Ben 10

Season 3 Episode 10

Monster Weather

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Mar 24, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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  • Not the best Ben 10 episode could have been better.

    There wasn't even a real alien in the episode. The whole idea of the monster being defeated by guitars was pretty lame too. Not one of Ben's proudest moments but whatever I guess the producers ran out of ideas at that point. I slighty dozed off during the episode too. I wasn't very pleased with this episode at all. There was really nothing that mode the episode stand out and the story line was completely destroyed. Sure it was just a bump along the road for Ben, Gwen, and Grandpa Max but at least make it an action packed sequence.
  • best episode ever.

    Grandpa Max takes Gwen and Ben to a music festival in L.A. to see his favorite old time band, Shag Carpeting, but the event is interrupted by a weather-controlling robot called S.A.M. When Grandpa Max takes Ben and Gwen to a music festival, the weather is the last thing they're paying attention to. While Grandpa Max is excited to see his old-time favorite band, Shag Carpeting, Ben could care less. He's more worried about getting to a Sumo Slammer convention. But when the weather reporter's weather robot starts trying to take over the weather and changes it completely, there's trouble at the festival. With the weather being too dangerous, the bands can't play and the show can't go on. Now, it's up to Ben to try out some of his skills on the guitar and to see if he can make the show go on! What will the weather do, and is it too "stormy" for Ben to handle?
  • The worst episode ever! Seriously!

    Some crappy weatherman makes a weather controlling robot. I was expecting an alien and... hey! The monkeys at Cartoon Network pushed this junk back? Must be trying to save their jobs! I'd rather have Vilgax stomp on my house than watch this one again! If they make one more continuity error I'm going to puke! Well, here's my thoughts on it. A weather controlling robot named S.A.M., created by a weatherman, attacks Chicago. And Ben. Gwen, and Grandpa Max just happen to be there. And in cartoons electric guitars don't need speakers. Classic cartoon reality superceding... oh, wait. Ben is stupid.
  • Ben, Gwen, and Grandpa go to see shag charpeting, but its rudly inturpted by a Weather Monster.

    This episode was great. I liked the weather monster, it was awesome. S.A.M. becomes a giant weather monster and destroies most of the city. It turns into a water creature, then a strom monster, then into a monster both of water, and ground. S.A.M. is some what connected to the wolf and the mummy, becuase it has 3 purple orbs, it makes me wonder how the creator of S.A.M. got those 3 orbs anyways? Also the episode that had those alien octopuses, when they had to shut-down the hotel, it too had a purple orb. All that was connected some what. But I loved this episode, The Weather monster rocked.
  • Guitar saves the day!!!!

    This episode is above ok.There is no such thing as a weather machine.Vance wuz bald!!!He He!!Max has got a point that they have been where Ben wanted like that Sumo Slammer game shop in Framed,Abel North in Super Alien Hero Buddy Adventures and so much more.I didn't know that Ben could play the guitar and drums.Ben and Msx were arguing again and again.Gets boring sometimes with their arguing.S.A.M was the weirdest machine in the episode.I mean that there is no such thing as a weather machine that can control the world's weather.Totally weird but musical.If you know what I mean.
  • Due to the fact that Cartoon Network pulled one of their stunts and delayed the airing of this episode, I really expected something a little better.

    Okay, so this episode did get held off relating to its air date. However, I would of expected something really, really good. There was no update on the whole "Alien Werewolf" scenario, nor anything about Enoch from the previous episode, "The Unnaturals." The whole episode plot was based off a greedy weatherman, so that didn't sit too well, either. The good parts were seeing Heat Blast, Four Arms and XLR8, my favorite aliens. There were some good jokes at the beginning, the villain was alright, and the area where the episode took place was okay, too. Hopefully, Cartoon Network the next few episodes will be much better.
  • Ben must stop a robot that was created by a weather man who wanted to control the weather.

    This episode wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. When I first saw the preview a few weeks ago, I wasn't planning on watching it because it looked weird. I wondered when an episode was going to take place in Chicago, Illinois. I was excited to know this was where this episode was taking place because I've been to Chicago several times. I liked this episode because of the jokes Ben made throughout the episode, like the comment about brushing Vilgax's teeth. I also liked how Ben ended up liking Grandpa's Max's favorite band and told them that they didn't need to hurry to the convention because he wanted to stay and listen to the band.