Ben 10

Season 2 Episode 3


Aired Saturday 10:00 AM May 31, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • Criminals always return to the scene of the crime.

    Unlike the first two episodes of this season, although the antagonist here uses aliens, we're dealing with an old friend of Ben, who is human, in Kevin. The idea of it doesn't sound so hot, but the execution of it went better than I would expect. The whole unveiling of who the scammer was was really no surprise; who else have we seen so far that can mimic powers? Though some of the fights and Ben's naive personality in the face of authoritative power really made the episode pretty engaging to watch, and it ends with a pretty nice battle with Kevin.
  • Finally, an episode that is pretty interesting.

    I've always loved Kevin. He's pale, has long hair and a sallow face. Who wouldn't like him as a villain? His appearance in this episode does spice things up as he serves to remind Ben of his wrongdoing in the episode Kevin 11. Using his mysterious power to turn into all the Omnitrix aliens except Cannon Bolt, he manages to commit crime, get away from the scene before he is caught or suspected, and frame Ben at the same time. Now I call that remarkable.
    I also like the particular scene when the SCAT agents discover Ben hiding among the crates and crying out like a scared little boy whether the monster had gone. It was a funny and witty trick and I respect Thomas Pugsley for writing this in. I've always had quite a low opinion of his episodes, you see.
    Well-written is the only phrase I have for this episode.
  • awesome episode

    In San Francisco, Ben discovers that look-alikes of his aliens are committing crimes around the city. Ben encounters the imposter and discovers that it was really Kevin; their last battle has permanently given Kevin the ability to transform into the various aliens of the Omnitrix. Kevin leaves Ben to pay for his own crimes performed as Omnitrix aliens, bringing Ben into direct conflict with Lt. Steel of the government's Special Alien Capture Team. Evading Steel, Fourarms confronts Kevin atop the Golden Gate Bridge. Kevin loses control of the Omnitrix's powers during the battle, prompting Ben to walk away. Kevin's rage at the loss forces one final transformation: a fusion of all of the Omnitrix aliens without the ability to revert to human form. Blaming Ben for the mess, Kevin vows to kill Ben. Fourarms is no match for the mutation. Fortunately, Steel had observed the battle and conversation and decides that Kevin is the enemy, knocking him into the water below. Ben and the Tennysons leave the scene with approval from Steel.
  • Kevin returned to frame Ben for crime?

    This is an average episode. I didn't like when Gwen yelled at Ben about his crimes in the RV. I thought it would be Kevin destroying the city. Kevin also knew Grandpa Max's real name, not to mention Gwen's, by saying 'smart-mouthed cousin of yours'. At the end, Kevin completely turned into a combination of all 10 aliens: Four Arms' body, legs, lower back, and 2 of his 4 eyes
    XLR8's tail
    Stinkfly's wings
    Grey Matter's right eye
    Ripjaws' antenna and teeth
    Upgrade's upper back
    4 arms (both of Wildmutt's on the bottom, one of Diamond Head's, and one of Heat Blast's on the top part of Upgrade on the back)
    Ghostfreak's lines spreading across his chest and lower back
    Wildmutt's nostrils on his neck

    Outside of it, all that remains is his hair, ears, and pants. Enough said.
  • Kevin 11 returns with a plan to frame Ben's aliens and make Ben take all the blame.

    This episode was fantastic! I love Kevin 11 and was glad to see him return again. I think that it's really cool that he was able to absorb enough energy from the Omnitrix to allow him to turn into the aliens. It certainly made the episode interesting. I didn't care for that Steel guy though. He came really close to discovering the secret and purpose of the Omnitrix. I really like the fact that Kevin is now an alien hybird. He looks weird, but it's cool that he can use all the powers at once and not have to change between aliens.
  • Poor Ben. He was "Framed" and was accused for things he did not do.

    Ben, Gwen, and Grandpa Max stand quietly in line in the streets of San Francisco, CA, where they patiently wait to receive a new game Ben's looking forward to. Gwen complains about how long the line takes. Grandpa Max suggests that they stop by a bookstore to cool off for a bit. Ben is left behind.

    Grandpa Max and Gwen leave the bookstore and assume that Ben's gotten his game already. Suddenly, Four Arms pops out of the video game store and trashes it. Right away, they see a boy who misuses his powers because of a little game... or is it?
  • When Kevin 11 returns,he causes trouble with Ben getting all the blame of his aliens,so it's Ben job to stop him.

    This show was MAN funny! And it was serious too. When Ben won the fight and Kevin was destroyed, unless they thought he was...

    Anyway, when he ever returns, he will never win. It started when alien device did what it did,
    it stuck itself upon his wrist,
    the secrets that it hid,
    now he's got super powers,
    he's no ordinary kid,
    He's Ben 10!(Ben 10,Ben 10)
    So if you see him,
    you might be in for a big surprise,
    he'll turn into an alien before your very eyes,
    he's funny,creepy,fats and strong,
    he's every shape and size,
    he's Ben 10!(Ben 10,Ben 10)
    All new powers, he on the case,
    fighting all evil from earth or space,
    he'll never stop 'till he makes them pay
    'cause he's the baddest kid who ever saved the day,
    He's Ben 10! Ben 10! 10,10,10!
    (the theme song is in all my reviews LOL)
  • Kevin's back and with all of Ben's powers at his disposal. How can he fight Kevin when Gwen, Max, and an anti-alien organization are hot on his trail?

    There was one thing I really really liked about this episode. The Golden Gate Bridge scene five minutes to the end of the episode. The animation was superb along with the shading. The only thing wrong with this episode is that so many different shows have used this whole "framing" idea. The Simpsons, Teen Titans, Justice League, etc. Kevin returning was a plus, but it was just that one little thing that brought it from superb just down to great instead. For anyone who hasn't been around long enough to realize this flaw will probably fall in love with this episode. Good for them.
  • Four Arms turns up crashing a store. Gwen comes to believe its Ben. But he has no idea what shes talking about until she relfies it to him so runs out to find the imposter. . Will Ben survive the encounter and clear his name without blowing his cover?

    So cool! It was like a combination of Spider-man 1 and X-men3 (a little). Makes me wonder how Grudge Match is gonna turn up. A bit of an improvement from scenes like that I have seen in other shows. Ben getting better and better with every episdoe except when he ends up in an alternate reality and Gwen gets the Omnitrix instead of him. But at least it teaches Ben what helps the Omnitrix come off.
  • cool episode

    In this episode, Ben buys the new Sumo Slammer video game It was a great episode kevins hybrid form was kinda weird
    ghost freaks tentacles upgeades lines ripjaws antenna grey matters eyes
    2) XLR8\'s tail.
    3) Four Arms\' body, legs, and 2 of his 4 eyes.
    4) One of Grey Matter\'s eyes.
    5) Ripjaws\' antenna.
    6) 4 arms (both of Wildmutt\'s on the bottom, one of Diamond Head\'s, and one of Heat Blasts on the top part of Upgrade on the back).
    i thought kevins forms were going to be weirder though i can not wait too see if ben and kevin ever join up
  • Kevin returns with all of Bens powers at his dosposal.

    The first time I saw the previews for this episode, I was thinking "Oh man, what's gunna happen?" Then they showed the alien hybrid at the end and I knew it was Kevin. That would have been a great suprise. Still, it was a good episode. Most heroes need an enemy who has the same or similar powers then them and that is what a recurring villain like Kevin brings, which is good. I would have preferred for him to stay as just a normal hero-shifter instead of the weird looking hybrid, but he's still cool. Plus we got to see some rocking alien fighting and the introduction of the SACT. Fun stuff overall.
  • Kevin Returns

    I must say this episode was really good. After seeing the preview I had a feeling that Kevin would return but this episode made it so much more. The battles between Ben and Kevin were great and the episode had action from start to beginning. I liked it when all 10 alien forms appeared on Ben becasue it maid the battle more exciting. I can't believe that they once again have Kevin just dissappear like that and no one knows where he went. Overall, this was a good episode and brings more action to Ben and Kevin then the last episode did. This is one episode you'll watch again!
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