Ben 10

Season 3 Episode 2

Midnight Madness

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Dec 02, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • good show.

    When Ben is hypnotized, he begins breaking the law while sleepwalking. Once the evil hypnotist called Sublimino discovers the aliens at his disposal, he plots to put hundreds of people under his control forever.

    The Tennysons have just finished their shopping at a mall, and suddenly, they encounter that two robbers are on the loose. The mall security is out after them, however, they were able to get away. Ben transforms to Wildmutt and find that the two figures were innocent-looking senior citizens. Wildmutt struggles to fight against them, while guards come in and mistake him as part of the heist. Fortunately, Grandpa Max was there in time to pick him up. As the cops chase the RV, they crash onto a street light pole, which required them to wait a few days for spare parts. The next day, Gwen and Ben are inside the mall, and there, a bulletin catches their attention. It was a performance by a man named Sublimino, a master of hypnosis. His techniques are highly notable, yet his motives may be as guilty than it looks.
  • Ben serving Gwen?

    I totally liked the part when Gery Matter was doing whatever Gwen told him to do.I know why this episode is called Midnight Madness:becuz Ben was hypnotized every midnight and the madness began as he did what that shorty guy wanted.That manager of the shop just said that same sentence.Those old hypnotized people Wildmutt was active and alert.I wish Upgrade did control that huge tower clock.Heatblast made the room hot.This episode reminds me of the song Too Little Too Late by JoJo.Gwen driving?And I thought Ben was sometimes complaining and arguing with Gwen.Wildcine did help a lot.The mall is saved.
  • Ben finds himself being hypnotized into stealing various items for Sublimino.

    This episode was very funny. I loved the scenes where Gwen was trying various tricks to keep Ben awake. I especially liked the part where she had Grey Matter do stuff for her. It was funny to see Ben and Gwen fight over the camera after she showed him what she made him do for her! I also liked the ending scene where everyone was hypnotized by Sublimino and Ben was trying to stop them with his hands in hand cuffs. One scene I don't care for was the beginning scene were Wildmutt was attempting to stop those old people. Old people just aren't meant to fight like that (lol).
  • Terror at the Mega Mall!

    Just another fun episode of Ben 10! Our favorite trio winds up having another crazy adventure in the middle of a Mega Mall. Ben winds up getting hypnotized by Sublimino, a seemingly harmless third rate hypnotist. Besides a little blackmail on film by way of Gwen, nothing really seemed to be wrong until Ben begins sleep walking and going alien. The first clue comes when the ferris wheel motor is stolen and a large crystal shard is found. Then later on, Ben wakes up Gwen, goes Upgrade, and causes a huge ruckus. Besides freaking out some cops he winds up stealing a clock right out of the clocktower. Gwen and Max figure they have to keep Ben awake to keep him from causing trouble, but they end up exhausting themselves in the process. Ben goes Heatblast and hits the hardware store with some "friends" and starts melting down a bunch of chains into one long chain until the SWAT team shows up. Gwen thinks that if Ben can't touch the Omnitrix he can't cause trouble, but just then Sublimino unleashes a giant hypno watch and hypnotizes the entire mall excluding Ben who escapes. Ben goes Wildvine and saves the day... again!
  • It's a "Midnight Madness" at the mega mall, and Ben finds himself being used!

    Ben, Gwen, and Grandpa Max finish up their shopping that night. As they were about to leave, they catch two shadows that robbed the place, and Ben decides to transform into Wildmutt to catch up to them. The mall security also comes out in the process. In a puzzling situation, the two figures were able to use a nearby street lamp to jump up to a level in the parking structure to get away from the cops. Fortunately, Wildmutt was able to get to them. The situation gets even more confusing when the two figures were revealed as two senior citizens. The cops come and mistake Wildmutt as the dog of the robbers. They chase after him, and it causes Grandpa Max to crash onto a pole, and they needed to stay put at the area until new parts for the RV arrives.

    At the mall, Gwen and Ben take a stroll around to see if anything would be interesting. Gwen catches a bulletin board and it says that a performance by a man named Sublimino is able to use hypnotism as entertainment. Gwen decides to volunteer Ben. Immediately, she was entertained, but not anymore after Ben was told to become an alien. Gwen pushes Ben out of the way where no one can see him.

    Grandpa Max and Gwen are awoken by Ben after he mysteriously walks out of the RV. It seems that he is being controlled by some force. Sublimino is using Ben and his alien forms to his advantage to steal things for him.