Ben 10

Season 3 Episode 4

Merry Christmas

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Dec 11, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Ben, Grandpa Max, and Gwen come upon a bizarre Christmas theme park run by an evil entity who thinks Grandpa Max is Santa Claus and proceeds to trap him. What will this lead to? And can Ben save the day one more time?

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  • annoying bit right at the end

    they stole the 3 kids next to the old dude right at the end of this eppisode from naruto its konohamaru and his friends. you can tell by the way hes wearing his gogles on his head.

    however the rest of the story line was pritty good. dont think i have any other problems with the storyline but i guess their must be more. like how could stinkfly last in his transformed state for that length of time. or how come graymatter didnt blow up with the machine er. well i gurss thats it i think

    peace out still think they cheaped out using already made charrys and ben 10ifiying the drawings of themmoreless
  • off a little.

    Ben, Grandpa Max, and Gwen come upon a bizarre Christmas village run by a Christmas-obsessed man who thinks Grandpa Max is Santa Claus and proceeds to trap him. As Ben and Gwen explore, they learn about a strange curse on the village from one of its few unloyal elves, who happens to be the son of the Christmas-obsessed man. The village was frozen at Christmas, in the 1930s, But when Ben delivers all the gifts that had been made, time catches up to the village instantly. Star on this episode:Dee Bradley Baker ... Stinkfly, Grandpa Elsgood (voice) Richard Doyle ... Mr. Jingles (voice) Paul Eiding ... Grandpa Max (voice) Kim Mai Guest ... Elsgood, Grandkid, Kid #1 (voice) Richard Steven Horvitz ... Grey Matter (voice) Meagan Smith ... Gwen Tennyson (voice) Tara Strong ... Ben Tennyson, Doll (voice) Jim Ward ... XLR8 (voice)moreless
  • very nice

    I espeacily liked this episode because of how it fits with the series with a "x-mas in july" theme. And how the family learns how christmasis about being with family. I'm surprised though that the elves ween't aliens of some sort. I noticed how some of the characters near the end of the show looked just like characters from another of chartoon networks show. I hope that they give more episodes like this and such. I did notice that at the beginning of the episode, that the tent was tiny, but when they got inside it, it was just huge.moreless
  • It has been a "Merry Christmas" for the Tennysons.

    In the RV, the Tennysons drive in the streets of Death Valley, California, where they suffer from the desert's deadly heat wave. The kids tell Grandpa Max to turn the air conditioner up, hopefully to get some relief from the weather. Little did they know that the thermostat is already set to its maximum setting. Instead, Ben turns to Grey Matter, checking out the system if there are any nuts and bolts to adjust in the RV's cooling system. Unfortunately, it backfires, causing them to stop in the middle of nowhere to get away from the dangerous fumes. They look around, noticing a mysterious gate in the middle of nowhere. They head closer to the gate anyway, hoping to find help with their broken A/C.

    They head inside to find a town that was covered with snow, and it was comfortable for them to stay awhile. As they head down, a man mysteriously watches them from a range. Inside the town contained many Christmas novelties and decorations. It made them realize that they have never spent Christmas as a family for quite a time, though the kids were such in a rush to head out to enjoy themselves in the fun-themed village.

    Grandpa Max grabs some cocoa, and outside, a group of elves tell him to follow them. He is directed to a giant mansion, where he is warmly greeted by a small man going by the name of Mr. Jingles. Mr. Jingles is delighted to have Max over, calling him Santa Claus. Max tells him that he must be mistaking him for another person. Instead of letting him head back out, he is dressed by the elves to become Santa Claus, and he is forced to sit in a chair, while he struggles to brake free from Mr. Jingles' remote control.

    Now Ben and Gwen must go help their grandfather, with the guidance of an elf who goes by Elsgood.moreless
  • Woot!

    Very funny episode i thought myself. But many of my friends thought it wasn't the best for ben ten , because of grandpa max and that whole santa thing. But it was near christmas. But i didn't get the joke when they said "Christmas in Summer" . Because the Episode aired in december. But thats how they are in the world of ben 10 and the world of humans. My final thoughts on the episode it was a great episode and they could of did a little better. But i still loved the work they did for it and others.moreless
Meagan Smith

Meagan Smith

Gwen Tennyson

Paul Eiding

Paul Eiding

Grandpa Max

Tara Strong

Tara Strong

Ben Tennyson/Upgrade

Dee Bradley Baker

Dee Bradley Baker


Jim Ward

Jim Ward

Diamond Head/XLR8/Wildvine

Richard Horvitz

Richard Horvitz

Grey Matter

Tara Strong

Tara Strong


Guest Star

Kim Mai Guest

Kim Mai Guest

Elsgood/Grandkid/Kid #1

Guest Star

Dee Bradley Baker

Dee Bradley Baker

Grandpa Elsgood

Recurring Role

Richard Doyle

Richard Doyle

Mr. Jingles

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • Look Closely: The thermostat in the RV reads 108ºF.

    • When the Rust Bucket got damaged, Ben could've gone Upgrade to repair and fix it.

    • Pay Attention/Listen Carefully: When Ben goes XLR8, you can hear his visor going down, but he still has it up.

    • Look Closely: When Elsgood shows Ben and Gwen his picture, the Omnitrix goes from being red to green between shots without warning.

    • Pay Attention: When Stinkfly reverts to Ben, his harness falls to the ground behind him. Considering that it was closed in the back, it should have remained around his shoulders.

    • Look Closely: It is implied that the Christmas present delivery at the end of the episode needs to be finished by midnight. But when Stinkfly takes off with the sleigh, the clock tower displays a time well after 1:30.

    • Look Closely: The candy canes the nutcrackers were using as weapons were peppermint-flavored.

    • Pay Attention: The Tennysons should have had better clothing, as they would have frozen to death if they were out in the cold for as long as they were, even if they cooled down after being in Death Valley. They didn't have the proper clothing on.

  • QUOTES (13)

  • NOTES (18)

    • Both Ben and Gwen get turned into elves in this episode.

    • Omnitrix Malfunctions:

      Four Arms-Grey Matter

    • Main Villain Bio: Mr. Jingles - The holiday-obsessed owner of a Christmas-based theme park in Death Valley, Mr. Jingles used the magic of the Jingulator machine to turn the park into a perpetually snowy Christmas village and turn all the children into worker elves. When Ben and his family arrived at his park, he mistook Grandpa Max for Santa Claus and kidnapped him, hoping to make his dream of having Santa deliver presents to children a reality. When it came to getting Ben and Gwen to join his staff, he sent Nutcracker soldiers and slithering snowmen. The Nutcracker soldiers and snowmen also served as Mr. Jingle's foot soldiers alongside the giant teddy bears and living toys. After Ben turned off/destroyed his Jingulator as Grey Matter, he was shown the error of his ways. Everyone was restored to normal after Grandpa Max and Gwen used a sleigh (pulled by Ben as Stinkfly) to deliver the gifts he made. In the process, the theme park was returned to normal and the effects of his curse reversed, making it seem like it had never happened (though everyone involved still retained memories of these events). A Walt Disney-styled statue commemorating him is seen within the town after the curse is broken. On its base is an inscription quoting what Grandpa Max had told him about the true meaning of Christmas.

    • Cartoon Network (UK) airdate: February 15, 2007.

    • The sequence wherein Grey Matter tries to maneuver through the Jingleator's inner workings is very similar, in both layout and viewing position, of a video game.

    • New Ally(ies): Elsgood

    • Main Transformation(s): Grey Matter. This is the third time (not counting season finales and "Ben 10,000") he has become the same alien twice in the same episode, the first two being Diamond Head in "Hunted" and Cannon Bolt in "The Big Tick."

    • According to the present she opens, the girl who says "Christmas in summer? Cool!" is named Sunmin.

    • Apparently, Grandpa Max considers himself a pro at snowball fights.

    • We learn that Gwen can ice skate.

    • This is the first time XLR8 has ever ran on ice.

    • We learn that Grandpa Max, Gwen, and Ben have never spent Christmas together.

    • This is the second episode in which Grey Matter's transformation sequence is shown. The first was in "Ultimate Weapon."

    • Alien Form(s) Used:
      1) Grey Matter (x2).
      2) XLR8.
      3) Wildmutt.
      4) Stinkfly.

    • Main Villain(s): Mr. Jingles.

    • This episode takes place in Death Valley, California.

    • This is the first Christmas-themed episode of the series.

    • This episode premiered on a special day and time: Monday, December 11th, 2006 at 7:00 PM EST/PST.


    • Frosty the Snowman: Parody
      When the daytime turns over to night (after Ben and Gwen get turned into elves), a hat flies past on the wind and lands in a snowdrift, causing snow monsters to rise up and attack. This is a parody of Frosty the Snowman, how the snowman was brought to life when a hat was placed on his head.

    • Grey Matter: Video Games
      When Grey Matter was getting to the core, he's jumping and dodging from blocks that resemble the first Super Mario Brothers and Frogger video games.

    • Ben: All I want for Christmas are four big arms!
      This is a reference to the song, "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth."

    • Ben: Who needs Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer when you've got Stink the gassy alien?
      Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer was a story created by Robert L. May in 1939 that was turned into a song by Johnny Marks and redone by several other artists.

    • Scene: Toy Soldier Fight
      The scene where the toy soldiers begin to shoot at Ben and Gwen with their candy cane guns is very similar to the episode of Teen Titans, "Revolution." Which somehow makes sense, since both this episode and "Revolution" were holiday episodes and aired during the 3rd season.

    • Scene: Snowball Fight
      The snowball fight between XLR8 and the nutcrackers is very similar to the snowball fight shown in the movie, Elf.

    • Konohamaru: Cameo Appearance
      The three small children at the end of the episode resemble Konohamaru, Moegi, and Udon from the popular TV anime, Naruto. In addition, the Konohamaru look-alike also has a similar-looking symbol to that of the Hidden Leaf Village symbol on his shirt.