Ben 10

Season 3 Episode 4

Merry Christmas

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Dec 11, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • very nice

    I espeacily liked this episode because of how it fits with the series with a "x-mas in july" theme. And how the family learns how christmasis about being with family. I'm surprised though that the elves ween't aliens of some sort. I noticed how some of the characters near the end of the show looked just like characters from another of chartoon networks show. I hope that they give more episodes like this and such. I did notice that at the beginning of the episode, that the tent was tiny, but when they got inside it, it was just huge.
  • It has been a "Merry Christmas" for the Tennysons.

    In the RV, the Tennysons drive in the streets of Death Valley, California, where they suffer from the desert's deadly heat wave. The kids tell Grandpa Max to turn the air conditioner up, hopefully to get some relief from the weather. Little did they know that the thermostat is already set to its maximum setting. Instead, Ben turns to Grey Matter, checking out the system if there are any nuts and bolts to adjust in the RV's cooling system. Unfortunately, it backfires, causing them to stop in the middle of nowhere to get away from the dangerous fumes. They look around, noticing a mysterious gate in the middle of nowhere. They head closer to the gate anyway, hoping to find help with their broken A/C.

    They head inside to find a town that was covered with snow, and it was comfortable for them to stay awhile. As they head down, a man mysteriously watches them from a range. Inside the town contained many Christmas novelties and decorations. It made them realize that they have never spent Christmas as a family for quite a time, though the kids were such in a rush to head out to enjoy themselves in the fun-themed village.

    Grandpa Max grabs some cocoa, and outside, a group of elves tell him to follow them. He is directed to a giant mansion, where he is warmly greeted by a small man going by the name of Mr. Jingles. Mr. Jingles is delighted to have Max over, calling him Santa Claus. Max tells him that he must be mistaking him for another person. Instead of letting him head back out, he is dressed by the elves to become Santa Claus, and he is forced to sit in a chair, while he struggles to brake free from Mr. Jingles' remote control.

    Now Ben and Gwen must go help their grandfather, with the guidance of an elf who goes by Elsgood.
  • Ben,Gwen and Grandpa Max find holiday village a great.However a man named Mr Jingles thinks Max is Santa Claus and proceed to trap him while making Ben and Gwen elves!

    This really was a holiday special!This episode rocked so hard.I never thought someone like Mr Jingles would think Max is Santa Claus.I couldn't believe that he could turn Ben and Gwen into elves!And that weird line those other elves said 'A happy elf is a working elf',that sentence was so strange.That Elsgood was a really nice guy although he was an elf.I liked the part when those Nutcracker soldiers that Wildmutt was an 'European reindeer'.When the episode got over,I thought Elsgood and Mr Jingles were related. Those other elves were spooking me out.I never thought that Gwen was sooooooo much in fashion.This holiday special was cool!
  • Woot!

    Very funny episode i thought myself. But many of my friends thought it wasn't the best for ben ten , because of grandpa max and that whole santa thing. But it was near christmas. But i didn't get the joke when they said "Christmas in Summer" . Because the Episode aired in december. But thats how they are in the world of ben 10 and the world of humans. My final thoughts on the episode it was a great episode and they could of did a little better. But i still loved the work they did for it and others.
  • off a little.

    Ben, Grandpa Max, and Gwen come upon a bizarre Christmas village run by a Christmas-obsessed man who thinks Grandpa Max is Santa Claus and proceeds to trap him. As Ben and Gwen explore, they learn about a strange curse on the village from one of its few unloyal elves, who happens to be the son of the Christmas-obsessed man. The village was frozen at Christmas, in the 1930s, But when Ben delivers all the gifts that had been made, time catches up to the village instantly. Star on this episode:Dee Bradley Baker ... Stinkfly, Grandpa Elsgood (voice) Richard Doyle ... Mr. Jingles (voice) Paul Eiding ... Grandpa Max (voice) Kim Mai Guest ... Elsgood, Grandkid, Kid #1 (voice) Richard Steven Horvitz ... Grey Matter (voice) Meagan Smith ... Gwen Tennyson (voice) Tara Strong ... Ben Tennyson, Doll (voice) Jim Ward ... XLR8 (voice)
  • The Tennysons find themselves stuck in an amusement park that's Christmas themed.

    This episode was very funny. I liked the snowball fight between XLR8 and the soldiers. It reminded me of the movie Elf. I also liked the part where the soldiers threw candy canes at XLR8 and they hit him right in the butt! I still laugh about that. Another scene that was really good was the scene where Grey Matter attempted to get through that maze like obstacle course to reach the power source that made everything magical. A scene I didn't care for was the scene where Mr. Jingles forced Grandpa Max into wearing the Santa Clause suit and wave to the elves.
  • annoying bit right at the end

    they stole the 3 kids next to the old dude right at the end of this eppisode from naruto its konohamaru and his friends. you can tell by the way hes wearing his gogles on his head.

    however the rest of the story line was pritty good. dont think i have any other problems with the storyline but i guess their must be more. like how could stinkfly last in his transformed state for that length of time. or how come graymatter didnt blow up with the machine er. well i gurss thats it i think
    peace out still think they cheaped out using already made charrys and ben 10ifiying the drawings of them
  • Well, it's yet ANOTHER Christmas special. Boo.

    I couldn't really like this episode. It about a place snowing in the middle of one of the hottest places on Earth, Death Valley. It's also about people turning into elves and nutcracker soldiers walking around, and some elf who mistakes Grandpa Max for Santa Claus. I wish they had done something more valuable with their airtime than this. This was a lame, out of character, not plotted so well, bad episode. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone who has any logical sense or sanity or anyone who likes Ben 10. This was a complete and total waste of time.