Ben 10

Season 2 Episode 11

Ghostfreaked Out

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Jul 25, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • It's ight.

    An interesting twist in the episode; one of Ben's alien forms separates himself from the Omnitrix and teams up with his former enemies, those clown guys. At the same time Gwen is trying to enroll in one of the top schools in the nation, though unfortunately her interests and Ben's freedom fighting missions coincide on the same dates. Although the concept is rather original, the episode is simply standard Ben 10 fair; enemy of the week, defeat enemy by a technicality wrapped in fortune, end episode. The writing could have definitely used better structure, but overall it wasn't bad, just painstakingly average.
  • exciting episode

    Lately, Ben has been having strange nightmares about Ghostfreak. During a tour of a school Gwen wishes to attend, Ben sees and hears Ghostfreak everywhere, and bad luck follows him around. When Frightwig, Acid Breath, and Thumbskull show up, Ben activates his Omnitrix; however, it transforms him into Ghostfreak. After a vicious battle, during which Ben is clearly no longer in control, Ghostfreak escapes from the Omnitrix. Ghostfreak removes his second layer of skin in order to possess Ben, revealing a horrifying creature underneath. As a side effect of removing it, though, he can no longer withstand sunlight and is forced to retreat. Ghostfreak scares the circus trio into working for him as he schemes to possess Ben and gain control of the Omnitrix. Ben and family encounter Ghostfreak and his minions that night. Gwen and Max easily deal with the circus trio, but he has Ben on the run. As Ghostfreak prepares to possess him, Ben pulls back the curtains in the room while the sun is rising, incinerating him.
  • Ben gets a nightmare about Ghostfreak later Ben and others go to a school with Ghost freak breaking things.The circus freaks also appear.Ben tries to go heatblast but goes Ghostfreak. Later Ghostfreak breaks out and tries to possesses Ben but failed twice

    Why would Ghostfreak peel his protective layer of skin when he knew that without it he would die from the sun. And when GF grabbed Ben the lightning from the omnitrix looks like the feedback from episode Kevin 11 when Kevin tries to take the omnitrix. Why did it take a long time for GF to posseses Ben but for others it took a sec or two? When Ben was hanging GF had the chance to posseses Ben but said think about it Ben your powers my body. And when Ben pulled behind the curtans not much hours passed. When GF has tele-kinetic and tele-pathy why didm't Ben use those powers when He had GFF's form.
  • I ain't afraid of no Ghostfreak! Are you.......

    This was a very great episode.
    Ben is having some weird dreams. While Gwen is doing everything in her power to get into a prestigus school.
    But Uh-oh! Ghostfreak sure is a freak! He's escaping from the Omnitrix and how you may ask? When Ben tries to go alien Ghostfreak comes out! We see his true, and GAG-it's hideous! The coomentary for this episode(Featured on the Ben10 season2 DVD) is fantastic. I really like that my favorite alien Grey Matter appeared!

    This is a great episode, and I HIGHLY recomend it. Humor, horror, and an epic story line.

    If you like Ben10(Don't we all) you can't pass this up!
  • GhostFreaks last episode!!!!!

    Okay where to start with this truly amazing episode of Ben ten.I thought in bens dream "Wow,since when can wildmut talk!!!"but it was just a dream.I was like what th-!when Ghostfreak was out of the watch.Ghostfreak freaked me out when I heard his description,but he turned out to be kinda cool!(still weird though!)The people possesesd by ghostfreak were freakier then ghostfreak himself!!!This episode was more drama and action packed than funny,but I dont mind one episode.When ghostfreak was kicking their buts in the gym I was like"Geez!Vicious much!Hes like smashing them across the wall!Thats is so cool!!!"Definetly one of my favorite episodes!!!!!!!!!
  • Wow!!!

    This episode just rocks. It, like "The Big Tick" and "Camp Fear", turns the main Ben 10 plot on its head. In this episode, Ben fights a new enemy and this time, its one of his own aliens!!!

    That's right, folks, one of his alien forms has gone renegade and its Ghostfreak, or Ectonurite as they call themselves. Apparently, an Ectonurite's consciousness lives on in different strands of DNA and this particular one has been haunting him for quite a while. Ghostfreak picked the wrong time to wreck havoc in Ben's life, because the gang are at some private school that Gwen applied to. He is eventually defeated by sunlight and Gwen presumably didn't get into the school. A great episode, but it looks like Ben won't be able to transform into Ghostfreak anymore.
  • Ghostfreak breaks out of the Omnitrix and plots to take over Ben and the Omnitrix to control the world.

    This is one of my favorite episodes. I was flipping through the channels one day and I saw the scene where Ghostfreak first broke out of the Omnitrix and attempted to take over Ben, and I'm like 'Awesome! This show seems really cool! I wonder what it's called?' This was the episode that started my obsession. My favorite scenes include: the scene at the beginning of the episode where Ben falls out of bed, the scene where Ben is staring out of the window with a blank look on his face, the scene in the science lab where Ghostfreak demands that Ben let him out, the scene where Ben and Ghostfreak meet face to face, the scene where Ghostfreak spat Grey Matter out and Grey Matter said, 'that's enough to make me gag too'. The only scene I didn't care for was when Ghostfreak revealed his true self. That was very disturbing.
  • "Ghostfreaked Out?" Now that's what I call an episode.

    Ben 10 has done it again. Ghostfreaked Out has been one of the best episode I have ever seen.

    A young boy reaches for his Frisbee in the tree. Unfortunately, he finds that he's too high, and too afraid to look down. As he holds on for his life, Ben and Gwen pass by, and luckily for him, Ben comes to the rescue. Wildmutt comes up and tells him that everything will be OK. In a confusing twist, the boy's voice and appearance transforms into Ghostfreak, and eventually frightens him. Wildmutt falls, though it was only Ben who has been awakened by his nightmarish meeting with one of his forms.

    Ben is troubled the next day, while Gwen is busy being encumbered by her dreams of entering Bencroft Academy, considered as one of the highest rated prep schools known. To make it look good on her application, her family must show good conduct while given the tour of the campus. As she glances at Ben for a bit, she knows that its impossible already to even put a foot into the school grounds.

    They arrive at the school, and a student escort gives them a tour of what they offer. Ben starts to act up when he starts to see things. Already Gwen starts to think that she'll never enter. It was the case when Ben set off the emergency sprinklers in the science room they were in.

    Gwen was ready to unleash her anger towards Benjamin, though a crash from the school gym saves him. He heads there, and finds the circus freaks: Acid Breath, Thumbskull, and Frightwig, attempting to cause trouble again. As Ben prepares his watch, he unexpectedly turns into Ghostfreak, and this time, his behavior is quite different. Grandpa Max already knew something was wrong. He knew Ben wouldn't be so violent, even towards his enemies. But as the Omnitrix powers down, Ben was relieved to be released from that form, but to his surprise, Ghostfreak appears in front of him!

    The Ectonurite reveals his twisted form in front of Ben, and his frightening image already tells him that one of his alien allies his turned on him.
  • Ben is having nightmares about ghostfreak and then ghostfreak starts apearing for life saysing he wants to take over bens body. What will ben do?

    OMG.... that was absolutly the best episode I have seen so far when Ghostfreak comes out of the watch and wants to take over Bens body. It was adventureous and revealing we learn how the omnitrix works ( sort of ) I was on the edge of my seat and I loved it . How Ben sees ghostfreak in the begining and when we see whats under ghostfreaks skin i was scared! The plot and action was a 10! I also like the part when Ben goes grey matter and causes the freaks to fight each other that was funny. All in all i loved this episode!
  • Awesome episode! It mostly focused on Ghostfreak but we did learn some more on how the watch works.

    It seems that when a sample of DNA was taken from the alien his conciousness was transferred into the watch, since that moment he's been trying to get out. Now that he's succeed he wants the rest(?) of himself from the watch. To do that he would have to overshadow Ben as Ben. This episode was as exciting as it was suspenseful. Ben had to fight the oh so familiar circus freaks while Ghostfreak overshadowed them. And then it got even more interesting. Ghostfreak overpowers Gwen and she (surprisingly) knows jijuitsu. Ben beats Ghostfreak via sunlight and it appears he can't be Ghostfreak anymore. This episode was awesome! I will always give it a 10 out of 10.
  • Ghostfreak, one of Ben's aliens, escapes the omnitrix and reveals his true identity. He wants to fuse with Ben and be whole again. In the end Ghostfreak is destroyed by sunlight and ghostfreak is gone and maybe from the watch for good.

    I liked this episode because, Ghostfreak one of the aliens in the watch comes out and attacks Ben and his family. He reveals his true form, which what no one expected, and his weakness is the sun. The only way he can go after Ben, to posses his body and control the world to be in his whole form and powers, is to enter a body. When he catches up to Ben he invades Gwen and forces Ben to give up himself to save Gwen from a nasty death. Then ghostfreak tricks him but then Ben kills him with sunlight. This is one confusing episode with more questions like is ghostfreak gone from the watch or from reality? I liked this episode alot though.
  • A Great Sequel To "The Last Laugh":

    The Last Laugh is my favorite episode of Ben 10. And now it has a sequel. They are both great episodes and great episodes to watch.

    I never really liked GhostFreak, and now I totally hate him. He is so .... freaky, and so UGLY!! and scary... and we discover that he is really evil and he was stuck in the watch, and now ( - Spoiler: - ) Ben loses the abilities of GhostFreak, because like Zombozo, he also blows up... And I am glad, because GhoseFreak was just kept getting worse and worse.

    But this episode is still really good, just like "The Laust Laugh" is. I like them both. Maybe there will be another story about all of this, and those episodes will also be as good as "The Last Laugh" and "GhostFreaked-Out".
  • A great and creepy episode!

    There is alot of ground to cover on this one. Ben has a dream of saving a kid in a tree but then wildmutt then talks? but the tree then turns into Ghostfreak telling Ben to release him from the omitrix. I knew from there they were going to forshadow something going on with Ghostfreak. Then we get to see the RV in CGI, that was pretty cool. Then they go to a school were Gwen wants to go to but it turns out that Ben was right about them being snoby posers. Then the three freakshows come to rob a school? Come on! That is pretty low right there and they acted like the three stoogies through out the whole episode. Then the creepy part comes in where Ghostfreak ecapes the Omitrix and revolts! We all learn that Ghostfreak's Deoxyriboneucleic acid is tied in with a ghost chromosome making the DNA "alive" with a personality, Ghostfreak's true form is revealed that his real form is endodermis to his skin.
  • This was amazing. Very awesome, had me on the edge of my seat.

    I do have to say, I'm sad to see Ghostfreak go, but I would have felt much worse if he had been destroyed by a villian. But it was totally freakin' sweet to see Ghostfreak in the flesh... sort of. Anyway, I hope the memory of Ghostfreak will haunt you all forever in your hearts. Here's all the episodes he was used in.

    Permanent Retirement
    Last Laugh
    Kevin 11
    Big Tick
    Ghostfreaked Out

    And also, the fact that we've seen Ghostfreak again means Steven Blum has returned, and that means, for all you pyros out there, Heatblast will be making more appearences.

    Goodbye forever and for always, Ghostfreak!
  • This is was the best ben 10 episode yet!

    I enjoyed watching this episode very much. But,I\'am also sad because i think that ghostfreak might not be part of the omnitrix anymore and he was one of my favorite alien transformations. He was a great help to ben in many episodes and i will miss him greatly. On another note, Gwen didnt get accpeted into the academy. I felt bad for her because she really wanted to join.

    I hope that in a future episode Ghostfreak will come back and be part of the omnitrix one more. I guess that we will never know until that day comes....
  • Episodes like this make Ben 10 worth watching all the time.

    This is one extremely excellent episode. Even though it gave me the creeps, it's something I'd watch over and over again.

    The fact that the Ectonurite (Ghostfreak) had a will to revolt against Ben was something that caught me by surprise. And when it completely took off its skin, that's where I started to get worried and excited at the same time.

    One of the things that caught my eye though was the RV coming through the tunnel at the beginning. The old bucket of bolts finally gets its due.

    But something that has me on pins and needles is whether or not Ghostfreak is still in the Omnitrix or not. But hopefully, we'll see what was the true end for Ghostfreak.
  • wow this was intrasting!

    in this episode it showd how evil ghost freak ius and how scared ben is of him. the thing was the weird wildmutt dream
    ben got scared because seeing a boy whith 1 eye is weird.
    i hope gwen goes to that place when she grows up!i hope we might see ghostfreak on the good side next time!now i got freaked out when ghost freak would not stop attacking those evil guys it shows a horibley evil side of ghostfreak and under his skin EWWWWWW!
  • Maybe he\'ll look like Kevin.

    I can\\\'t wait. Different combination like XLR8 and Heatblast and Cannonbolt and Wild Vine would be awesome. Imagine Four Arms incredible power with Ghost Freaks stealth. Or maybe he could combine all ten originals like Kevin, but be at full power. Also the return af Dr. Animo is a weird plot twist. With the mutant ray, he might be trying to turn himself into a mutant with awesome power, or turn everyone into mutants. The omnitrix probably broke because of the mutant ray. Hopefully Gwen could do more fighting now that is Lucky Girl (the ene of Tough Luck). This will be one to remember.
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