Ben 10

Season 2 Episode 7

Camp Fear

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Jun 21, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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When Grandpa Max almost runs over a lost and scared camper, they have to ensure the boy's life. They later head to Camp Opinicon, only to find no people around. As they investigate the premises, they find twins, whom were also hiding from something that may have a connection to the lifeless camp. Grandpa Max readies to leave the area with the children, only to find that the RV's engine is clogged with a mysterious fungus. While the kids take in shelter in a nearby cabin, Grandpa Max is captured. Now Ben must come to the rescue to discover a new alien form, as well as a way to destroy the evil alien Myceloid Monsters and their Fungal Master, and learn the benefits of what sharing can do. Can Ben save everyone? And is there a new alien he will discover?moreless

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  • Fungus, ewww.

    These last two episodes have really shown the progress of the writing in Ben 10; hopefully this isn't an anomaly and is a constant. The parallels of Ben/Gwen and Mandy/Andy in the beginning of the show was pretty nice to see just because Ben and Gwen's relationship so far hasn't been too terribly creative outside of jabs and insults to each other and this provided something more. Though the episode kind of abandoned the idea the later half, not sure what happened there. There's a nice sequence of Gwen leading Mandy, Andy, and Gilbert to battle the mushrooms which was pretty entertaining, though the villain overall felt really uninspiring. A giant mushroom? Though the villains other than a selectable few in this show so far have all been uninspiring, and if this episode meant to sacrifice all of that half assed build up of those antagonists to build up its writing and development, I'd make that trade all the time.moreless
  • It's was okay not the best but i got annoyed at some points.

    The camper that Grandpa Max almost ran over named Gilbert got on my nerves with all his screaming. That was so annoying to here throughout the whole show. The twins were cute though and the fact that Gwen fought a bit in this episode was pretty cool too. I loved the new alien it was so cool. He did not name it though I was so looking forward to that part. Funny ending too, the way they defeated the enemy alien and all. Fungal powder who would have thought. I hope to see the new alien in other upcoming episodes too it looked real cool.moreless
  • It's not bad, especially the solution to solve the plant problem.

    This episode is somewhat better than the previous few, though it hasn't reached the breakthrough I expected of a second season yet. The idea of a horror camp isn't amplified enough, but I love the idea of vegetation taking over a camp and then the world. The part about bickering is well done too, with Ben and Gwen and later the twins quarrelling as well. Grandpa Max appeared very emotionless in this episode, but that's not uncommon. The appearance of a new alien hero is naturally a great thing. I do wonder what this new alien hero, Wildvine, can do in the future.moreless
  • Ben was awesome on this episode.

    Distracted by Ben and Gwen quarreling, Max almost hits a young camper on the road. They take the boy back to his camp, Camp Opinicon, only to find no one there. As they investigate the premises, they find two more children, twins, who are hiding from something that caused the camp to become deserted. Max is captured by tendrils while he investigates, prompting Ben and Gwen to split up. While Gwen leads the campers to safety from fungal mutants, Ben attempts two failed rescue missions, getting captured on the second. In trying to escape, Ben unlocks a new alien form, a plant-like alien named Wildvine; however, even Wildvine cannot defeat the brain that controls the fungal creatures. Fortunately, Ben drops an antifungal drug onto the brain and causes it and its minions to wither. Ben and Gwen spread more of the antifungal powder on its tendrils and save the camp.moreless
  • ben gwen and grandpa find a boy who go's to camp omicon. and the camp is being attacked by evil plants! ben must save the camp and three kids still there!moreless

    this is another episode where ben gets a new alien unlocked from the omitrix: WILDVINE! a cool alien that can do alot of things that plants do! the camp omicon (or some thing like that) being attacked by evil killer alien plants! that are going to destroy the earth!!! ben must save! the kid GILBERT is awesome! he screams alot and its funny! he even looks funny to! this is a realy cool episode with the aliens: XLR8, CANNONBOLT, WILDVINE AND WILDMUTT! GREAT EPISODE! has a lot of funny parts too! the new alien is real cool and so is this episode!moreless
Meagan Smith

Meagan Smith

Gwen Tennyson

Paul Eiding

Paul Eiding

Grandpa Max

Tara Strong

Tara Strong

Ben Tennyson/Upgrade

Dee Bradley Baker

Dee Bradley Baker


Fred Tatasciore

Fred Tatasciore

Ripjaws/Cannon Bolt

Jim Ward

Jim Ward

Diamond Head/XLR8/Wildvine

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (12)

    • Wildvine is the final alien to have a transformation.

    • Look Closely: The birthday book that Gwen was looking through shows pictures of birthday cakes and balloons.

    • Look Hard: When Ben pulled off his shoe to scratch his foot, you could see that he had a hole in one of his socks.

    • Look Hard: When Gwen gives a birthday invitation to Ben, you can see an invitation that says "Becca."

    • Pay Attention/Listen Carefully: When Andy and Mandy are arguing over whose fault it was that they wound up hiding in the kitchen, Andy says "He started it" while pointing at Mandy, who is a girl.

    • Look Closely: Ben is wearing his shoe even after throwing it into the Fungal Brain.

    • Look Closely/Pay Attention: When Gwen is claiming why she should get to celebrate her birthday on the real date, she argues that she already sent out the invitations, but there are about half-dozen invitations still in the book.

    • Think Back: At the beginning of this episode, Ben is going Stinkfly to save Gilbert. However, doesn't he notice that it is raining? We learn that in "The Krakken," Stinkfly can't fly if his wings get wet.

    • When traveling through the camp, we see archery targets facing each other, and positioned right next to the climbing wall, which would never happen in real life because it would be too dangerous.

    • Despite dialogue in this episode, fungi are not a type of plant, but their own separate kingdom.

    • Ben thought the fungus on Gilbert's arm was gross. If he thought it was gross, why did he continue to poke it?

    • Look Closely: When Gilbert is first seen in the RV, he has a fungus on his arm; however, through the rest of the episode, the fungus is absent without any explanation as to what happened to it.

  • QUOTES (41)

    • Fungal Brain: Resistance is futile. Even if you destroy me, you can not possibly destroy the billions of my spores I am about to release to your atmosphere.
      Wildvine: I'll worry about them next!
      (Omnitrix beeps; Wildvine reverts back to Ben)
      Ben: (as Fungal Brain grabs them again) Grandpa, I'm sorry.

    • Ben: (referring to the giant pods) Okay, they stopped. That's good.
      Gilbert: Actually, it's worse. Those are puff balls containing billions of mushroom spores. If those mushrooms mature and release those spores-
      Gwen: They could spread over the whole state or even the whole country!

    • Andy & Mandy: This camp rocks!
      Gilbert: Oh yeah! I can't wait to come back!
      (The four stop when they see Ben and Grandpa Max in front of them; covered in the Fungal Brains' guts)
      Gwen: You did it!
      Ben: Almost. We still gotta stop those spores (to Andy) Did you say everyone at camp gets athlete's foot?

    • Ben: (referring to the bottles of athlete's foot powder) Any bright ideas on how to let this stuff go?
      Gwen: Actually, as a matter of fact, I do.

    • Grandpa Max: If I'm going down, I'm at least gonna take the "fun" out of this fungus!
      Ben: That's it!
      Grandpa Max: That's what?
      Ben: You said the foot powder kills all kinds of fungus, Grandpa! (kicks off his shoe and throws it into the Fungal Brain's mouth)

    • Ben: Nice work, cuz. I couldn't have done it without you.
      Gwen: Any time.

    • Gilbert: What just happened?
      Gwen: Ben just happened.

    • Gwen, Gilbert, Andy, & Mandy: (using the rowboat as a shield) Charge!
      Gilbert: Take no prisoners!

    • Wildvine: So let me guess, you're the brainiac.
      Fungal Brain: I prefer Mycelium.
      Grandpa Max: Ben, who are you talking to?
      Wildvine: Mr. Mushroom Head. It's like we're connected or something. Oh, man! Why can't you be a vegetarian?
      Fungal Brain: Struggle as you may, you cannot stop me. Soon, I will consume every living creature on this planet.
      Wildvine: Well, you're not starting with us!

    • (Gwen, Gilbert, Andy, & Mandy all run into the storage shed)
      Andy: We wouldn't even be here now if you didn't make us hide in the kitchen!
      Mandy: Me? It was your idea in the first place!
      Andy: Well, you didn't have to listen to me!
      Gwen: Stop it!
      Andy & Mandy: She/he started it!
      Gwen: It doesn't matter who started it or whose fault it is. What matters is your family and you need to stick together. Got it?
      Andy & Mandy: Okay.
      Gwen: Good, because we're gonna need to fight our way out of here.

    • (Andy & Mandy are fighting over the swing)
      Andy: Me first!
      Mandy: No, me!
      Gwen: Does it really matter?! Now zip it!

    • XLR8: (running up to Grandpa Max) Grandpa!
      Grandpa Max: Ben!
      XLR8: Save your strength. I'll have you free in just a-
      (Omnitrix beeps; XLR8 reverts back to Ben)
      Ben: NO!
      Grandpa Max: Ben, behind you!
      (roots grab Ben and pull him towards the cave wall)
      Ben: Grandpa!

    • Gwen: We need to get to higher ground!
      Mandy: But, the rock wall is only for the older campers.
      Gwen: Call me crazy, but right now, I think some camp rules are meant to be broken.

    • Gilbert: If we make it to the dining hall, maybe we can barricade ourselves in the kitchen.
      Andy: And fight these things off with what, a spatula?
      Mandy: We're so dead meat. Oh, I hate it, hate it, hate it here!

    • Ben: (to Gwen) That's it. I'm going XLR8. I'm gonna save Grandpa and start chopping them down.

    • Ben: (to Gwen) What do you think they want?
      Gwen: Well, I took this advanced botany course last semester and I think-
      (something grows out of the ground in front of them)
      Ben: Ah! They want us, for plant food!

    • Gilbert: They must be a dormant species that came alive when this camp dug in this new area. That's what I was trying to tell you when your RV almost ran me over. We gotta get outta here!
      Ben: (opening the door) I'm not going anywhere without my grandpa!
      Gwen: (leaving with him) Make that both of us.

    • (Ben runs back to the cabin where everyone is hiding)
      Ben: You won't believe it! There are-
      Gilbert: Killer mushrooms; everywhere!
      Gwen: And they're taking over the camp!
      Ben: (shocked) Ummmm, right. And they've got Grandpa!
      Gwen: Oh, no!

    • Ben: (trying to activate the bulldozer) How do you work this thing? (activates bulldozer; to Myeloid Monsters) I'm taking you guys out at the root!

    • Mandy: (watching Ben put powder on his foot): Athletes Foot?
      Andy: Everyone gets it here.

    • Andy & Mandy: Is it safe to come out?
      Grandpa Max: You two okay?
      Andy: For-
      Mandy: Now.
      Grandpa Max: What happened? Where did everyone go?
      Andy: We heard something outside, but-
      Mandy: We were too scared to come out.
      Andy: I'm Andy.
      Mandy: And I'm Mandy.
      Andy & Mandy: We're twins.

    • (the lights in the cafeteria go out; Grandpa Max turns on a flashlight and shines it on Ben)
      Ben: (eating the spaghetti) What?! I'm hungry.

    • Grandpa Max: (stepping inside Camp Opinicon's cafeteria) Hello? Anybody home?
      Ben: Whoa. It looks abandoned.
      Gwen: (looking around) Yep. Definitely abandoned.
      Grandpa Max: (feeling the spaghetti) The food is still warm. Looks like they left in a hurry.

    • Gwen: (referring to Gilbert) He must go to Camp Opinicon.
      Ben: (pointing at Gilbert's arm) Ugh! That is one scary looking rash.
      Gwen: (as Ben continues to poke Gilbert's arm) It's obviously some kind of fungus.
      Grandpa Max: I saw the sign for the camp a little ways back. They must have a nurse.

    • Ben: Who plans their birthday party six months in advance?
      Gwen: The one who gets to celebrate it on her actual birthday this year.

    • Ben: Change it!
      Gwen: No way! You change yours!
      Ben: It's your turn!
      Gwen: Sorry, but I already picked the cake, color coordinated the balloons, and sent the invitations. By the way, here's yours. (hands Ben a birthday invitation, but Ben throws it behind him)

    • Ben: I've got animal instincts.

    • Grandpa Max: Here, these will help you dry off. (passes out towels) Sorry, but I've only got two clean ones.
      Andy: That's okay.
      Mandy: We'll share.
      (Ben & Gwen are fighting for the second towel)
      Grandpa Max: (to Mandy & Andy) You know, a couple of kids I know could learn something from you two.
      Ben & Gwen: Who?

    • Cannon Bolt: (to Gilbert) You okay?
      Gilbert: (wakes up and sees Cannon Bolt) Ahhhhhh! (faints)
      Cannon Bolt: Uh, I'll take that as a no.

    • Ben: And I was thinking. I guess I can have my birthday anytime. You take the real date.
      Gwen: That's nice of you, but it's really no big deal. You take the real date.
      Ben: Sneak! I knew I'd get it after only one, "You take the real date!"
      Gwen: Dweeb!
      Grandpa Max: Oh, well. Guess you two really can't agree on anything.
      (waiter brings a mushroom pizza to the table)
      Ben & Gwen: (in unison) Mushrooms?!
      Ben: Gross!
      Grandpa Max: Well, almost anything. (eats a slice)

    • Fungal Brain: Surely as a plant, you must understand the wisdom of sharing a single intelligence.
      Wildvine: I'm not good at sharing anything! Just ask my cousin.

    • Andy & Mandy: (in unison) Can't you guys just share?
      Ben: Like sharing the same birthday with a relative every single year? You don't get it.
      Gwen: Ben, they're twins, as in born on the same day.
      Ben: I knew that.

    • Grandpa Max: I'll see what I can rustle up for us from the kitchen.
      Gwen: Grandpa rustling up a meal?
      Ben: Now that's a scary thought.

    • Grandpa Max: Here. You two can share. (gives Ben a flashlight)
      Ben: Like we don't share enough already?
      Gwen: Will you let it go?
      Ben: Only if you do first!
      Gwen: Never!
      Ben: Well, then, never plus one!

    • Gwen: His name's Gilbert.
      Ben: Whoa! How'd you know that?
      Gwen: Women's intuition.
      Grandpa Max: That, and he's wearing a name tag.

    • Ben: Stinkfly to rescue! (activates Omnitrix; transforms into Cannon Bolt)
      Cannon Bolt: Oh, man! Can't this thing ever get it right?

    • Grandpa Max: Here, Ben. Try this on your foot. It gets rid of all kinds of fungus.
      Ben: Athlete's foot powder? Well, I am an athlete.
      Gwen: More like an athletic supporter, if you ask me.
      (Ben sticks his tongue out at Gwen)

    • Ben: Grandpa promised he's taking me for laser tag for my birthday.
      Gwen: But you can't miss my party, Grandpa.
      Grandpa Max: Now you two have shared the same birthday for 10 years, and if you don't stop arguing, neither of you will make it to 11!

    • Ben: We might share a bunch of stuff, Gwen, but we don't share this. (holds up Omnitrix)

    • Gilbert: Actually, the only way to eliminate a mushroom is to destroy its Mycelium.
      Ben: Its what?
      Gwen: Its brain.
      Ben: You guys know way too much about mushrooms.

    • (Ben transforms into Wildvine)
      Grandpa Max: What the heck is that?
      Wildvine: Beats me. I've never went him before. (releases spikes that free him from the vines) But I like what he can do!

  • NOTES (19)


    • Sharing a Towel
      In Russian superstition, having two or more people dry their hands or bodies with the same towel is bad luck, for it is believed to bring a future conflict between the two. This is echoed when Mandy and Andy share the towel to dry themselves, and, later, argue about their previous actions.

    • Mycelium: Resistance is futile.
      The line uttered by the Mycelium, "Resistance is Futile" was made famous by the Star Trek villain known as the Borg. Seems the Mycelium and the Borg have a common interest.

    • Wildvine: Appearance
      Wildvine's appearance strangely resembles the appearance of Undergrowth, a villain from the Nickelodeon show, Danny Phantom, in the episode "Urban Jungle."

    • Episode Title: Camp Fear
      This episode's title is a reference to the movie, Cape Fear.

    • Camp Opinicon: Spoof
      Camp Opinicon is a spoof of Camp Ockinickon, a Boy Scout camp, filled with rocks and a nurse cabin. It's usually called Rockinickon.