Ben 10

Season 4 Episode 8

Ken 10

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Oct 06, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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  • Kenny Tennyson Jr. gets his own omnitrix, but is he responsible enough? The RETURN and REVENGE of Kevin 11,000!

    A very special episode and is somewhat similar to the episode "Kevin 11". Both the Heroes (Ben/Ken) get angry with an elder (Grandpa Max/Ben 10,000), go out of their home/RV, for playing games/a little hoverboarding, where they meet Kevin/Devlin, but they soon learn of their powers of absorbing energy/turning into the monstrous DEVLIN 11, and they decide to absorb the powers of the omnitrix/to help his father KEVIN 11,000 return. The only difference is, when Ben offers Kevin to join him, Kevin attacks him, but when Kenny offers Devlin to join him, he eventually joins them, & he kis the one who defeats Kevin. Despite of the similarities, this episode is Superb.
  • where can I download it?

    awesome episode I love it, the future of Ben ten also known as Ben ten - thousand and his son Kenny and the ben ten enhanced version of this episode told a lot too for example I knew he would end up marring Kai. It was too obvious but Ben isn't the only one that was neglecting their sons birthday wow mother of the year she is. oh well very cool episode like I said before but what I want to know is where can I download this episode free? Can anyone send me an e-mail telling me the link? Remember I need a site to download for free.
  • good episode

    In the future, Ben's son Ken is celebrating his tenth birthday, and to commemorate the occasion Ben gives him an Omnitrix of his very own. However, he equips it with a limiter, unwilling to trust his son to defeat villains on his own. Ken soon befriends a boy named Devlin, and the same night Kevin 11 attacks. Unable to locate the Null Void, which Ben has moved after the events of "Ben 10,000", he retreats. Ken, also unaware of the move, endeavors to find it on his own, only to unwittingly lead Devlin, who is Kevin's son and can transform into his father's mutant form, right to it. Devlin releases his father from the void, but is soon heartbroken to learn that Kevin's only interest is in fighting Ben, not in seeing his son. Kevin is ultimately defeated by the combined forces of Ben, Ken, and Devlin, who is later adopted into the Tennyson family.
  • Kenny, Ben10,000's son, gets an Omnitrix for his Birthday. The bad part is, the Omnitrix is like the proto-type. It times out, much to Kenny's dismay.

    An episode much like "Gwen10", we are transported to the future to a boy's birthday party. The boy turns out to be Kenny, Ben10,000's son! But, this is a awesome birthday because Kenny gets his own Omnitrix!!! But the Omnitrix only has 10 aliens and times out, nomaster contol for Kenny. Ben10K is too overprotective of his son and Kenny gets ticked. He runs of and meets Devin, who happens to be Kevin 11's son! Devin gets Kevin out od the Null Void only to find his dad doesn't want anything to do with him. Kevin hurts Kenny and Ben goes Way Big to squash him like a bug. Devin helps put his dad back in the Null Void and gets adopted by Ben10K.

    What a weird episode... Remember, this is NOT CANNON!
  • this episode takes place about 30 years in the future of the show about ben 10,000 and his son ken 10!

    AWESOME EPISODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is one of the best episodes of the series! bens son ken gets his fathers old omitrix and trys to help him fight evil. but bens doesnt like the idea to much. and ken befriends kevin 11s son. and at the end ben and ken his son have to battle kevin 11,000 himself!!! awesome action! cool story. and interesting for the series! its cool to see bens future. and his future aliens! like heatblast, fourarms and new ones like buzz shock! realy awesome episode that shows that ben 10 is one of the best super hero shows of all time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Great to see another omnitrix bearer! I loved it.

    I loved the way that Kenny got an omnitrix and the fact that he didnt get to coose any aliens. His expression when ben said there were some "Old Skool" aliens like Shellhead and Toepick was priceless. (Although it is cartoon.) I thought it was a great filler to the series to show Ben 10000 again hopefully in ben 10 : hero generation we could see more of ben 10000 and kenny or ... ken 10! My favorite part of this episode was the part where the null voids greatest captor came out Kevin 11 who is now Kevin 11000 and how he has improved his mixed arsenal well. Great but not the best one so i rate this episode : 9.5/10.
  • i love ben 10 but i cant watch the episodes thats the thing i most hate abut it .... but i expect they can make a site for us to watch it ^^

    i love ben 10 but i cant watch the episodes thats the thing i most hate abut it ....
    but i expect they can make a site for us to watch it ^^i love ben 10 but i cant watch the episodes thats the thing i most hate abut it ....
    but i expect they can make a site for us to watch it ^^i love ben 10 but i cant watch the episodes thats the thing i most hate abut it ....
    but i expect they can make a site for us to watch it ^^i love ben 10 but i cant watch the episodes thats the thing i most hate abut it ....
    but i expect they can make a site for us to watch it ^^
  • Ben 10k, in the future, gives his son kenny his very own omnitrix. however ken 10 meets delvlin, kevin 11ks son!

    a stunning episode, one of the best episodes in the series, i think ben 10k went grey matter to make kens omnitrix, because in the secret of the omnitrix its a galvan (grey matter) who created the omnitrix. i wonder if vilgax was dead by then? i love it when ben 10k goes way big to smash kevin 11ks butt. he got really angry, :D, and i also wonder how grandpa max got to be that thin, (probably went on a diet, he needed it)! i really wanted to see some new aliens, but there weren't any more, even though he has 10,000! :D
  • A evil Schicopath,a Birthday, another Omnitrix, and the chance to see some aliens again! What could be better!?

    Nothing, that's what. This episode is a off-cannon story of Ben 10K, where Ben gives his son another Omnitrix. Ken, gets the new Omnitrix for his 10th Birthday. Ken seems to have a much better knowledge of the Omnitrix than his dad did when he was his age! However, Ben 10K has to learn to not being so protective of his son, and help him out in the Hero Buisness. Ken later befriends a young boy named Devin, who is really Kevin 11's son! Devin releases his dad from the Null Void and learns that his dad doesnt really want to see Devin, he just wants to battle Ben. Heartbroken. Devin helps Ken and Ben 10K to defeat the supercharged Kevin 11,000! Trivia- Look for a Billy alien during Ken's party. He has the a giant nose!And is even voiced the same voice actor!
    -Also note that Devin is now part of the Tennyson family!
  • In the future, Ben 10,000 gives his son, Ken, an Omnitrix for his 10th Birthday, but Kevin 11,000 escapes from the Null Voice Projector!

    I loved this episode! Every scene had action it in, which I love! It's based in the future, where Ben has a son, Ken. Ben gives Ken an Omnitrix for his 10th Birthday, but it only has a select few aliens on it, most of them which are said to be weaker. Kevin 11's son let's Kevin escape from the Null Void Projector by tricking Ken into taking him there, but when Kevin hurts his son, Ken, Ben, and Kevin's son fight Kevin and they seal him up in a "special place", Grandpa said. I loved this episode and I can't wait for the next one! Ben 10 keeps getting better and better!
  • Ben gives his son, Ken, an Omnitrix for his birthday, but things don't go as planned when Kevin breaks out of the Null Void.

    When I first heard of this episode, I didn't think I would like it - it sounded really stupid. But I actually really liked this episode. In it, the future Ben gave his son, Ken, an Omnitrix, but it had restrictions: 1) There were only 10 aliens on it and 2) There was a time limit. Ken got really upset because of this and got really mad at Ben. When he left home on his new board Max got him for his birthday, he met Kevin 11's son and they became friends. Kevin's son talked Ken into finding the Null Void chamber so they could fix. By doing this, Ken would gain his father's trust and respect. Once again, things don't go as planned because when they found the Null Void, Kevin's son unlocked the Null Void and released his father: Kevin 11. Kevin 11 and Ben fight, and when Kevin's son sees his dad about to kill Ben, he tries to stop him. It was really sad to see this because Kevin 11 didn't care about his son at all; he even made his son cry. It was great to see Kevin's son and Ken fight together to try to defeat Kevin 11. The ending was good: Kevin 11 was beaten and will be put in a place where he would never return and his son and Ken became best friends. Ken would even be staying with Ben and become part of the family. I think it's funny how Ben and Kevin started out as good friends, then they turned into enemies, and now their sons are best friends and Ben will be taking care of his enemy's son. It's kind of twisted, lol.