Ben 10

Season 2 Episode 4

Gwen 10

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Jun 01, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • Nice concept, WTF ending.

    So this episode takes a different route; Ben wakes up with no omnitrix and Gwen and Grandpa Max have no idea what he's talking about! As it turns out, it looks like Ben went back in time and is reliving the events of episode 1, except this time, Gwen has the watch! Not a bad concept. We rehash what we've already seen yes, but the idea of Gwen utilizing the omnitrix better than Ben really put the whole "what if" question to great use. Though it also relives the events of the last episode of season one when Vilgax is involved, same stuff we've already seen so it adds nothing to the episode. Then the episode ends leaving us no clue as to why Ben woke up in the past. Retarded, almost enough reason to bring the score down to a 6, but I really liked the idea of Gwen putting the omnitrix to better use, so it earns a 7 instead of the potential 8 it could have gotten.
  • A nice what-if episode... No doubt that Gwen would do wonders with the Omnitrix.

    If there is a series in which we can have what-if episodes, than Ben 10 is one of them, and this episode just proves it.

    From all episodes in this series, this is definitely one of my favourites, not only because we get to know a different version of the series story, but instead of Ben being the one who gets the Omnitrix, it's Gwen who gets to keep it. It's interesting to see that Gwen would do marvels with the Omnitrix. Plus, Ben also find out that even if does not have the Omnitrix, that does not prevent him from being a hero... Moral of the story, it's not the Omnitrix that makes someone a hero, it's a person's actions that makes him or her a hero. Awesome episode! 10 out of 10! Long live Gwen 10! (and well, Ben 10 too...)
  • Although the concept is good, the storyline itself is quite boring.

    The comic book opening and narration were exciting and suspenseful, and it gave me the feeling at first of a horrifying thriller, but it turned out to be a pretty okay episode, but no thriller. I love the idea that Ben wakes up still normal, but had gone back in time so that the Omnitrix is missing, and Grandpa Max and Gwen have no idea what he's talking about. Ben's reactions and attitude relate to the viewers, and it is fun watching a sort-of flashback to the first episode, and the element of unexplained mystery that surrounds the Omnitrix and this episode in general.
  • awesome episode..

    When Ben wakes up one morning, he finds the Omnitrix missing from his arm. Weirder still is the fact that Gwen and Grandpa Max have no idea what he's talking about when asked about it. Ben soon discovers that he's actually reliving the very first day of summer, the same day that Ben found the Omnitrix to begin with, but in an alternate reality. At the campsite, Ben tries to find the Omnitrix as it crashes to Earth, only to find out that it has already been found... by Gwen! While Gwen quickly adjusts to the Omnitrix's powers (with much greater skill than Ben), However, unlike the first episode Vilgax was not injured at all earlier and is already heading for Earth to take it back from her, preferably in a very painful way. Ben's going to have to prove himself to be a hero without the Omnitrix to back him up if he wants to save Gwen.

    ben wakes up to find out that he doesnt have the omnitrix. then he found out that somehow he 'travelled back in time'. when he saw the 'shooting star' he followed it to get the omnitrix only to find out that Gwen has it.
    i really hated every single part of this show. i mean like after the omnitrix came off Gwen's hands but when Ben tries to catch it, it feel on Grandpa's wrist. the ending was totally confusing. when the narrator was flipping the book to the cover page again he said something like 'many other ways to tell the story'. i dont know. it confused me. worst episode. ever.
  • In this episode, Ben goes back in time and is shocked to find out that the omnitrix is no longer on his wrist. To make things worse, when he goes back to the night he found the watch, Gwen gets it instead!

    I did not enjoy this episode of Ben 10. I liked seeing another view of all the aliens, but it did not make sense, had no plot, and did not follow the storyline. Ben was completley shoved out of the story, and the creators failed to say why. Also, it doesn't explain how Ben got to an alnternate time period and lost the watch. Finally, the ending cut off and did not say how Ben got the omnitrix back and got back to his own time period. I hate to be Mr. critic, but this episode was one not one of the best.
  • Should the series be called 'Gwen 10' from now on?

    This is a totally good episode of Ben 10. It's also called Gwen 10! It's also a story of how Gwen actually found the Omnitrix before Ben did. The narrator also told this story from a comic book. Ben tries to help Gwen and Max remember stuff from their past on the summer trip. Gwen and Max don't seem to remember anything that Ben says. This also marks the return of Vilgax and he still wants the Omnitrix, so he kidnaps Gwen to retrieve it. Max blasts Vilgax again just lioke he did in the episode 'Secrets'. The Null Void Projector also returns.
  • Ben somehow goes back in time and gets to experience life in Gwen's shoes.

    This episode was really cool, but I'm really really disappointed by what the other users have to say. This episode was cool because we get to know what the series would be like if Gwen got the Omnitrix instead. I thought it was funny that Gwen was now the mischievous one and Ben was the 'protector'. I loved the part where Ben tricked Gwen into transforming into Grey Matter and getting chased by the raccoon. That was soooo funny! I also liked the end of the episode where Ben and Grandpa Max are fighting Vilgax. I like the fact that Ben got to see what Gwen went through in Secrets and that Gwen got to see what Ben went through in Vilgax's ship. The only part I didn't care for was the fact that Max got the Omnitrix at the end. That was very cheesy.
  • "Gwen 10" teaches Ben how Gwen feels.

    Ben wakes up the usual way inside the RV, but in unknown circumstances, he's been told that he's back on the first day they've left for their summer vacation! Even worse, the Omnitrix isn't in Ben's wrist! How so did this happen?

    They arrive at the campsite they primarily started at, and Ben notices the same shooting star falling from the sky. He runs deep into the forest, hoping to get to the Omnitrix to get things back to normal. Unfortunately, Gwen has gotten there and the device has already clamped onto her wrist.

    The mysterious events that occur in the episode puzzle Ben: Why did he travel back in time? How can Grandpa Max and Gwen forget about the recent battle with Vilgax? But the primary feeling the Ben experiences. Jealously. He realizes that Gwen seems to use the Omnitrix better than him, although he must know how Gwen herself feels when she is not included in the action.
  • What if Gwen were the one to get The Omnitrix?

    When trying to stop two robbers at a gas station, Ben finds that The Omnitrix is GONE! Based on the dialogue, he believes he’s gone back in time. At the campsite, Ben goes to get The Omnitrix, only to find that Gwen already got it. Ben has not traveled back in time, but to another universe, where Vilgax wasn’t harmed, Max doesn’t understand the concept of a secret identity, and many other strange things. It was just an OK episode, could have been better, but the best you can expect when you have a non-cannon episode, especially a “What If?” style one.
  • In this episode, things get totally reversed. Gwen get's the omnitrix instead.

    Gwen with the omnitrix? That was....different. I liked it though. It would be cool to have the omnitrix for the day. Suprising twist at the end though, you know, with Grandpa Max getting the omnitrix? Him as Upgrade must have been 100 feet tall and weighed like, 1,000 pounds. It was acroos from the beginning and when Vilgax and Ben made their first encounter. Okay, this is what the theme song would be like:

    It started when an alien device did what it did
    And stuck itself upon her wrist with secrets that it hid
    Now she's got superpowers
    She's no ordinary kid
    She's Gwen 10

    So if you see her, you might be in for a big surprise
    She'll turn into an alien bfore you're very eyes
    She's slimy, freaky, fast, and strong
    She's every shape and size
    She's Gwen 10

    With all new powers she's on the case
    Fighting off evil from earth and space
    She'll never stop 'till she makes them pay
    'Cuz she's the baddest kid to ever save the day
    Gwen 10
  • Not Right

    I don't hate gwen if that's what your thinking. I actualy think she's pretty cool. However, the fact that she was so good with the aliens on her first try, even better than Ben after having weeks maybe months of expeirence ticks me off. I really don't like it when a character is thrown forward like that and humiliates the main character it's just not right. And it didn't make any sense either. It was as if the next day it had never happened. All though I liked that part it was still messes up. I just can't stand people showing up the main character like that. All togeather it was like a bad episode of the Twighlight Zone.
  • This whole episode was messed up.

    I like the Ben 10 series, but this episode was just plain weird. It felt like it was a dream but at the same time it wasnt. They should'nt do anymore episodes like this one because this episode was confusing. I didnt no what to think, was this really happening or not, was it a dream?

    And, the ending was horrible, what happened was it a dream or not? Did he get the omnitrix back? Did he share his story with Gwen and Grandpa? So many questions left unanswered? So, all in all the episode was really bad and they should'nt have wasted their time making it.
  • Can you say, "cop out"?

    Ok, I'll get this out of the way in the beginning. I'm not an avid Ben 10 watcher, but I have seen a few episodes, including the two (I believe two anyway) that were covered in this episode. I woke up in the morning, but I was still tired so instead of getting out of bed I put on the TV, which happened to be on Cartoon Network because I had watched Adult Swim the night before. So anyway, Gwen gets the watch instead of Ben and blah blah blah. The animation in this episode is reused and if this is animated with computers (Which it probably is because most cartoons are today) the instances where Gwen is with their Grandpa in the original episodes probably just gets dubbed over with Ben's body over Gwen's body.

    Overall, I have to say that the producers/writers/workers/whoever were probably incredibly lazy and decided to do an episode that would require minimal new animation and voice recording... Because honestly, at least half of this footage just comes straight from the original episodes it covers. Overall, it just sucked.
  • In an alternate dimension, where Gwen finds the Omnitrix first, the whole first season is flashfowarded into one episode where Gwen is the hero. Ben feels jealous. Ben 10 needs more episodes like "Gwen 10"!

    I've seen about half of the series by now and "Gwen 10" is one of the best episodes I've seen! I like Gwen. I think she's sarcastic, usually a little bit jealous of Ben, and quick to make 10 year old insults focused at giant aliens or the even more annoying Ben. In this episode, Ben feels what it would be like if the shoe was on the other foot. Events from "And Then There Were 10" and "Secrets" were used in this episode. Of course, if this was the first episode of Ben 10 you watch, this episode would make no sense, but I've seen enough episodes to see that this episode is a work of genius. Thumbs up for "Gwen 10"!
  • Pleasing, somewhat uneven treatment of What If Gwen had snagged the Omnitrix instead of Ben. Viewers either loved or hated it. Chacun à son goût. It could\'ve been longer for my taste.

    The Ben 10 universe seems fairly structured, with visible parameters of what should and should not be. Gwen possessing the watch is clearly way outside of what the series intended, and yet as a one-time episode, it fits very well.

    The comic book opening and closing motif was unusual for this show but deeply familiar to many viewers, as it not only resembled a \"What If\" comic book, but also half-hour TV shows such as the Twilight Zone, Tales from the Crypt and other Weird Tales type programs (maybe Creepshow?). The weirdness, of course, was not the aliens, but the alternate reality of Gwen getting the watch, and her expected superiority in using it. It was not meant to showcase Gwen (hence only showing four of her 10 alien forms, and her mere speaking of becoming XLR8, Upgrade and Ripjaws) but to tell a \"weird tale.\" Also evident was Ben\'s jealousy and misery at not being the hero.

    Ben isn\'t a mean or bad kid, but neither is he wise and pure enough to accept that his nerdy cousin nor aged grandpa could possibly be something as cool as the hero with the Omnitrix. Those are HIS aliens, in his mind, HIS weird watch on his wrist. They have almost come to define him and separated from them, he sulks.

    What saves him from being just a dweeb with a magic watch is something deeper than his resentments and pettiness - he realizes there are things higher than his own interests. There is a right and wrong beyond what happens to him and he knows it. Ben frequently plays the hero without benefit of his aliens, and this episode is no exception. While Gwen freezes like a stunned rabbit at the approach Vilgax, Ben recovers more quickly and pulls her away. Aboard the ship, when Gwen is inexplicably helpless and Max is disarmed, Ben grabs the cannon and blasts Vilgax. The loss of the watch does not render Ben powerless. Max underlines this in the following dialogue:

    Ben: No! Now I\'m never going hero again!
    Grandpa Max: You ask me, you already did. As Ben.

    This, of course, is why his character is likeable. His alien forms enable him to do superhuman feats but cannot in themselves make him a hero. Only he can do that.

    And Gwen? She is a hero too. While not as fast-reacting as Ben, nor, perhaps, as desirous of righting wrongs as he is, she too recognizes there is a higher law than that of self. Both she and Max brave danger to protect Ben, and stay faithfully by his side through his triumphs and mistakes. She is resentful of Ben\'s powers, but to a lesser degree than he was of hers. She has zero reservations about mocking him, but at the same time will protect him from others. Given the Omnitrix, it is easy to see her becoming a full-time superhero out of a sense of responsibility as well as the fun of it. Her quick description of the unseen 3 forms she took is almost funny in that she did nothing particularly heroic with them - she just upgraded her computer, caught some fish and picked up some clothes she forgot! Hardly the stuff of epic legends, but true to her practical character.

    This ep could have been longer - even a two-parter, to see how Gwen would handle the other forms against baddies - but as a one-off it was satisfying.
  • Different, awkward, maybe even a little scary.

    So, I saw this episode today, and I have to say, it was way out there. While watching this episode, all I could keep telling myself was \"This isn\'t ACTUALLY happening.\" If they suddenly changed the entire series it would be ridiculous.

    One thing I enjoyed about Ben\'s character was the way he handled not having the Omnitrix. Even though he WAS pretty jealous and upset that he didn\'t have it anymore, when it came down to helping his cousin and grandfather, he took it like a man, and he was more than ready to help, even saving Gwen on a few occasions.

    But it was really confusing, and I agree with the others when they say it should\'ve been a dream sequence, but, from what I can see by the newest episode, this one had no affect on the storyline, so all is well for a out of sequence episode.
  • In My words, I felt sorry for poor Ben that he felt out of place when he not a hero but Gwen is and then there Grandfather.. Weird!

    As for My words, It may be out of character, But It does feel like haveing someone taken over your hero style.. Other than that I love it.. You know it did tell or show it in a different world. twisted but out of style.. I love it................... ~~~nothing more to say~~~
  • I kind of liked it.

    I kind of liked it. It was cool that Gwen go it but Grandpa Max..., what is up with that. And I realy wish that ben had his own and Gwen got her own and Gwen had different aliens that Ben. Like Gwen could have girl versons of different aliens or at least girl versons of the same aliens but they each had there own "watchs" so maybe they could fight together. Or maybe they got two differnet aliens they can form together to make one super cool alien. And they skiped some of the parts that Ben did like that evil alien guy didn't get stronger, he just stay the same when Grandpa Max beat him.
  • Girls just wanna have fun and that's what Gwen did. Having Ben's powers taking on evil, and having a killer time. What more could you ask for?

    Gwen 10 is a nice episode. Instead of Ben being the hero we have Gwen. What was shocking is that she was better using the watch then Ben was. What I mean is that she was powerful and able to do things that took Ben a few weeks or months to master. Also using a comic book instead of the same old \"Wow that was s weird dream\" theory was a nice touch. And Grandpa Max wearing the watch at the end was funny yet weird. The jokes were up to par and the action was as usual great. I\'m just glad that they decided not to make it a two parter. It really doesn\'t need it. It\'s just shy away from being perfect because I wanted to see what the other forms would look like on Gwen or Grandpa Max. But all in all it was a nice episode.
  • Hated it.

    I know, I know, "Hated it" is such a strong phrase, but I think it was the worst episode ever. I mean, come on, time travel with no background to it? Alternate reality? These have been used time and time again, and using these cliches on my favorite show is not making me or many other veiwers happy. And Gwen getting the Omnitrix? Please! Gwen's not exactly my favorite character, but the way her forms were illustrated copped us out big time. Instead of letting thier imagintions go wild, the animators just poorly slapped breasts, hair, and Gwen's clothes on most of them. I don't know about you, but I have two words for this: HATED IT.
  • A time rift causes normal Ben to transfer to an alternate reality where Gwen gets the watch.

    Well, this was an interesting idea to say the least. I enjoyed this one because it served it's purpose, to answer what the question of what would happen if Gwen got the Omnitrix. Not only did it start off with Gwen using the watch better then Ben did (which, to be honest, I expected), but the added twist of Vilgax attacking immediately and Grandpa Max getting the Omnitrix later definately made for a nice story. If they showed more of Gwen using the watch it would have been more fun. However, it was still an enjoyable episode in its own right.
  • They could have done better.....

    I think that it is very interesting that they had an episode where everybody else gets to use The Omnitrix....but I thought that Vilgax or someone was going to try to change the past to try to get to the Omnitrix or something like that, but then I hear this narrator saying that there are so many ways to tell this story, and here is one of them. And the story ends the exact same way. And Ben is aware of the changes... For a minute I thought that they were going to change the entire series.... But the really wierd thing is is that the summery on this website says that it happened completely differently from that. I think that the story would be much better if Ben dreamed all of this or something.......
  • Uatu the Watcher decides to mess with Ben's head for an episode.

    This episode is, to put it mildly, a bit of a mess. From start to finish, the story is confusing.

    If this is just an alternate reality, why does Ben remember everything to happen thus far?

    If it's a dream, why doens't he wake up?

    If he went to the past, how, and how does he get back to his own time?

    Taken literally, this episode would effectively destroy the series. If it was given some context, my rating would be higher.

    Lacking a solid explination for how Ben remembers everything, the episode falls flat and fails to satisfy the need for a concrete resolution. It would have been better served by simply treating it as an alternate reality start to finish, with a new Ben. Or him waking up at the end thinking that he's never eating candy covered pizza before bed again.

    Oddball, strange episode that feels like it's missing one final scene to tie it all together.
  • That was different!

    This was a good episode. It retells the first episode as if Gwen got the Omnitrix instead of Ben. At first the episode was hard to follow but got easier and turned out to be a great episode. Some of Gwen's Alein forms look cool but some (like Four-Arms look dumb). The episode was like a mix of "And then There Were 10" and "Secrets". I also like how they had both Gwen and Grandpa Max obtained the Omnitrix and seeing how Ben reacted. Overall, this is a good episode, it takes a break away from the main series and is a good filler.
  • Wow. One Stupid ending makes this Episode Stupid

    Ok. I was very excited to See what happened when Gwen Got the Watch. But At the begining A Creepy guy said What will happened if Gwen Got the watch. So he Showed us. It was nice to See The Female Aliens from the Omnitrix. But that's the only good thing. But when Gwen Was Relesed From it. Slow-Mo Came When Ben Was trying to get the watch. But then..... Grandpa Max Got it! :P So then he turned to Upgrade And Beat Vilgax. Then the Guy said So now you know. The End. Wow So look's like It's "Max 10" If Gwen got the watch. It even didn't show what happened after that! I thought it was Dream From Ben! Oh well. It goes to show that Every Show has a Flop!
  • A good episode if not slightly confusing.Even more sci-fi than the usual episodes! (Thats saying something)

    This was a great episode! It was interesting to see Gwen and then grandpa get the watch and seeing how they used it. However its ending was confusing. Who has the omnitrix and is the next episode going back to normal with Ben controlling the omnitrix? Also how did Ben travel back in time anyway? Well I guess hence lies the mystery. Loved the comic book in the beginning, it was a good choice for a intro to this kind of episode. Overall, as stated before it was a terrific episode! If not slightly confusing.