Ben 10

Season 4 Episode 1

Perfect Day

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Jul 14, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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  • Welcome to a dream world!

    Ben wakes up & gets a normal breakfast & saves a group of girls and his first crush Kai Green from Sixsix & Vulcanus, all the girls are impressed, by him (as Diamond Head). He wins jackpot & two girls KISS him at Pizza & play & he gets the newest Sumo Slammer games. This perfect day is ended when he learns that it's a plan of the Forever Knights & Enoch, all to remove his Omnitrix. Ben is transported into the place he fears the most... his school where Mutant Cash & JT & Kevin Levin & Kevin 11 are also there...
  • good show

    Enoch and the Forever Knights return, putting Ben into a dream world where he's tricked into having the perfect day. However, his dream quickly turns into a nightmare. Will Ben find a way to escape this nightmare? Ben wakes up and find that the Omnitrix is acting weird. But after a few seconds, Gwen falls of the bed, and his grandpa cooks food that is actually delicious. Later, Ben sees a bus full of cheerleaders, but all of a sudden the tires pop. So Ben turns into Diamond Head. Vulkanus and Six Six appear out of nowhere. Ben later deals with them and fixes the tire. As soon as the bus starts to leave, Kai appears (as seen in "Benwolf").

    Ben states that the day's going to be great. Later in the day, Ben and family go to a pizza and games restaurant and Ben wins every game, and is kissed by two girls on the cheek. After leaving the restaurant, a box of Sumo Slammer games falls out of a truck, and Ben says that he should send it back. But Max says play on. Once again, the watch acts weird again. Ben is playing the game, and Gwen and Max make snacks.

    Ben is wondering why they're being so nice, but he says keep it up. Later, another Gwen and Max appear telling Ben that the nice clones were fakes. The nice Gwen and Max appear and fight the real ones. Later, the real Gwen and Max tell Ben about what happened. The RV and an SUV collide, and out comes Lt. Steel. He tells Ben that Gwen and Max are Limax working for Vilgax. As said Vilgax comes out his ship and fights Ben, but Ben turns into Four Arms.

    Vilgax tries to put Ben into the Null-Void, but Ben sends Vilgax into the Null-Void. Steel says he should send Gwen and Max to the Null-Void, too, but Gwen reveals she's real. So Ben sends Steel's men in the void instead. Steel reveals himself to be Enoch. Ben and family are then sent to Ben's nightmare... school.

    Ben finds Kevin and tries to go hero, but the Omnitrix is recharging. Ben and family escape Kevin, but JT and Cash appear, and give Max a wedgie, so Ben tries to go hero, but the Omnitrix turns him into Grey Matter. Grey Matter finds an exit, but he and family are captured by Enoch, Six Six, JT, Cash, and Kevin. Ben soon learns he can control his dream, so he turns himself into Ultra Ben and turns Max into Ultra Grandpa. Gwen is turned into Ultra Gwen, but with a rat head.

    Ben fights Enoch long enough to escape the dream world. Ben turns into XLR8 to put Enoch into the dream world, but XLR8 turns back into Ben. Enoch finally removes the Omnitrix, but unfortunately Enoch was in the dream world all along, and Ben is still XLR8. Enoch's leader, the Forever King, gives up on Enoch and states that Enoch has failed him too many times.
  • This episode tells what ben's affraid of most and you can guess what!

    This episode tells about ben of what he's affraid of and he is affraid of the libary,his school , kevin11 being the school monitor and bully's that bully'ed him on the first episode.
    This is a good start of season4 and this episode was perfect!
    This episode also tells that ben got kidnapped and being put on a alien device that give's him good dreams but at the end it turns out to being a nightmare and can the thefs steal the omnitrix?
    hope you will see this episode and find out yourself.

    This is also one of my favoret episodes hope you like it too.
  • I thought it was good untill it got to ultra ben and ultra grandpa then I thought how geeky he was

    I was really surprised that there was a forever king it took me for surprise and I have been watching this show since it came out and I have been watching less and less but still it was a good episode which I got confused about the name Enoch was very confused so I was like who the heck is that and so still had to give this a good review but I got confused when Enoch got omnitrix which I relized that it was a dream and it got scary when the king and one of his knights showed up.
  • Great plot causing Ben's cleverness and self-awareness go above the charts.

    Wow! This episode was awesome! At first, I didn't get it at all, but first, I remember that Ben saves cheerleaders from Sixsix and that big alien, forgot his name. Then they ate at Pizza and Play, as Ben finds a Sumo Slammer game that shouldn't be out for a year. As he plays, duplicate Gwens and Grandpas attack. Ben is taken and they explain about the whole Enoch thing, which is not believed by Ben. They are then attacked by Captain Steel who is actually Enoch. They end up in school where Kevin 11 and the two bullies attack. The bullies give Max an atomic wedgy:

    lol! And then Ben turns into superhero and wins. Cleverly plotted, I might declare.
  • Enoch and the Forever Knights return attaching a machine to Ben's head to make him think he's having the perfect days,but it ends up being his worst nightmare when many members of his rogues gallery come to destroy him.

    Ben thinks he's having the perfect day,but finds out that Enoch and the Forever Knights have him attached to a machine to remove the omnitrix. Ben faces off againest some cool members of his rogues gallery like the bullies from ben's old baseball team,Kevin 11,and Vilgax.

    Then Ben and his grandpa become Ultra Ben and Ultra Grandpa and start beating the crap out of the villains. Ben escapes and it looks like Enoch finally got the omnitrix,but we find out he now has the machine attached to his head. In the end a higher ranking knight,maybe even the leader of the forever knights says Enoch has failed him too many times and decides to deal with the tennysons from now on.

    Revealing that we'll find out who he is and possibly how strong he is and find out some secrets of the forever knights not yet revealed. I hope they reveal what Enoch looks like,I mean they never showed what slade looked like unmasked not even when he looked like he was in dead the last episode of teen titans. Or double d without his hat in the last episode of ed edd 'n eddy,so I hope they at least show Enoch unarmored.
  • Literally. Enoch tricks Ben into believing he's having the perfect day while he tries to steal the Omnitrix, but the perfect day turns into Ben's nightmare when Grandpa Max and Gwen try to interfere.

    The beginning part of it was a bit weird, but it was also kind of funny. I liked how Vilgax reappeared. He's my favorite character and it was great to see him again, even though it was only an image and not the real Vilgax. It was funny how Ben only knew Gwen was really Gwen when she called him a series of names and then told him Vilgax would try to steal the Omnitrix before trapping him in the Null Void. It was also funny how Ben was playing the Sumo Slammer game while the Grandpa Maxs and the Gwens were fighting in the background. Ben was oblivious to the whole scene. Ben's worst nightmare was sort of funny because he was trapped in the school. When he realized where he was, he screamed and started running away begging to be let out. School is bad, but it isn't that bad. I liked the scene when Ben thought he could wake up from the nightmare by having Gwen hit him. Gwen gladly hit him, but it didn't wake him up. I think it's funny (and kind of sad) how Ben only got through the third grade by choosing C for every mulitple choice answer. Ben's Ultra Ben disguise was pretty funny. I thought he had given up on that dream, but he used it to fight Enoch. It was sort of disturbing seeing Grandpa Max wearing the same outfit as Ben, but it was funny seeing Gwen as a mouse. I liked the scene when Ben woke up from the dream world and kicked Enoch's men away while Enoch was yelling at somebody. He didn't see anything. The kick me sign Ben put on Enoch's back was funny. That bad guy Enoch was serving that showed up at the end of the episode was pretty cool. I wonder if he'll be as bad as Vilgax?
  • Enoch and the Forever Knights return causing Ben to belive that he is in his Perfect Day when it is really his worst nightmare!

    I thought this episode was good, but confusing with the dream thing. I loved seeing Ben battle Kevin without his power and seeing him save Grandpa as Greymatter! Gwen played an important role in this episode too. Hopefully more episodes will show Gwen getting into the action more and Ben having to fight bad guys without his powers. But I did enjoy this episode alot! Enoch was an interesting choice for this episode and I just loved seeing Kevin 11 again. I also thought it was interesting seeing Ben save the cheerleaders. I would give this episode an 8 out of 10.
  • What does Ben's nightmare world provide? Gut-busting comedy!

    The episode starts off with Ben having a good laugh and a good breakfast, and the traditional enemy. However, after beating them, his day only gets better. Arcades, pizzas, free video-games and even kisses from girls, Ben seems to be having the best day of his life. But, sooner or later, it would all have to come crashing down. Long story short, the episode was a kick in the funnybone. Ben saying that school was his nightmare was the funniest part, hands down. However, the jokes didn't stop there. The wedgie on Max, and then Gwen turning into a wolf should be proof enough. And as for the mysterious "Forever King," well, we'll just have to wait and see.