Ben 10

Season 4 Episode 4

Big Fat Alien Wedding

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Aug 02, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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  • good episode

    Ben, Gwen, and Grandpa Max attend a family wedding for Max's nephew Joel and his bride-to-be, Camille. Before the day of the wedding, Ben tries to go swimming in the lake, only to interrupt a mud alien's attempt to sabotage the wedding. Ben defeats the sludge alien as Cannonbolt, but finds the groom's parents pointing rifles at him soon after. He escapes with Gwen's help, and Max explains that the groom's side of the family are all Plumbers, while the bride's side are all mud-like aliens, called "Sludges", which the Plumbers were enemies with until Joel and Camille meet. This wedding represents a truce. However, on the wedding day, chaos erupts when Camille's parents revolt against the marriage and show their true selves. As Heatblast, Ben defeats them with a little help from the angry bride.
  • The Tennysons attend a wedding where some aliens are attempting to stop it.

    This episode was a little weird, but it was pretty good. The beginning part where Grandpa Max is trying to help Ben get the tux on was funny. Max was so proud of that tux. It's just a shame Ben ripped it when he fell at the end of the episode. It was hilarious watching Gwen teach Ben how to dance. It was funny how Ben pushed her when Grandpa Max started watching them. You could hear a crash and then hear Gwen say ow. The pictures Gwen took of the wedding were funny. One of them was Ben falling, Grandpa Max looking shocked because the tux was ripped, Ben trying to hide and cover his face, and someone grabbing Ben to try to get him out of the picture.
  • ok this was pretty cool

    the episode itself was pretty boring but it does tell u other partsof the family are alien hunters, plus those sliens were pretty cool. But especialy the bride that alien form was pretty sick> I realy wanted her to tocuh the watch> that would make another awesome alien. over alll alright the new laiens looked cool and i liked the general idea but it could be better. I rocemend that gwen got in with a better fight with thse aliens she needs to use more magic. Plus i think that ben could use other aliens like wildvine and upchuck and benwolf and ben mummy and ben vicktor