benwolf, he's very cool. I like the part where he howls, tis much like an ordinary wolf, but his visage is very well done. Sonic howls, the person who came up with that idea is very clever. Thumbs up from me!!!
  • Benwolf, a brand new alien in the omnitrix, lets see what it gots!

    Whats big, bad, and nasty? Benwolf! Altought Benwolf is pretty much like ever wolf-based charater, he has one special thing others don't have. He can split his mouth! This episode was prettyy cool, althought the girl Ben liked was a jerk, it was a great episode. Its awesome because ben slowly turns into a wolf alien, and I think thats great. The alien wolf, the creature was the Yenaldooshi, a Navajo werewolf. It was a pretty cool episode, and what I mostly like about is that Ben got a new alien in his omnitrix, and that is what I think made this a very special episode.moreless
  • Ben finds his first crush as well as a strange wolf creature. After a fight with the beast, Ben starts exhibiting wolf characteristics. Has Ben been cursed, or has he been given a new power?moreless

    This episode was pretty awesome. I thought it was pretty cute that Ben had a crush on a girl in this episode. When the Omnitrix glowed yellow after the wolf creature struck it, I was wondering what was going on. I suspected it might have something to do with Ben's strange transformation. It was cetainly a surprise when it was discovered that it was a new alien form. Like Grandpa Max said, "An alien werewolf. Just when I thought I'd seen everything this summer". I thought it was pretty cool that Ben could absorb the D.N.A of any alien species that touched the Omnitrix. I have a feeling he's going to start a collection (claming the D.N.A of aliens he defeats as trophies). I also think his new form, Benwolf, is awesome. I say it's right up there with Heatblast and Diamondhead. It was a shame that Ben didn't get the girl, but at least he got the wolf. And when that machine made an appearance at the end of the episode, I had a feeling this was part of something big.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (11)

    • Ben said that if he knew the Omnitrix can copy alien DNA from aliens by touching it, he can become them and that he would be an awesome Vilgax. But back in the episode, "Secrets" Vilgax did touch the Omnitrix to turn Heatblast back to Ben.

    • Ben had to go through this entire changing phase in order to finally transform into Benwolf's original form. This is what a werewolf does. What does an alien life-form have to do with mythical werewolfs?

    • Since Wes was a Plumber, he should've known about Ben and the Omnitrix; at the least, heard rumors of. For some reason, he was shocked when he saw Ben transform into Wildvine.

    • Pay Attention: This is the first and only episode where the transformation from making contact with an alien hasn't been instantaneous.

    • Look Closely: At the end of the of the episode, when Ben looked at the alien werewolf's silhouette on the Omnitrix, it looked different than it did when Ben looked at it after he reverted back to his human form.

    • Look Closely/Pay Attention: When Ben begins to help Wes and Max across the lava chasm, right when he starts to say, "I'll need to take both of you..." the Omnitrix starts flashing red, but doesn't make any sound.

    • Pay Attention: While looking for the Yenaldooshi, you can see Wes, Grandpa Max and Benwolf are in a cave. But when Wes shoots the flare, they are outside, because you can see stars in the sky.

    • Look Closely: When Ben is fighting the Yenaldooshi (after it uses its sonic roar on them), and Ben and the alien tackle each other, if you look closely, you can see Ben still has the Omnitrix on his wrist, even though he said it wasn't.

    • Look Closely: At the beginning, the receiver tower has no satellite dish on top, but the Yenaldooshi steals a dish from the same tower.

    • Look Closely: While the Alien Wolf's eyes and sonic blasts are purple, Benwolf's are both green.

    • Outside Knowledge: Wes says that the creature is a Yenaldooshi, or skin-walker in Navajo, but the term Navajos use for skin-walker is yee naaldlooshii.

  • QUOTES (19)

    • Ben: (Grandpa Max and his friend spot something by a shadow) Wait, don't shoot! It's me, Benwooooooolf!!!

    • Ben: (looking at Kai performing the ceremonial dance) You know, I was hoping to see one of those before the summer ended.
      Gwen: Since when have you been interested in Native American Spiritual Dance?
      Ben: Only like forever, dweeb. It rocks!

    • Benwolf: Let's see what else I can wolf down! Ha, get it?

    • Grandpa Max: (astounded) An alien werewolf. Just when I thought this summer couldn't get any stranger.

    • (after the silver pendant fails to destroy the wolf creature)
      Wes: I don't understand, that should have worked.
      Kai: Grandpa, the pendant didn't work because, maybe we're not dealing with a Yenaldooshi.
      Benwolf: But, it bit me. Isn't that why I'm like this?
      (suddenly, Benwolf collapses to the ground, howls and undergoes one final transformation, and to his surprise, the Omnitrix logo appears on his chest)

    • Ben: (starting his Benwolf transformation) Gwen, could you scratch my back for a second?
      Gwen: My fingers? On your back? I'd rather have my fingernails pulled out one at a time!

    • Ben: Can this get any... (stops and sees Kai doing a native dance) Cooler. (falls in love)

    • (Ben fills a bowl with milk and eggs, eats face first, making a mess on Gwen and Kai; Ben holds a napkin in his mouth)
      Ben: Uh... napkin?

    • Kai: You know, the Yenaldooshi is considered a god.
      Ben: I guess a little back hair isn't so bad.

    • Wes: Were you bitten by the Yenaldooshi?
      Ben: When I was Wildvine, but it didn't even break the skin. Or should I say, the root.
      Wes: Ben, this is nothing to make light of. The Yenaldooshi can create others in its exact image, and when it does, those followers will seek to destroy those closest to them.
      Gwen: Lucky we don't like each other, right?

    • Ben: Well, time to go pure Stinkfly. (activates Omnitrix; transforms into Wildvine)
      Wildvine: Oh, man!

    • Ben: It's a long summer. Maybe I'll see you again.
      Kai: The thing is, Ben, you seem like a nice guy, but you're just not my type.
      Ben: Huh? I thought you really liked me.
      Kai: Well, that was before you turned back into, well, you.
      Ben: What's wrong with me?
      Kai: Nothing, and the alien stuff's cool, just not as cool as when you were a Yenaldooshi. I figured I could train you, tame you, you know?
      Gwen: Train him? Tame him? He's a person, not a pet! You can't talk to my cousin like that!
      Ben: Thanks.
      Gwen: (to Kai) Only I can talk to my cousin like that. You just blew it big time!
      Kai: Oh, well. Whatever.

    • Ben: Kai seems bummed. Maybe I could cheer her up.
      Gwen: Since when do you care about what girls care a... bout? Unless you like her!
      Ben: What?!
      Gwen: That's it! Like, you so, like, like her.
      Ben: No way!
      Gwen: (singing) Ben's got a crush, Ben's got a crush!
      Ben: So not!
      Gwen: So do!
      Ben: So don't! But if you're hanging around Kai or something, could you do me a favor?
      Gwen: What?
      Ben: Sort of let it slip how cool I am, you know, that you're lucky to have me for a cousin.
      Gwen: So basically, you want me to totally lie?
      Ben: Well, when you put it that way, sure.

    • Benwolf: Oh, man!
      Grandpa Max: What?
      Benwolf: Well, if I knew I could just go different aliens if they touched the watch, I'd have let them scratch it a long time ago. I'd be an awesome Vilgax.

    • Benwolf: (to alien werewolf) Who are you lookin' at, ugly?

    • Ben/Kai: (to each other) Be careful.
      Gwen: I think I'm gonna puke!

    • (after Ben saves Kai)
      Kai: Thank you. But can I...
      Ben: Repay me? Forget it! I'm one of those "leap first, look second" kind of guys.
      Kai: That's nice. What I meant was, "can I have my hand back now?"

    • Ben: Goin' Ripjaws! (tries and fails to push the Omnitrix face down) Okay, goin' by myself!

    • (alien werewolf climbs mountain, Wildvine pops up out of the ground and grabs it)
      Wildvine: Tag. And you're it, fangface.
      (alien werewolf bites him)
      Wildvine: Ow. So you want to fight dirty, eh? (goes back underground, dragging the alien werewolf with him, pops back up, with lid over head covering head)
      Wildvine: Going up. (lid opens, Omnitrix starts beeping red) Oh, not now. (reverts back to Ben)
      Ben: Uh, that fangface nickname; I meant it in a nice way.
      (alien werewolf runs at him, swiping him, Ben runs, swipes twice, hitting Omnitrix, making Omnitrix glow yellow, Ben falls; as he gets up, Grandpa Max and Wes run in)
      Grandpa Max: Ben!
      (all look at it running away, Grandpa Max and Wes follow, Ben looks at Omnitrix, faceplate turning flashing yellow, shrugs shoulders and follows monster)

  • NOTES (29)


    • Episode: Similarities
      This episode resembles the Teen Titans episode, "The Beast Within." Both Ben and Beast Boy were turned into ferocious beasts, had to face a villain who was also a ferocious beast, then were able to use their new power afterwards.

    • Benwolf: Transformation
      Ben transforming into a werewolf and returning to normal near to the end of this episode is just like one time when Martin Mystery got scratched by a werewolf.

    • Benwolf: Mouth
      Benwolf has a mouth that resembles the predator alien.

    • Wildvine: Tag. And you're it, Fangface.
      Fangface was the name of a cartoon werewolf.

    • Monuments: Canyon de Chelly
      The Canyon de Chelly, located in Arizona, is presently a national Monument. The Navajo Indians thought of this place as spiritual because it helps guide their souls to a better place.

    • Benwolf: Yenaldooshi
      Benwolf is referred to as the Yenaldooshi, of the Skin-walker. This is a creature that was thought as evil human beings enchanted with a taboo that give them the ability to change between a wolf and a man.