Ben 10

Season 3 Episode 4

Merry Christmas

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Dec 11, 2006 on Cartoon Network



  • Notes

    • Main Villain Bio: Mr. Jingles - The holiday-obsessed owner of a Christmas-based theme park in Death Valley, Mr. Jingles used the magic of the Jingulator machine to turn the park into a perpetually snowy Christmas village and turn all the children into worker elves. When Ben and his family arrived at his park, he mistook Grandpa Max for Santa Claus and kidnapped him, hoping to make his dream of having Santa deliver presents to children a reality. When it came to getting Ben and Gwen to join his staff, he sent Nutcracker soldiers and slithering snowmen. The Nutcracker soldiers and snowmen also served as Mr. Jingle's foot soldiers alongside the giant teddy bears and living toys. After Ben turned off/destroyed his Jingulator as Grey Matter, he was shown the error of his ways. Everyone was restored to normal after Grandpa Max and Gwen used a sleigh (pulled by Ben as Stinkfly) to deliver the gifts he made. In the process, the theme park was returned to normal and the effects of his curse reversed, making it seem like it had never happened (though everyone involved still retained memories of these events). A Walt Disney-styled statue commemorating him is seen within the town after the curse is broken. On its base is an inscription quoting what Grandpa Max had told him about the true meaning of Christmas.