Ben 10

Season 4 Episode 3

Don't Drink the Water

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Jul 26, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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  • Ben, Gwen and Grandpa Max battle Hex for control of the Fountain of Youth.

    Funny, funny, funny! I caught this episode via Cartoon Network on Demand, and it is hilarious. It doesn't do anything original with the old characters-revert-to-a-younger(or older)-age scenario, but it sure is entertaining. Ben teasing Grandpa about his age, the young Max teasing Gwen, toddler Ben in a carseat--these are classic "Ben 10" bits. You can quibble over the fact that some of the events taking place here defy the series' logic. For example, the Ominitrix transforms the ten-year-old Ben into seemingly adult aliens. Yet, when he is de-aged by the fountain's water, the Omnitrix transforms him into baby aliens. If the Omnitrix is limited by the age of its wearer, wouldn't ten-year-old Ben become child aliens rather that adult aliens? And why does the fountain's guardian, charged with protecting it from the rest of the world, fill a carnival dunk tank with the magic water? But honestly, I was too busy laughing to ponder such things.
  • good episode

    Growing weak with old age, Hex is seeking out something to make him stay young. At the same time, Max is having difficulties with his aging body, so he decides to impress his grandkids at a fair to show them he's not as elderly as he seems. At the dunking game Max challenged them to, he and Ben both get splashed, unaware that the water is from the Fountain of Youth. Max regresses into a ten-year-old while Ben becomes a four-year-old. The booth's owner is the guardian of the fountain, having been charged to do so by Juan Ponce de León 400 years previous. Hex manages to force the man into revealing the location of the fountain, which he uses to become young again. However, Ben uses Heatblast to vaporize the fountain, in the process exposing Hex to enough of the water to turn him into an infant. With the fountain gone, the man reveals that the effects of the water will wear off without constant exposure. Meanwhile, Charmcaster finds her infant uncle and enjoys taunting him at his expense.
  • Greatest Ben 10 episode ever!

    At first, when I've heard about this episode, I decided to avoid watching this episode. But when I saw it on a second rerun, I felt it wasn't so bad after all. Don't get me wrong. I actually liked that episode. In fact, it was great seeing Grandpa Max when he was Ben's age. What else made me like this episode was when Ben became four years old. He was so cute! Because of this, he went WildPup (a younger version of WildMutt), and StinkyFly (a younger version of StinkFly). This episode is so great I could watch it again and again. I give it 10 out of 10.
  • Best episode eva!

    I loved this episode. 4 year old Ben was so cute. He's like "Goin' Hewo... uh, Hero." I was dieing with that. And Ben in the Carseat was PRICELESS! I always wanted them to mak an episode like that. Who agree's with me c'mon! It was the best episode Eva!!!!! But i would have really liked to see what 4 year old Greymatter would look like. Maybe so small you couldn't even see him. Lol. But I really liked wildpup. He was like the best. But stiknyfly was cool too. That was funny. But other than that I think Ben in the carseat was the finniest.
  • Grandpa Max and Ben become younger when they accidentally drink from the Fountain of Youth.

    I'm not going to lie: I have been really disappointed with the past few Ben 10 episodes. This one finally broke the streak though. It was really good. I felt sorry for Grandpa Max when Ben kept making fun of him because he was old. It was funny seeing Young Max and Ben playing video games and tag and annoying Gwen. It was even funnier seeing Ben as a four year old. He was cute though. Especially his aliens. I would have liked to see XLR8 younger though. That would have been funny. This episode had a lot of humor in it, like when Ben was throwing fits because he was younger and when Gwen was making fun of him. Overall, this was a pretty good episode.
  • This episode was pretty good.

    I thought this episode was pretty good.It was funny,and adventurous as well.The main plot is that Hex is after the Fountain of Youth to make himself immortal.But the Water from the fountain De-ages Ben and Grandpa Max.Causing a little trouble stopping Hex.This episode deserves an 8.5 out of 10.I thought teenage Four-arms was cool.And "Wildpup" was too cute!