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    [1]Sep 1, 2006
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    Name:Kenna Maley Tennix
    Nickname:Ken 10
    Powers:Has the power of the igniotrix by her side.It has 30 and more forms but we'll stick with her top ten and their powers: 

    Viro: Destroy electrical devices inside-out,electric shocks and blasts

    SharpShard:Reflects anything such as beams and objects,shard shooting,slicer shard
    Species: Ditorian

    BlackBullet:Fly at speeds 1,000,000 MPH, death Breath

    Microbe:Change sizes,Super smartness>_0

    Retrostretch:Stretch farther than the eye can see,morph into many helpful things such as: Spring,ball,rope,etc...
    Species:Elastik Stretchicons

    Probe:Transform into anything or person

    Frostbite:Ice powers,wind powers,Ghost powers(like ghostfreak),and can withstand temperatures -1,000,000 C.

    WilderHound: Dog-like abilities,supersenses,Superhuman powers,spike ball,spike shooting

    Charcoal:Fire powers, withstand temp. up to 1,000,000 C.,Turn into charcoal encrusted shield
    Species: Pyrocharren

    Shade:Summon Shadows,blend in with surroundings,cause end of Earth

    EarthWorm: Dig underground,Drill tail,rip through many objects and devices,Earth telekenisis

    Horseshoe:Generates good luck to itself and others,generates bad luck to enemies,like a living Boomerang
    Species: probipilitons

    Bloodthirsty:Fly,suck energy,blood,and substance for health and power,large biting fangs,super screeches

    Kung-Chan:Great martial arts skills,balance,chi,and focus

    Controlfreak:Hypnotize all who look at it

    Personality: kind of a smart a$$,funny,intelligent,brave,a total tomboy!But her most used trait is sarchasm.She's mostly like ben in a way! 

    Desription:She stands at the height of 5'6.Her Shirt is similar to ben and gwen's(the collar color goes to sleeves and down in a thick line like Ben's),the shirt is red on the collar and blue side to side of the collar's line,Short black hair similar to gwen's style with a tip of red,eyes are green,pants are cargo with the color of green,and igniotrix is on the same arm as Ben's.Taller than Gwen or Ben.Also wears a collar to stop her from becoming evil! 

    Partner:A galvin named Sam(always with her and guiding her) 

    history:Her whole family of 6 siblings were born orphans(Jen,Glen,Ren,Aaron,Jack,Kareen)But when one of the sibs makes the biggest mistake,the whole family have a huge fight.So they decide it would be best to break up.A year after, Ken,the youngest sibling,gets abducted.By aliens!But these aliens are possibly the best things to happen to her.Sam,her best friend was the leader of the group.He is the one to put the almighty igniotrix on her.Containing 30 alien forms and more on it,it is possibly the most powerful thing besides the omnitrix.But when the two figure out about Ben 10 and other Trixes *so be called*,they set a search to find them.When they do,they become partners with many trix holders and go out to stop evil,collect the trixes and save Earth!!After they play some video games...

    Eva Carterson
    Zhen Anatasia-Yue Jutendou*Zhen 10*
    Theodore Nosynnet*Ted 10*
    Xen Steel*Xen 10*
    Benjamin Tennyson*Ben 10*
    Max Tennyson
    Gwendolyn Tennyson
    Lt. Steel
    Kevin 11*They met when they were 9*
    Samuel Jikito*Sam*
    Newest Friends-Crow,Krevak,Boga

    Devin 11
    Lynn Tennix
    Christeen 13

    First Appearance:"Ken 10"


    "WHAT?!I AM A GIRL!"

    "Oh boy... what DON'T I have to do to save Earth."

    "Why am I never appreciated?I mean I save the frickin' world 200 times a week.The least I should get is a coffee mug or somethin..." 


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    [2]Sep 2, 2006
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    Name : Eryk Leann Flame
    Eyes : Orange yellow
    Powers : Is actually a pheonix in disguise, which means she can shift between Pheonix and human forms, in both forms she can still use her powers, which are fire and flying.
    Gender : Female
    Born in : Pheonix, AR (Hehehehehe...)
    Hair : Wavy, Orange red
    Favorite colors : Red, orange, scarlet, gold, yellow.
    Clothing : An orange tank-top over a red long sleeve shirt, Yellow jeans, Sneakers of the same colors as her clothes, and a flame shaped amulet that lets her shift between forms.Personality : Secretive, no friends or family. You can probably always find her sad, angry, or half happy. She's really not a social person and tends to keep to her self. She's never had any friends or family because a pheonix just rises from their own ashes so she's her own family. She is a tomboy who hopes to make a friend some day. She also tends to talk to herself because no one knows her.

    Quotes :  "AHHH! WATER!"    "Well, I went to Hershey Park once, but don't get me started about that!"  "What I don't do on a daily basis is a better question."

    Name: Asleyes Drake Lane
    Appearence: Blue Green eyes, Gray T-Shirt, Blue Jeans, Cyan shoes, Black hair with a natural Silver streak.
    Powers: Werewolf.
    Favorite colors: Cyan, Blue Green, and Grey
    Personality: Social, nice guy, weird, ladies man, funny, Likes making new pals on a daily basis, fun to be with, happy, kind.

    Quotes:  "Well, I am a ladies man."  "Ehh, full moons suck for me."  "Who da man?"

    Name : Herin Flower
    Eyes : Yellow
    Powers : Rainbow Crow
    Gender : Female
    Born in : Tampa Bay, FL
    Hair : Straight, Black
    Favorite colors : Every color
    Clothing : Green and light green long sleeve shirt, blue jeans, necklace with a gold charm that lets her shift between forms, and yellow sneakers
    Personality : Social, sweet, kind, nature loving, athletic, active, fast, loves to swim.

    Quotes:  "Eryk, get off your lazy butt and go climb a tree or something!  On second thought, just go to the amusement park."   "ERYK, YOU DID NOT JUST CALL ME A NEAT-FREAK!"  "I am NOT having a good day."

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    [4]Sep 2, 2006
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    Name:Alyssa Nickname:none
    Race: Alien, Of the hibatica tribe
    Powers: Has all the powers of the aliens in ben's watch. She has the ability to steal powers from other aliens, well more or less copy them.
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    Doom_123 wrote:

    alright what wise @$$es put SUCKS LIKE YOU!You @$$ WIPES!!!

    lol.* I put LOVE IT DOOM!!*

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    I didnt do it. I put in I LOVE IT DOOM! uh oh, there are three wisea**es....they better find bomb shelters.....
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    [7]Sep 3, 2006
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    Name: Jackson Shask
    Age: 15
    Looks: Black Hair, one brown eye, one green eye.
    Clothes: Dark Green T-Shirt, Black Jeans.
    Notes: Has the Biotrix, which has 15 alien forms and can work with the Omnitrix to give both users 25 alien forms.

    Three of his Aliens:

    Spike: Has the ability to grow and shoot large spikes at an enemy, looks like a human porcupine.

    Entrance: Can hypnotise others, but only for 10 minutes at a time. Looks like a snakelike person with permenently hypnotic eyes.

    Mindleech: Can drain intelligence from people, the side effect is that he can't control it and drains the intelligence of those around him, turning males into cavemen and females into airheads in terms of intelligence. Looks like a Lizardman with a mouth in the palm of each hand.

    Enviro-Limb: Looks like a six armed Fishman, can make the area around him attack his opponents, the environment he controls takes the appearance of arms and legs, hence the name.

    Beam: Looks like a small Dragon with several orbs all over it's body, can shoot lasers out of each orb, for an overkill attack can shoot beams out of every orb at once.

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    [8]Sep 3, 2006
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    Name: Treston Jamison Lopez
    NN: Treston or tress
    name puns: Tres= three three= amount of Incomplete aliens on the watch and also his name may be pronounced TRES ten.
    Age: 12
    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: 130
    Hair: Jet Black
    Gender: Male
    Hairstyle: Somewhat like Ben's, slightly longer
    Skin Color: Tan to light brown
    Eyes: 1. Dark Green 1 Brown
    Clothes: Orange T-shirt and Jeans
    Location: Montgomery. county, MD
    Personality: Smart but half the time pessimistic and half optimistic.
    Power: Weilds Incomplete Omnitrix. A hexagon shaped watch that makes an "i" in the middle, was made by Vilgax's drones but was aborted when Vilgax was defeated. It has eight forms, all of them the same from Ben's watch. However only five of the forms (Upgrade, XLR8, Heatblast, wildmutt, Stinkfly) are full-blown transformations. The other three (Grey Matter, Fourarms, Ripjaws) have one or more differences that are different from the full transformation.
    How he got it: It crashed down while he was on a camping trip on the appalachian trail. First form used: XLR8
    Ben encounters: he first met Ben off screen at the K-mart, which was actually in Bethesda, not DC.
    Master Code: Knows it. It is "DO WHATEVER YOU F***ING WANT WITH THIS F***ING THING JUST DON"T RUIN THE F***ING TRIM" Found it out when he was arguing about a Nintendo DS.
    "Damn mondays!"
    "(to someone who is panicking) look, sometimes we have to look inside ourself and ask: (head swells up in an anime expression) WHO GIVES A CRAP!!!!!!"

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    Name: Cal Ripfin (I cribbed the name from a great white shark from the book THE DEVIL'S TEETH)
    Nickname: Ripfin
    Species: Pissciss Volann (ripjaws' species)
    Height: About as tall as diamondhead/grandpa which i guesstimate is around 6'0"-6'4" (i don't think grandpa is that tall, ben and gwen are just really short)
    Weight: around 350-400 pounds
    Description/Backstory: Ripfin is from the same race as ripjaws. They are pretty much identical except Ripfin is about 4-6 inches shorter than ripjaws but he's a lot stockier, giving him a build similar to diamondhead's build. in other words, as far as build goes: ripjaws would be like Jonathan Ogden and ripfin would be like Larry Allen, one's taller but slimmer and the other's shorter and more heavily built. for some reason (he works out) ripfin is much stronger than ripjaws and is actually stronger than diamondhead but not quite on par with fourarms. he also can do anything ripjaws can do, breathe an agile swimmer, except because of his greater girth, ripfin is slower in the water. Ripfin became a traveling bounty hunter after Vilgax's forces killed his family. Upon coming to earth in 1988, he openly approached the UN and received Human Status, like in Hellboy. After that, he joined the U.S. Army Rangers and served with distinction in campaigns in Panama, Iraq (desert Storm) and Somalia. Soon after, Sgm. Ripfin was dishonorably discharged in Amsterdam after going on a 2 week orgy of sex, drugs, and alcohol (only drugs and alcohol for Ripfin, for obvious reasons...) with a few other Rangers.

    Ripfin has an uncommon gene to the pissciss volann species that enables him to breathe regularly on land. Like I also said, he's AT LEAST as strong as diamondhead and can punch like hell, kinda like hellboy.

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    Meet my Ben 10 fancharacter! Her name is Jenny Nichole Tenson, but everybody calls her Jen. She's 10 years old and just entered the fifth grade. Here's the basics: her favorite food is pizza, her favorite song is "Move Along" by the All-American Rejects, and her favorite color is pink. She first appeared in "And Then There Was Jen", where she got her pink monitrix.

    Personality: She's really nice, funny, and smart. She's never really been rude to anybody. She's always up for a good joke and loves to make her own. She can figure things out easily and usually knows how to fix problems that occur. She's also totally good at heart. She loves to have fun and occasionally causes a little mischeif. She is very reliable and you can always depend on her. She never lets anybody down and is always there for them. She's also very brave and adventerous. Shyness is not an option for her. She's also very social and loves to make new friends. Her style is half prep and half tomboy.

    Description: Jen basically looks like a girl version of Ben. She has dark brown hair that's put up with a black ponytail holder. Her eyes are yellowish-green and she wears black earrings. Her shirt is the same as Ben's and so are her pants, only they're a little bit different shade of green. Her shoes are like Ben's only flat at the bottom. She has a pink monitrix located on her left wrist. Her monitrix looks and works exactly like the omnitrix.

    Hobbies: Jen has many hobbies. They include getting on the computer, watching tv, talking on im, talking on her cell phone, playing video games, listening to her ipod, and hanging out with friends.


    Iceblast: shoots blast of ice, ice breath, icebube attacks, can make snowcones

    Species: Permafrost

    Planet: Glacia


    Ravidpup: sharp claws, very athletic, amazing runner, can jump at incredible heights, sharps spikes on back that can shoot out in defense

    Species: Vulpimancer

    Planet: Vulpin


    Technofreak: techno-alien, can morph with electronics, can go through things(such as walls) easily, can fix anything electronic

    Species: Galvan Mechomorph

    Planet: Galvan B.

    SpeedR: superfast runner, sharpclaws, quick reflexes, can revolve around something to form a tornado and fling them up to 20 miles away, can run at speeds up to 1,200 mph

    Species: Kineceleran

    Planet: Kinet

    Statica: has the power of supershock, can send out electical bolts up to 20,000 volts, can mess up electronics from the inside out without even touching them

    Species: Electromagneter

    Planet: Electromagnetica


    Flashback: can go back in time, can change the past, can go back up to 1,000 years, can only stay in the past for up to a day

    Species: anamnesis

    Planet: anama


    Family: Jen lives with her mom and dad along with her brother(Len 10) and her three sisters(Kate 8 )

    Friends: Her friends include Ben Tennyson, Gwen Tennyson, Kevin, Ken Tennix, Eryk Flame, Alyssa, Jackson Shask, Treston Lopez, and Cal Ripfin.


    "I meant to do that"

    "Aw, man!"

    "Don't look at me, I didn't do it!"

    "Let me guess, I have to turn into an alien and save the world again"

    "Len, would you just shut up already! God!"

    "I know, I know, time to turn into an alien"

    Pics of Jen:


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    Name: Mike Sanderson
    Species: Locust (from Gears of War)
    Height: 7'0"
    Weight: 400 lbs.
    Description: Basically, a tall, very thick (as in muscular) pale-skinned humanoid. Has sharp teeth, no hair, big muscles, almost as big as four-arms, but not quite as tall. luckily, he's on our side. Want to see him? Just look at my icon.
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    Name :  Destructucon

    Powers : Super Strength and speed, along with telepathic abilities and the power to freeze time. As well as several weapons

    Gender : Male

    Born in : Aralias 9

    Hair : He has none

    Favorite colors: Red and black 

    Clothing :  He wears armor similar to Vilgaz's original clothing.

    Personality:  Destructucon is a selfish and greedy bounty hunter

    Biography: Destructucon is an evil bounty hunter who was once one of Vilgax's henchmen. But he managed to escape and went out on his own. But Vilgax found him again and he sent him to Earth to retrieve the Omnitrix. He tracks Ben down and uses his telepathic abilities to actually freeze time for everyone on earth. Everyone but Ben, which could be a problem for our hero. Ben tries to use his aliens forms to fight Destructucon, but he uses his mental powers once more. This time he uses them to deactivate the Omnitrix and renders all of Ben aliens temporarily useless. This gives Destructucon the chance to demonstrate his super strength and super speed, on Ben. And without his alien forms to fight with, Ben is viciously attacked and pummeled. But through it all, Ben manages to live through all his beating and outsmarts Destructucon and defeat him. This gives the intergalactic authorities to arrive and take Destructucon in. But they erase Ben's memory of Destructucon and completely heal him of his wounds. But Destructucon swears to return to earth and destroy Ben.

    Note: Destructucon has never had any contact with Gwen or Max, only Ben and he constantly gets his memory erased of him.       

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    I'll get back on this one...
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    Good4Me wrote:
    I'll get back on this one...

    Gender: Female
    Born: Rados
    Hairrange pigtails
    Favorite Colours: Green and Blue
    Clothing: Green shirt, Blue jeans, DC shoes
    Personality: confident, smart, a little like Gwen (annoying)Family: Unknown.....
    Bio: Kera was a young girl living in Rados and lived a life similar to ours and was doing her homework when she saw a streak of light fall from the sky...she found the Omnitirix..has more control over it than Ben ( a lot more)...this time it has 20 different aliens instead of 12 and she knew how to work it about after 4 months of wearing it...She is a different version of Gwen only A LOT smarter...i mean it....(no offense to Gwen fans...if there are any..)she was able to remove the Omnitrix at some points of the "process" of wearing it...only she had to put it back on after 4 hours of PEACE AND QUIET...which didn't happen often...
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    [17]Nov 4, 2006
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    Name: Tina DeZon

    Hair: Long Red

    Eyes: Blue

    Age: 11

    She started as a childstar movie actress, but her manager's bad prioritizing skills put her life in danger more than once. But after an electric accident on set,Which a certain young Tennyson got in the middle of, She attained the genetic energy of every alien that Ben has (including GhostFreak..without the conciousness). Her downsides are that she can only do alien hybrids, and that the transformations are only short term, like Ben's. The upside to that is that she can choose the combos

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    I want a character who will follow Ben in his trip. Someone who sees him as a ruler, a king, the boss. Someone who worships him, who looks up to him, like Larry to Robin in "Fractured".
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    Name :  Dennison

    Powers : Super Strength and speed, along with a copy of the Omnitrix

    Gender : Male

    Born in : Nowhere he's a clone

    Hair : The same as Ben's

    Favorite colors: Red and black 

    Clothing :  He wears clothes similar ro Ben's.

    Personality:  Selfish and self-serving

    Biography: Dennison was a clone of Ben created by the newly revived Slix Vigma. He was out to get revenge on Ben for what he did. So he beamed him aboard his new ship, only this time, he wanted him to face his better, Dennison. This clone has more than just a duplicant of the Omnitrix, he also possess superstrength like Fourarms and superspeed like XLR8. He hardly ever needs to use the Omnitrix. But he does need to complete the mission he was created to complete. Destroy Ben. When he met his double, Ben tried to use the omnitrix, but Slix uses some kind of ray that deactivates it. This gives Dennison a chance to attack Ben and beat the crud out of him. But just when Ben's time seemed up, he used a electricity wire to shock Dennison senseless and give him time to escape. 

    Note: He has never met Max or Gwen, only Ben.

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    name: blastfurnace



    appearance: blastfurnace looks like heatblastb, except buffer, and one eye is black, like charcoal. he also wears a flaming cape that covers up six crater-like holes.

    powers: bf can control fire, like a normal pyronite, and his fake charcoal eye connects to his other eye, (they connect inside his head)and by "looking" through his fake eye, he can see what kinds of particles are in the air. his main power is the ability to suck in air particles to create reactions by "blasting" them and creating maybe a smokescreen, or a jetpack. he can suck in all sorts of stuff, from water vapor to airborne particles of nitro glisserin
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