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Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • 4/15/08
      With summer over, Ben goes back to school. Unable to tell anyone about the Omnitrix, Ben finds that regular life is much more boring than he imagined. However, the arrival of Vilgax promises to rectify that situation. Will Ben defeat Vilgax once more or does Vilgax have a plan to destroy Ben and the rest of his little town?moreless
    • I-10: The Ben 10 User Generated Experience
      Cartoon Network gives Ben 10 fans a chance to say their favorite things about the show.
    • 4/15/08
      Ben is battling with Animo, and when he goes against the advice of Max and Gwen, he gets engulfed in a strange energy field. It turns out that the self destruct function of the Omnitrix has been accidentally set off. The function sends a signal that is heard by Tetrax, who comes to Earth and tells Ben that they must go through space to find Azmuth, the watch’s creator and the only one who can stop the destruction.moreless
    • 3/9/08
      Ben, Gwen, Cooper and Grandpa Max face their hardest battle ever against the villains led by the Forever King at Mount Rushmore. Both sides are fighting for the most powerful energy source in the universe! Will Ben and the gang win it or will The Negative Ten get to it first?moreless
    • 3/9/08
      The Forever King sets his plan in motion and recruits 10 of the most powerful enemies left that Ben has ever faced in order to achieve his greatest goal. Will Ben, Gwen, and Max be able to fight off all ten of them, or will they finally take their revenge?
    • Ben 10: Race Against Time
      The Tennysons arrive back home, but Ben seems to find it hard to re-adjust his lifestyle as a regular old kid again... But before he can do that, villains come and take over his hometown, and it is up to him to go hero before anyone is harmed. And how does the Omnitrix, an alien named Eon, and the Plumbers fit into all of this?moreless
    • Ken 10
      Episode 8
      In the future, Ben gives his son, Ken, an Omnitrix for his 10th birthday. However, Ben will have to learn to trust him with that power. Will Ken be responsible and mature enough to maintain its power, or will he create massive trouble for himself and his dad?
    • Ready to Rumble
      Episode 7
      When Ben accidentally breaks Gwen's laptop, he participates in the "Ultimate Wrestling Competition" as Four Arms to get the prize money for a new laptop to replace Gwen's broken one. Can Ben win against all those mysterious contestants or will his plan change for the good of someone else?
    • Ben 4 Good Buddy
      Episode 6
      While on a desert highway, the RV gets stolen by a group of modern-day pirates, who use it to go on a robbery.
    • Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix
      In a battle with Dr. Animo, Ben Tennyson accidentally sets off the Omnitrix's self-destruct mode. To stop the Omnitrix from self-destructing, Ben, Gwen, Tetrax and Gluto must find the the Omnitrix's creator, stop it from self-destructing and save the Universe.
    • 8/2/07
      Ben, Gwen, and Grandpa Max attend a family wedding. Ben's Uncle Joel is to be married to his fiancée, Camille. It turns out that Camille is no ordinary human being, but the purpose of their marriage is to end the fighting between her alien race, the Sludges, with the Plumbers. Unfortunately her parents disapprove the marriage at the last minute and attack the family during the ceremony. Can Ben stop these wedding crashers, or will the aliens take over the wedding and Ben?moreless
    • 7/26/07
      After being in contact with water from the Fountain of Youth, Grandpa Max is reverted to being a kid again and Ben is back to being four years old. Now, Gwen is left to take care of them while stopping Hex from finding the fountain's source. Can she handle their actions and still be able to stop Hex, or is it too much for her to handle?moreless
    • Divided We Stand
      Episode 2
      Ben gains another Omnitrix hero to use, which he calls Ditto. Gwen can't stand being around the multiplying Dittos, and they end up giving her headaches. The Dittos, though, prove to be real helpful against Dr. Animo and his multiplying Stinkflies after he extracted some of Ditto's DNA.
    • Perfect Day
      Episode 1
      Enoch and the Forever Knights return, putting Ben into a dream world where he's tricked into having the perfect day. However, his dream quickly turns into a nightmare. Will Ben find a way to escape this nightmare?
  • Season 3
  • Season 2
  • Season 1
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