Ben 10

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Jan 28, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • Average

    Although this episode takes a sharp turn in story development, it does little else that impresses you. Before there were a couple of jokes here and there that made you laugh and at the same time there was some decent continual character progression, but it seems all those elements mysteriously disappeared. In a slight compensation though, the story did get more interesting. Ben finally gets a reality check of just how important the Omnitrix is. It's pretty neat though that he not only meets the bad guys, buy the good guys as well, and his identity is a bit shocking. Nevertheless though, that's the only part of this episode that stood out.
  • good tv episode

    When Vilgax sends three alien bounty hunters - the crustacean-like Kraab, the mechanical assassin Sixsix, and the mysterious Hoverboard - to recover the Omnitrix, Ben learns that simple brute force is not always the best solution to a situation. He also learns that not everything is as it appears when one of the hunters turns out to be from the same race as his Diamondhead form. With some advice from both the unexpected ally and his grandfather, Ben is able to defeat the hunters using his mind to beat them. The alien leaves Ben with the Omnitrix, saying that it's in good hands for now. On Vilgax's ship, Vilgax watches as Hoverboard leaves. He's quite annoyed at the betrayal. His subordinate confirms that the mercenaries do not have the Omnitrix. Vilgax figures that whoever possesses the Omnitrix must be as clever as they are fierce, but is not deterred. He insists that he will not be denied.
  • Shows just a little more about the secret of the Omnitrix.

    I think this show excels in teaching children just what being a superhero is about. This episode, for example, teaches us that crimefighting does not depend on brute strength alone, but in an understanding of the hero that you are, and in the usage of the wits to outsmart the villain. Ben did not display much intelligence this episode, I thought, but learned more about the danger that he had gotten himself into, and how to handle baddies more maturely. I believe the Omnitrix has really taught him a lot about dealing with life, and viewers too have surely learned from this episode that being a superhero was not that easy.
  • Vilgax sends three bounty hunters to Earth to steal the Omnitrix.

    This has got to be one of the best episodes of the entire season! Vilgax is my favorite character so I particularly enjoyed this episode. My favorite scenes include: the RV breaking down, the beginning scene where Ben (as Diamond Head) goes through the obstacle course, Hoverboard explaining the Omnitrix to Ben, Hoverboard insulting Ben, Ghostfreak scaring Gwen, and the fight at the end of the episode between Grey Matter and Hoverboard and the other two bounty hunters. This episode was also very important to the series because we learned more about the Omnitrix and why Vilgax is after it.
  • I am starting to like this show.

    I thought this was just another silly saturday morning show. With this episode I changed my mind.

    It had some solid development and sparked real interest in the orgin of the Omnitrix. The bounty hunters were very cool and I couldn't help but think of The Empire Strikes Back. Come on I am not alone.

    I am now looking forward to the new season.
  • One of the Best Ben 10 eppisodes ever. I really enjoyed it.

    This was a great eppisode. I was happy because Grey Matter is my personal favortie alien that Ben can turn into. I was also happy because there was awsome action and it was a great eppisode. I cant describe how impressed I was!

    I think this was a good eppisode because the was a lot od character development. Ben learns that he shouldn't use his aliens for the brawn, but for brains too. I think this was a very well written eppisode. It was one of the first ones I ever watched, and it helped get me hooked on to the show.
  • Awsome character development episode.

    Awsome character development episode.

    It's about time Ben started to learn that he needs to think his way through situations. While he's the hero we have to remember that he's a kid. He's still learning how to think strategically in terms of life in general. Not just with being a superhero. It's going to take him a while to get it together. (It should take him a while.) But the fact that he's had the lesson should make an impact on the show.

    Also, I believe this is when Ben first becomes aware of the alien who is trying to get the watch from him.
  • This episode is a real turing point of the serious. Ben really starts to learn the whatch is more important than he thinks.

    This episode is mainly themed with the message "Brains over Brawns". As Ben is solely choosing aliens with brute strength he. As you get to meet three bounty hunters with incredible strength. This episode is based on the main series plot, not just another "side quest" episode. You learn more about the omnitrix's powers. You also get to see dimond head in action and a little bit more of what he is capable of. You also get to see Ben using one of the less used aliens, Grey Matter. All in all it is a really good episode. It really does reveal a whole lot more about the omnitrix.
  • Yet another episode in the new series makes it why I sit in front of the television early in the morning.

    The fifth installment of Ben 10 is the continuation of the story's main plot: Vilgax tries to obtain the Omnitrix from Ben. What I liked most in this episode was Grey Matter was in action more, so we can see what he can really do, and found out in the end that one of the bounty hunters sent by Vilgax was an ally, and of the same alien race as Diamondhead!! I liked the way the bounty hunters were given their personality and their appearance, like Kraab who looks like a giant robotic crab ("Kraab" is a pun from the word crab by the way), or Sixsix, who does not speak the English language, but speaks in a foreign alien tongue. But what the most important of all is that Ben learns how to be more prepared in combat, either with one strong one, or three bounty hunters coming to take your Omnitrix away. I suggest those people to watch this episode! You will enjoy it! This is why I give this episode, 10 stars out of 10.
  • Chracter development is right! Ben learns the moral of the story: "Brains Over Brawn"! This episode is a special episode and a key point in the series I'm sure!

    Ben 10 you’ve done it again!!

    This episode is definitely not just “average”, not just “above average”, but indeed a season turning point!

    This episode starts off showing an audition for the best bounty hunter, indeed hosted by Vilgax (who desires the Omnitrix still!). The three hunters shown all pass as valedictorian, and are hired to retrieve the Omnitrix from Earth. Later we zoom into an obstacle course that Grandpa has built to train Ben. Ben changes into Diamondhead and practices, with Grandpa telling him continuously: “Think before you act!” This quote is in fact a moral, used throughout the whole episode. I labeled this “Character Development” because Ben does indeed learn to think before he acts by using Grey Matter against the Bounty hunters.

    A twist in this episode that caught me off guard was the encounter between Ben and a Diamondhead alien. This Diamondhead alien was a “good guy”, but he was still searching for the Omnitrix so he could betray Vilgax and get it to his people to save the universe.

    So, Ben 10’s first season is full of awesome episodes, and the season arc is definitely a good storyline! Keep on going Ben 10!!! Oh yeah!!


    P.S.: Go Ghostfreak!!! SO cool!!
  • The brain over brawn theme is used a lot in a sorts of shows, but "Ben 10" seriously needed a dose of it. I'll have to revise my harsh review of this show thanks to this episode.

    This episode was a major improvement. The series is starting to show some intelligence, and Ben begins to show some real maturity. The brain over brawn theme is used a lot in all sorts of shows, but "Ben 10" seriously needed a dose of it. We also learn more information on the omnitrix and how it works. I won't spoil it for you, but I will tell you that Ben has the potential to become much more powerful. Added to all this, Ben gets a new piece of alien technology. It was somewhat annoying to see Gwen and Grandpa Max so helpless, but watching the alien diamond head (you'll see who that is when you watch the episode) in action made up for this. I'll have to revise my review of this show from a somewhat harsh 7/10 to an 8/10 thanks to this episode.