Ben 10

Season 1 Episode 10

Lucky Girl

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Mar 04, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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A magician named Hex, whose powers come from mystical charms, is defeated by Ben using XLR8 and a little help from Gwen and Grandpa Max. Afterwards, XLR8 takes all the credit for the victory and even gets one of Hex's charms as a souvenir. When Gwen complains that Ben is getting all the glory and recognition, as well as all the cool stuff, he gives her the charm he got from Hex. The charm gives Gwen perfect luck in everything she does, and she becomes her very own superhero, Lucky Girl. Unfortunately, her luck has a price, and Ben is the one who ends up paying for it.moreless

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Nancy Linari

Nancy Linari

Tour Guide/Reporter/Screaming Woman

Guest Star

Billy West

Billy West

Guard/Punk #2

Guest Star

Tara Strong

Tara Strong

Waitress/Elderly Woman

Recurring Role

Richard McGonagle

Richard McGonagle

Radio News Announcer

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Dee Bradley Baker

Dee Bradley Baker

Punk #1/Trapped Worker

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • Look Hard: Gwen sleeps with a teddy bear, as shown when Ben finds her missing after being woken up by Grandpa Max's snoring.

    • Look Hard: When Hex is saying the spell to bring the gargoyles to life, his middle and left middle charms are both the lucky charm.

    • Outside Knowledge: At the end when Gwen records Ben saying, "Gwen, you did a good job" it's on an audio cassette recorder, which is analog, not digital, making the way she replayed it over and over again without rewinding impossible.

    • Look Closely: When Gwen is looking up the Charms of Bazell, one of the charms on the computer screen doesn't match those used by Hex.

    • Look Hard: When Ben turns into Wildmutt, the Omnitrix's display shows Four Arms, although it shows Ben transforming into Wildmutt.

    • Look Closely: When Lucky Girl enters the hidden staircase, her shadow appears sideways on the wall. No matter where a light source is directed, it cannot make shadows sideways to the person or object casting them.

    • Think Back: Although Grandpa Max quickly corrects himself when calling Lucky Girl by her real name, he never does so with Ben. In fact, aside from the first episode, Grandpa Max always calls Ben by his real name regardless of the situation.

    • Running Gag: Gwen is being called a hero, instead of being called a heroine.

    • Look Closely: When XLR8 first picks up the luck charm, it is shown to be a solid disk. After Ben gives it to Gwen, there is now a ring on the top to make it a necklace.

  • QUOTES (29)

    • Grandpa Max: (after waking up) Nothing like a good night sleep. Who wants breakfast? (hears a crash)

    • Hex: The Archamada Book of Spells: all of its power shall soon be mine. (recites a spell and breaks the display case; calls book to himself)
      Ben: Now would be a good time to go-
      (Hex turns and causes everyone to fall)
      Ben: -hero!

    • Four Arms: (picking up Hex) Time for the magician to disappear. (tosses Hex into a coffin; Grandpa Max closes the lid)
      Gwen: (holding Hex's charms) I could fly, shoot out bolts of eletricity, bring trees alive: I'd be unstoppable! Or, I guess I could just be me. (smashes charms)

    • (Hex gets hit in the foot with a rock; Gwen & Grandpa Max are on the ground below)
      Gwen: Luck only takes you so far, Grandpa. (throws another rock at Hex and knocks him out)
      (one of Hex's animated gargoyles tries to attack them; Grandpa Max picks up a metal pole with cement attached to it)
      Grandpa Max: Going, going, gone! (hits gargoyle with pole)

    • Hex: (after retrieving his charm from Gwen) Time to turn this city into an old memory. (recites spells that open a vortex in the sky and cause lightning to strike the city; Four Arms interrupts him)
      Four Arms: (as Gwen & Grandpa Max run up) Stay back!
      Hex: You dare challenge me?

    • Four Arms: (after grabbing balcony pillar) I've got it.
      Gwen: (referring to the people on the balcony) But who's got them? (jumps onto chandelier and swings it to the people) Everybody grab hold!

    • Woman: I'm afraid of heights!
      Man: Everything is gonna crash down.
      Gwen: Everyone, stay calm. Lucky Girl's in the haunted house. (runs off to help them)
      Ben: (hiding and activating the Omnitrix) You don't need luck when you've got skill.

    • Gwen: Back off! I'll handle this.
      Ben: I'm the real hero here.
      (inside the haunted house, everything is moving on its own)
      Hex: (standing by a window) I knew you couldn't resist, Lucky Girl.

    • (Hex is floating down a street)
      Reporter: (on television) An exclusive, on the scene interview with our city's very own-
      (camera switches to Gwen)
      Gwen: -Lucky Girl!

    • Reporter: (to Gwen) How did you pull off this amazing rescue?
      Gwen: With style, of course. (turns to Wildmutt and waves) Who's your hero!
      Reporter: You heard it here, first. Live.

    • Gwen: (as debris falls towards her) Uh-oh!
      Grandpa Max: Gwen, I mean Lucky Girl, move!

    • Trapped Worker: Over here! Somebody!
      (Gwen shows up dressed in a costume)
      Grandpa Max: Gwen?
      Gwen: It's Lucky Girl, Grandpa. (to trapped worker) Stay calm.

    • (an explosion occurs at a construction site; two workers are trapped hanging from a lift)
      Ben: Time to watch a real hero at work.
      Gwen: (charm glows) Yeah, me! I'll be right back.

    • Gwen: (staring at charm after thugs are beaten) Huh. Cool.
      Elderly Woman: This little girl is a hero, officer.
      Gwen: Who, me? Just lucky, I guess.

    • Hex: (to guard, demanding) The Archamada Book of Spells.
      Guard: We locked it in the vault.
      (Hex rips the vault off of its hinges with a spell and takes the book)
      Hex: Yes. Soon my power will know no limits. (tries to absorb the book's power and fails; notices his missing charm) One charm is missing. Of course: the battle with that speed creature.

    • Gwen: (at dinner) I've been counting. You've had 11 crawfish to my nine. (her charm glows)
      Ben: Sounds like it's time to make it an even dozen.
      Gwen: (knocking away Ben's fork) I don't think so.
      (Ben's fork hits a waitress; she throws a glass into the air; the glass catches in the chandelier and spins it; the glass is tossed into the kitchen and hits a cook; the cook stumbles and runs into a tray with a bowl of live crawfish on it; the tray rolls into Ben and Gwen's table; the bowl lands on Ben's head)
      Gwen: (taking the last crawfish) Okay, now I'm full.
      Ben: (looking at live crawfish) But they're not- (crawfish crawls into his nose) Ahh!
      (Gwen & Grandpa Max laugh)

    • Hex: (after waking up in the ambulance) My destiny shall be fulfilled.

    • (Gwen throws a basketball over her back, which misses the basket entirely, bounces off the top of an RV, is flung back into the air by the antenna on it, strikes a telephone pole twice before rolling down the wire, and slowly falls into the basket)
      Gwen: Nothing but the bottom of the net again!
      Ben: Okay, we are definitely not playing horse.
      Gwen: Give me the ball.
      Ben: Not until you tell me how you did that.
      Gwen: What can I say? I'm charmed. (holds up charm) It's like every time it glows, everything goes my way.
      Grandpa Max: (leaving RV) Nothing like a good night's sleep. Who wants breakfast?

    • Grandpa Max: You know, you two make a pretty impressive team.
      Gwen: Made. Now that my power is history.
      Ben: Hey, you did the right thing destroying those charms.
      Gwen: I guess. So, Ben, now that you're back to being the only hero around here, just one favor?
      Ben: What?
      Gwen: Maybe just admit that I did a good job?
      Ben: (sighs) Gwen, you did a good job. There, happy?
      Gwen: Totally.
      Ben: Good, 'cause I'm never saying it again.
      Gwen: You don't have to. (plays recording of what he said)
      Ben: Oh, man.
      (Gwen continues repeating what Ben said on her tape recorder; Ben gets annoyed)

    • Hex: Give me my charm! (curtain covers him; Gwen knocks over a suit of armor on him)
      Gwen: You should've said please.

    • Gwen: I cross-referenced the Archamada Book of Spells with dark magical charms, and look. It's part of a set called the Charms of Bazell. This charm is luck. There are also charms for fire, levitation, reincarnation.
      Ben: Whoa! Those are the charms Mr. Freak at the museum wore when XLR8 kicked his butt.
      Gwen: That's why he wanted the Book of Spells. But it says all the Charms of Bazell must be used for the spells to be at their full power. Oh well, his loss is my gain.
      Grandpa Max: I'm afraid more like was. We need to turn that charm into the museum.
      Ben & Gwen: No fair! Not before I...
      Ben: ... try it.
      Gwen: ... use it again. The world needs someone with the power of Lucky Girl.
      Ben: Newsflash. I'm the only one with powers.
      Gwen: Well, you can make that "one" a "two" now.
      Ben: All that stuff you did it's not you, it's that charm.
      Gwen: It's not you either, it's that watch.
      Ben: You're just jealous of me.
      Gwen: Am not!
      Ben: Are too! Times ten!
      Announcer: (on radio) And in the news of the weird, reports are coming in that the city's famed haunted history mansion has come alive, trapping dozens of visitors inside.
      Ben & Gwen: Grandpa!
      Grandpa Max: On it.

    • Ben: (annoyed by Grandpa Max's snoring) Hey, Gwen, you got a mega-sized cork on you? (sees Gwen is missing) Gwen?

    • Elderly Woman: Help! They stole my purse.
      (the three thieves run into Grandpa Max)
      Grandpa Max: That's far enough.
      Thug #1: Yeah? Who's gonna make us? You, pops?
      Ben: (whispering) Actually, him and his close personal friend, Diamond Head. (hides behind cart and tries to activate Omnitrix) Come on, work!
      Punk #1: Hey, hey, hey, that's a nice necklace you got there, little girl.
      Ben: (still can't activate Omnitrix; sighs) This is not my lucky day.

    • Grandpa Max: Heh, you know, in all my travels, I never actually saw a crawfish climb in someone's nostril until today. (he and Gwen laugh)
      Ben: (laughs meakly) Glad I could make your day, Grandpa.
      Gwen: By the way, thanks again for the charm. I feel like I should get you something in return. (goes to a hot dog vendor) One, please.

    • Gwen: All I'm saying is that you didn't exactly stop that creep all by yourself today, okay? I helped save your sorry butt, but does anybody notice me?
      Ben: Hey, being a hero is not about getting attention.
      Gwen: "Who's your hero?" Uh, hello.
      Grandpa Max: I noticed you, Gwen.
      Gwen: We're related, so that doesn't count.
      Ben: Hey, no offense, but you threw a trash can at the guy. That doesn't exactly make you a hero, unlike me.
      Gwen: Wake up! The only reason you're a hero is because of that watch. If I found it instead of you, I'd be getting all the attention and all the cool souvenirs.
      (Ben sighs and offers Gwen Hex's charm)
      Ben: All right, here. Take it.
      Gwen: Really?
      Ben: Yeah, I've got tons of other stuff.
      Grandpa Max: Gwen, don't you have something you want to say to Ben?
      Gwen: You know this doesn't change the fact that you're just plain lucky, but thanks.
      Ben: You're welcome.

    • Grandpa Max: (after XLR8 defeats Hex) Nice job.
      XLR8: Just doing what I need to do and keeping it low-key.
      (everyone starts cheering and photographing him)
      XLR8: Who's your hero?

    • (after hitting Hex with a couple of trash cans)
      Gwen: Guess we got his attention.
      Grandpa Max: Kinda wish we hadn't.

    • XLR8: Everyone out!
      Grandpa Max: Ben, be careful. You don't know what tricks he's got up his sleeve.
      XLR8: (to Hex) Dude, you want a book, try the library!

    • Tour Guide: And behind this impenetrable glass is the recently discovered and only known existing copy of the Archamada Book of Spells.
      Tour Guide & Gwen: (at the same time) It contains ancient witchcraft and rituals from the late 1600's.
      Tour Guide: (to Gwen) Maybe you should work here, dear.
      Ben: Don't let mummy face get to you. She's probably older than that spell book. (makes a face and acts like a mummy; Gwen laughs)
      (everyone suddenly floats to the ceiling)
      Grandpa Max: Something tells me this isn't on the tour.

  • NOTES (18)

    • This is the fourth appearance of XLR8.

    • This is the first time in the series Ben has went alien three times (although he was trying to go Diamond Head).

    • Running Gag: Hot dog carts being knocked over.

    • Cartoon Network (UK) airdate: Saturday, May 6th, 2006.

    • This is the first episode where Ben hasn't transformed back into human form on-screen. Also, the Omnitrix does not give a warning signal at any time during the episode.

    • This episode marks the fourth time that a hot dog cart has been knocked over, run into, or otherwise damaged during the course of a fight sequence. The first three were "Tourist Trap," "Kevin 11," and "Last Laugh," respectively.

    • The three stone creatures that Hex brings to life are:

      Minotaur: a half-man, half-human monster
      Gargoyle: a demonic-like winged-creature
      An unnamed horned demon, possibly a Chimera: a fire-breathing monster with the heads of a lion and a goat, and a snake for a tail

    • Although the magician is credited as Hex, he is never actually named or even mentions that he has a name in the episode.

    • Grandpa Max demonstrates his strength in this episode again; he carried a pole with a large chunk of cement at the end and swung it like a baseball bat, despite how much it must have weighed and how awkwardly the weight would have been distributed.

    • Gwen gets the charm from Ben as a peace offering after she gives the reasons for her feelings about Ben taking all the credit for their teamwork.

    • All of the souvenirs and gifts Ben has received previously throughout the season reappear in this episode, including Dr. Animo's Transmodulator, the hoverboard Tetrax gave him, and the pictures that he and Gwen took at Sparksville.

    • This episode was put up for viewing at the official Ben 10 website a few days before its Saturday premiere on Cartoon Network for promotional purposes. This event occurred on February 28, 2006.

    • As expected, Gwen's superhero powers are only temporary. She loses them after Hex takes his charm back and decides against using all of his charms for herself once he's defeated, instead destroying them so they can't be used again.

    • Like the name she chose says, Lucky Girl's powers represent the power of luck she receives from one of Hex's Charms of Bazell, though the luck usually is brought to her.

    • Main Villain Bio: Hex - Hex is an evil magician searching for the Archamada Book of Spells, so he can use his Charms of Bazell to their full power and destroy the city. The Charms of Bazell include the powers of luck, fire, levitation, reincarnation, and one more that goes unnamed. His powers are based soley on those charms, and he is easily defeated without them.

    • Alien Form(s) Used:
      1) XLR8.
      2) Wildmutt.
      3) Four Arms.

    • New Hero Introduced: Gwen as Lucky Girl (temporarily).

    • Main Villain(s): Hex.

  • ALLUSIONS (10)

    • Hex: Appearance
      Hex's appearance makes him look like Imhotep from The Mummy: The Animated Series seeing how they both look Egyptian and sound when they cast spells.

    • Hex: Appearance
      Hex has a small resemblance to Skeletor from Masters of the Universe. Both have skull-like faces (though Hex's is only painted on), a hood, pale skin, a staff with an animal head (Skeletor: ram; Hex: raven), and are both skilled sorcerers.

    • Bust: Trigger
      The trigger for the secret passage in the bust of Shakespeare was a reference to the old 60's Batman series starring Adam West, the bust in the show opened a passage to the batcave.

    • Image: Snake
      The image of a snake slithering through the eye socket and mouth of a skull seen towards the end of the episode is like the Dark mark in the Harry Potter books and movies.

    • Hex: Da kelar vortium.
      Hex says "Da kelar Vortium" to bring the gargoyles to life. Vortium translated loosely from Latin means divorce, and kelar is vision, so the spell he said was "The Vision Separated." Or something similar.

    • XLR8: Sound Effect
      When XLR8 stops running in the museum, the sound effect used to announce this is the same as that used for the Jaffa Staff Weapon from Stargate SG-1.

    • Tunnel: Entrance
      The secret tunnel Gwen escapes into is similar to the entrance to the Batcave in the 1960s series, Batman. The button to move the wall is hidden in the neck of a bust across from the wall.

    • Lucky Girl: Appearance & Powers
      Lucky Girl resembles the marvel heroine Black Cat. Black Cat was the ex-girlfriend and somewhat sidekick of Spider-Man. In the early '90s, Kingpin gave Black Cat the power to give other people bad luck in favor of her own. Similarly, Lucky Girl gains good luck at the expense of others, namely Ben.

    • The City: New Orleans
      Several details throughout this episode hint at the city they're visiting is New Orleans, or at least somewhere near that. The food at the restaurant, the decorations in the streets, and Hex's appearance are from various aspects of the culture in that area.

    • Four Arms: Hellboy
      When Four Arms picks up a giant stone sword to attack the animated stone creatures, it's much like the scene in the movie Hellboy, where Hellboy picks up a similar sword to attack a giant creature.