Ben 10

Season 3 Episode 6

Game Over

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Feb 24, 2007 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

The Tennysons stay in as it rains outside, and Ben plays a video game to pass the time by. When Gwen decides to join in, Ben is jealous of how she's a far superior player. Instead, Ben decides to transform to Upgrade, and merges with the game console. Gwen makes an attempt at shaking him off, but suddenly, a lightning strike causes them to transfer into the video game itself. The only way Ben can use the Omnitrix is to find coins with the different aliens on it. To get out, they must find the Upgrade coin before an evil being uses it to escape into the real world. Can Ben and Gwen defeat this villain, or will he escape and leave them trapped in there forever?moreless

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  • good episode

    Ben and Gwen are playing Sumo Slammer video game and Gwen is beating Ben at it. As a result, Ben turns into Upgrade and merges with the computer so he can lower Gwen's score. As Gwen tries to get Ben out, lightning hits the van and zaps them both into the game. It isn't long before they realize that all of the aliens in the Omnitrix are unavailable and they have to collect tokens in order to activate certain ones. They progress through the levels in order to get the Upgrade token and allow them to leave the game. However, the villain of the game hears them, and wants to use the Upgrade token to leave the game and take over the real world.moreless
  • PlayStation2!!!!

    One of the awsm episodes ever.Gwen turns out to be a better Sumo Slammer player than Ben.Funny eh?That shapeshifter was pretty clever of tricking Ben that he was Ishiyama and wanted to go to the real world.I had no idea that Max became such an expert in Sumo Slammer.I always thought that he was interested in those grose food.Upgrade..... the controller of the game,weird.How can Gwen be praised by the hero of the game as it is she's a smarty wannabe.Ben grew so jealous of it.But then Max became the champion.Then when Ben and Gwen came out,he was interrestd in playing it.moreless
  • Kung Fu Aliens!!!! SWEET!

    Finally after whole season of mentioning trading cards, cereal, video games and other stuff, we finally get to explore the sumo slammer franchise that Ben Tennyson loves. One of the things I really liked about the episode is how they put the aliens into Oriental style outfits. I am really into that stuff and I wish that they could have done all of them! The things Upgrade is capable of... maybe they could do an episode where he gets zapped into the internet. But what really put the cherry on top is when Max sent them outside and played himself!moreless
  • I can watch it over and over!

    This episode, mixing the aliens of the Omnitrix with Ben's video game, was simply marvelous. Filled with suspense, action, Gwen's humor, and of course, the villain, this episode definitely stands out on top. Would you expect less from Ben 10? I don't think so. Once again, the writers cease to amaze their viewers. A video game world was a perfect plot to a Ben 10 episode, and I'm sure everyone thinks so as well. Even with only 3 aliens, this episode still provided much entertainment, by finally giving Ben and Gwen a couple weapons of their own, and the skills to use them.moreless
  • Ben and Gwen find themselves trapped into Ben's Sumo Slammer video game.

    This was a very good episode! I loved the beginning where Gwen says the only reason why Ben won't let her play is because he's afraid of getting beat by a girl. To prove her wrong, Ben lets her play. I also liked the part where Gwen says she read the instructions, and Ben said he didn't know the game came with instructions. My favorite part of the whole episode was when Gwen gained all that extra weight as a new power and Cannon Bolt started laughing at her. If you ask me, Ben and Gwen looked a little stupid in the outfits they wore in the game. I mean, look at Ben's hair. Enough said.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Pay Attention: When Ben found the Four Arms/Upgrade icons, he had to activate the Omnitrix to use them. But when he found the Cannon Bolt icon, he changed instantly.

    • Look Closely: When the group was looking at the statue of the Kappa, Cannon Bolt's back was white. This turned into a running gag throughout the entire fourth season.

  • QUOTES (18)

    • Gwen: (after Upgrade deletes her high score) Ben Tennyson, you are such a cheater! You're gonna get yours one of these days.

    • Grandpa Max: I thought they'd never leave. (plays Sumo Slammer game)

    • (after Gwen breaks the Kappa statue to reveal the path to Level 13)
      Cannon Bolt: Oh, sure. When I bust something, it's all silent stares, but when she busts something, she's a hero.

    • Ben: Whoa! I've never seen this part of the game before!
      Ishyama: Game? This is no game. The fate of the entire sumo world hangs in the balance.
      Ben: I know, I know. I read the back of the box.
      Ishyama: The back of the box?
      (Ben nods confidently)

    • Upgrade: Come on! Say it.
      Gwen: Ugh! Fine. You're the better Sumo Slammer Samurai. Happy?
      Upgrade: Who cares what you think, geek? I want to hear it from him. (looks at Ishyama) So, now who do you think is the best Sumo warrior?
      Ishyama: Him. (points at Grandpa Max)

    • Grandpa Max: There must be some way I can help you guys. Oh, maybe if I push this.
      Gwen & Cannon Bolt: No!
      Gwen: We mean, just hit Resume and don't touch anything else and leave the rest to the game pros and Ben.
      Cannon Bolt: (sarcastically) Oh, hilarious.

    • Gwen: I can't move. What's happening?
      Cannon Bolt: Grandpa must be messing with the controls. If he turns it off now, he'll delete us along with the game. Grandpa!
      Gwen: No!
      Cannon Bolt: Don't shut us off!

    • Gwen: (about the Upgrade coin) Looks like it's on Level 13 in the arena.
      Ben: Level 13? We'll never make it all that way unless... you know any cheat codes that could get us there quicker?
      Ishyama: A Sumo never cheats! However, I do know a shortcut.

    • Ishyama: Your skills are impressive.
      Ben: Thanks. Coming from you, that's quite a--
      Ishyama: Not you, jester. Warrior Gwen.
      Ben: Oh, man!

    • Ishyama: (about Four Arms) So you are indeed related to this... creature.
      Gwen: Please don't remind me.

    • Ishyama: (about Gwen) Who is this magnificent warrior?
      Four Arms: That's no magnificent warrior. That's just my goofy cousin.

    • Four Arms: But I'm not Kenko. I'm Ben! I'm a good guy.
      Ishyama: Forgive me if I don't believe you.
      Four Arms: It's true! I own every Sumo Slammer's comic book, doubles of every trading card. I even eat your cruddy cereal.
      Ishyama: I shall not be confused by your double-talk!

    • Gwen: Okay, Mr. Sumo Slammer Samurai, what's the plan?
      Ben: Keep moving and stay alive. Duh!

    • Upgrade: This isn't a challenge. It's a slaughter-fest.
      Gwen: Oh, yeah. Real tough when you can control the whole game world as Upgrade.
      Upgrade: Jealous?

    • Gwen: I'm so bored! Even your stupid video game sounds good. Let me play.
      Ben: (playing) Sorry, I already have a partner. Run! And, Ishyama, slam! He's the coolest. Kick! Sumo Slammer. Jump! Of all. So why would I want to play with you?
      Gwen: To prove you're not afraid of getting your Sumo butt kicked by a girl.
      (Ben puts the video game on pause; gives Gwen the controller)

    • Ben: (after the Omnitrix times out) For a watch, you sure have a lousy sense of timing!

    • (Gwen gets a power-up that makes her sumo-sized)
      Cannon Bolt: (laughs) Whoa! Looks like you've been putting on the old Sumo feedbag!
      Gwen: Says the original fathead!

    • Ben: Whoa! How'd you learn how to do that?
      Gwen: I read the instructions.
      Ben: This game came with instructions?

  • NOTES (12)

    • Apparently, Gwen and Ben are stronger in the game, seeing that they can smash robots with punches, kicks, and elbow jabs.

    • Main Ally Bio: Ishyama - Ishyama was credited as a Great Sumo Slammer Warrior. When Ben and Gwen were sucked into the Sumo Slammer Smackdown video game, he aided them in their progress. At first he believed Ben was his arch enemy, Kenko the shape-shifter, but was convinced otherwise by Gwen. He considered Gwen a far greater fighter than Ben. This may have been because of Ben's reckless efforts at impressing him as well as his costing him two of his lives. He and Gwen fought Kenko while Ben searched for the Upgrade token on the final level. Kenko took his last life, but Ben revived him as Upgrade. He declared that he found Grandpa Max, who joined them at the last minute and was little more than a rookie, to be the best fighter.

    • Main Villain Bio: Kenko - He's a shape-shifter, and the archenemy of Ishyama, the hero of the game. He overheard Ben talking about the Upgrade token, believing it could be used to allow him to take over the real world. He attempted to obtain it. He took Ishyama's last life and tried to get the Upgrade token. Ben got it first and pounded him. He then changed into Ishyama and tried to trick Ben into taking him to the real world. Grandpa Max's timely intervention in the game revealed his ruse, and Ben destroyed his armored suit along with his powers. Afterwards, he was easily defeated.

    • Main Allies: Ishyama.

    • The manners in which Ben and Gwen lose lives while playing the game at the beginning are similar to the ways that Ishyama loses his first two lives. First by being struck by a fake power-up, and then by falling off a cliff due to Ben's actions.

    • Main Transformation(s): Upgrade, making this the fourth time Ben has been the same alien twice in the same episode.

    • Running Gag: Ben and Gwen questioning the instructions.

    • Main Villain(s): Kenko.

    • This is first time we see what the Sumo Slammer video game is all about, as well as the first time we see Four Arms since "Ben 10,000."

    • Four Arms uses the "Sonic Clap," employed by Tini in "The Galactic Enforcers," for the first time.

    • Alien Form(s) Used:
      1) Upgrade (2 times).
      2) Four Arms.
      3) Cannon Bolt.

    • Cartoon Network (UK) airdate: February 17, 2007.


    • Name: Ishyama
      Ishyama is also the last name of one of the major characters in Code Lyoko: Yumi Ishiama. It is just spelled with a "i" in the middle.

    • Kenko: Similarities
      Kenko has similarities to Aku, from Samurai Jack. Both are Japanese and have shape-shifting powers.

    • Folklore: Kappas
      In Japanese mythology, Kappas are a kind of monster that lives in lakes and resembles a cross between a turtle and a monkey with a water-filled depression on the top of its head and rivers and eat those why try to enter them. The "bow" answer is in fact how one is supposed to traditionally defend oneself, as Kappas are polite and will return the bow, thus spilling the water which causes them to lose their strength (hence why water gushed from the statue's head). The reason the statue is of a Kappa is probably because, according to legend, it was the Kappas who first taught humanity the sport of Sumo wrestling.

    • Ben & Gwen: Appearance
      Ben and Gwen are turned into Asian-style warriors when they entered the game, much like in the French cartoon, Code Lyoko.

    • Episode: Similarities
      This episode is sort of like the episode of The Fairly Odd Parents where Timmy, Chester, and AJ have to beat the game to get out.